Mumbai Film Festival, 2012 – Kartik Krishnan’s recco list

Posted: October 14, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, film, Film Festival, Movie Recco
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If you have been following this blog regularly, you surely do know Kartik Krishnan. If not, you must google him. Because not many people in this world have the distinction of playing the lead character in a film and having the film’s title with their name in it.

Back to the post. This post is to make your life simpler if you are going to attend Mumbai Film Festival at Jamshed Bhabha Theater (NCPA) and INOX. Also, this is day/date wise schedule which is much better than the official schedule. If you are planning to go to Cinemax (Versova/Sion), then it’s of no use.

The document has the screening schedule with the film’s titles highlighted in yellow for easy navigation and planning. Take a print out, plan your day and say thanks to KK.

For our previous recco post on World Cinema section, click here. And for the complete screening schedule, click here.

  1. Thanks a lot for these. Can someone please give a schedule for shows at Cinemax Sion or other locations in the suburbs ?

  2. […] I have been attending the Mumbai film festival since 2001. then it was fondly called as MAMI. over the years through trial and errors i have come to a conclusion that to choose film by it’s synopsis doesn’t work for me.  i prefer smelling a good film through it’s trailer. so after watching almost all the trailers for films scheduled for Friday i have made my list of 5 films that i would be watching. i will try and put up my picks for all the days but for now here’s my pick for Friday along with their trailers. to make it simple i am not putting the time and the films are picked from what will be playing at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre and 5 screen in Inox. thanks to the super practical schedule made by Karthik Krishnan which is available here […]

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