Sumit Purohit’s MFF Sketches – Guess the films. Watch them.

Posted: October 27, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, film, Film Festival, Movie Recco
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We have been covering the Mumbai Film Festival (MFF) extensively on our blog – reccos, reviews, day to day wraps and more. And now, here’s something different.

Sumit Purohit loves to sketch specific frames from his favourite films. And we are posting eight such sketches in this post. See if you can guess them, and if you can, do watch them. Those are his reccos from the recently concluded MFF. If you can’t figure them out, we will update the post with all the names later on. Over to him now.

Have been experimenting with this new mobile app which lets you sketch directly on mobile screen using fingers. It’s really quick and fun, so thought should try and sketch frames from some of the movies I enjoyed watching at MFF, 2012. If you haven’t already seen these films, then these must be on your must watch list.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Hint – There are two Indian films)

And after you are done with the guessing part, click here to go to his FB page for more of his film sketches which he has now started printing on T-shirts too (pics on FB page). If you want to order T-shirts with any specific film frames painted on it, you can write to

  1. Got Shahid and Ship of Theseus

  2. Shazia says:

    Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Kauwboy

  3. Shazia says:

    Holy Motors

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