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This blog is dead now

Posted: March 17, 2013 by moifightclub in cinema

Because of many reasons which can’t be explained here, am killing the blog now. Don’t think am going to revive it anytime soon. Future? Well, nobody knows. Though i started it myself, but i could run it so smoothly only because of the regular contribution by about more than a dozen close friends who are equally passionate about films – Kartik, Pavansaab, Vasan, Subrat, Neeraj, Fatema, Varun, Jahan, Rohwit, Mihir, Manu, Sunanya, Sakshi, Sumit, Mitch, Manish, Pratim, Prasanth, Aniruddh, Shubhodeep and Screeny. Am sure am missing many more names. Apologies for that. Will keep on adding. Also, much thanks to filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Hansal Mehta, Kushan Nandy, Vikramaditya Motwane, Suparn Verma, Jaideep Varma.

We tried to be honest, independent, balanced, with a clear stand on issues, and without any agenda except cinema. And i hope we were able to deliver what we promised.

So those of who regularly contributed to it for making it such a fun place, thanks to all. And thanks to dear readers for making it what it is today, whatever little we could contribute in creating an interesting cinema discussion forum.

Bollywood – 1. moiFC – 0

(ps – if any of the writers want to continue the blog, please do so. You all have the log in and password in your mail box. It’s not my property, you all own it)

– @cilemasnob (or by whatever name you know me. i quit)