This blog is dead now

Posted: March 17, 2013 by moifightclub in cinema

Because of many reasons which can’t be explained here, am killing the blog now. Don’t think am going to revive it anytime soon. Future? Well, nobody knows. Though i started it myself, but i could run it so smoothly only because of the regular contribution by about more than a dozen close friends who are equally passionate about films – Kartik, Pavansaab, Vasan, Subrat, Neeraj, Fatema, Varun, Jahan, Rohwit, Mihir, Manu, Sunanya, Sakshi, Sumit, Mitch, Manish, Pratim, Prasanth, Aniruddh, Shubhodeep and Screeny. Am sure am missing many more names. Apologies for that. Will keep on adding. Also, much thanks to filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Hansal Mehta, Kushan Nandy, Vikramaditya Motwane, Suparn Verma, Jaideep Varma.

We tried to be honest, independent, balanced, with a clear stand on issues, and without any agenda except cinema. And i hope we were able to deliver what we promised.

So those of who regularly contributed to it for making it such a fun place, thanks to all. And thanks to dear readers for making it what it is today, whatever little we could contribute in creating an interesting cinema discussion forum.

Bollywood – 1. moiFC – 0

(ps – if any of the writers want to continue the blog, please do so. You all have the log in and password in your mail box. It’s not my property, you all own it)

– @cilemasnob (or by whatever name you know me. i quit)

  1. what happened ? 😮 y this suden decision

  2. Deepak says:

    NO wayyy! Don’t do this

  3. sameer7989 says:

    why like this?? dont do this with us.. please… 😦

  4. Apoorv says:

    Ok…have a break but please do come back …we could be crazy but nobody is villain, we are only argumentative Indians, and that’s not a vice. Cheers.

  5. Varun Varghese says:

    Another way to experience cheap thrill? This post will get the maximum no. of comments you guys ever got asking you to not kill it. I am also going to do that, don’t do it. With every such comment the score of mfc is increasing…so as of now it’s Bollywood-1 , mfc- 5…keep counting, you are going to win by a huge margin!

  6. Sabki fantasy hoti hai ye dekhna ki uske marne ke baad log kaise react karenge. Guru Dutt lived that in Pyasa. You are living that with this announcement. But like Guru Dutt in Pyasa…please come back.

    Also score now is bollywood -1, moifc – 6

  7. abhishek says:

    “Nattha Marega” moment on this blog! WOW! But that’s fine. One of the best things of having a virtual life is one can kill himself virtually when depressed instead of doing it in real.

    Hope you come out of this state of mind soon.

  8. Ken Jones says:

    Bollywood – 1, Moifc – 7. Come back, Please..

  9. maut says:

    Aisa maat kar yaar ! Main lutt jaunga barbaad ho jaunga !

  10. Shvetal says:

    This is sad. I respect your right to your decision. Will miss this blog a lot though. And where will I get all my indie information from?

  11. Joshua says:

    Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo.. !!! & then again in the words of Engelbert .. ‘Please release me let me go.. cause I dont love you (Cinema) anymore..!!!
    Come on Yaar..!! Dont do this..!! PLEASE..

  12. fulltoofilmy says:

    MFC was my window to CINEMA and to meet people who are passionate about cinema. In my small city people who know me say that I am just wasting my time on movies but when I came to this blog and read one blog after another it made me felt that I am not alone mad about movie there are others too. PLEASE DONT DO THIS. BECAUSE you are the real KANOON KA BAAP !! And BOLLYWOOD – FUCK YOU !!

  13. charurv says:

    Naheeeee!! O meri banno hoshiyar, cycle pe sawar, chali jaati Cilema dekhne ko! Aisa na karo bhai…

  14. Please… rethink on it.

  15. Kartik says:

    This is a crime. Don’t do this!

  16. Nikhil Kumar says:

    First PFC then this. Where do you go to read Indian cinema? Reading and writing is dead. We can only bear 140 characters.

  17. amar khan says:

    nt just in india ,films students like me from pakistan were updated about films through this blog .agreed first it was PFC nw this blog v baddddddddd and an interesting loss..

  18. niranjan shah says:


    ek cynic ki maut

  19. vivgup says:

    So the first instinct is to be totally selfish and protest the denial of my usual dose of information, entertainment, inspiration and whatever else may have you.
    But its not the end of the world and I know you would not have taken such a decision just because you’re pissed off. If the continuation of this blog in its present nature is getting in the way of your personal dreams and ambitions, then I am sure we all respect your decision, thank you for the wonderful times and wish you all the best. Please also accept the respect that I have for the honesty that you have always shown in your opinions, irrespective of anything else.
    Hope you can pick it up once again sometime in the future.

  20. ladynimue says:

    You delivered a lot . even for non interested ones like me. Hope to read you again.

  21. Akash Sahu says:

    Hey man, I have very few things in my life which interests me…this is one of them…tell me this is some kind of a prank…may be your nephew got your password and wrote this.

    But on a serious note, first PFC and now this one… please humen akela chhod ke mat jaao!

  22. Antha says:

    Don’t go. Stay. Please Stay.

  23. See,
    Bollywood – 1 MFC – 22
    Dude I don’t know what your reasons are but I would just like to say for anyone who loves cinema, wants to know more about the movies he/she loves and is in India, your blog was a one-stop solution.
    The last I was saying these repetitively was when I was watching #TDKR and the last scene hadn’t come… And I am gonna ‘Japo’ the same lines again…
    “Please don’t be dead… Please !!”

  24. NInad says:

    Dude at least put some reasons…come on……there cud be some solution…

  25. Shubhadeep says:

    ‘It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.’

    We hope you will comeback strong someday.

  26. miHir says:

    हर अंत एक नई शुरुअात होता है। उसी नई शुरुअात की उम्मीद लिये… यह अंश उपन्यास ‘मुझे चाँद चाहिए’ से…

    “अचानक मुझमें असंभव के लिए आकांक्षा जागी। अपना यह संसार काफी असहनीय है, इसलिए मुझे चंद्रमा, या खुशी चाहिए—कुछ ऐसा, जो वस्तुतः पागलपन-सा जान पड़े। मैं असंभव का संधान कर रहा हूँ… देखो, तर्क कहाँ ले जाता है—शक्ति अपनी सर्वोच्च सीमा तक, इच्छाशक्ति अपने अंतर छोर तक ! शक्ति तब तक संपूर्ण नहीं होती, जब तक अपनी काली नियति के सामने आत्मसमर्पण न कर दिया जाये। नहीं, अब वापसी नहीं हो सकती। मुझे आगे बढ़ते ही जाना है…” — कलिगुला

  27. Amit says:

    Please dont kill the only unbiased and honest Cinema blog that we have .. how will i start my day now ?? .. hope this is not happening under some bollywood lobby pressure

  28. Reddy says:

    NOOOOO.. don’t kill this blog..

  29. Dilip says:

    Please dont stop Being Mean. Anyways thanks and good luck:) Hope to see you sometimes soon in a movie credit sequence.

  30. arijit says:

    Ek ****** ke liye ? koi nahi ! Ab se unki picture nahi jaunga kabhi hall me dekhne ! I am angry !

  31. ni8dweller says:

    For the while it lasted… thank you!!

  32. Sambhav says:

    Aise kaise behencho?

  33. fattiemama says:

    Bollywood – 1. moiFC – 0

    Says everything.

    We are not going anywhere though and neither are you. So let’s look fwd to something new. Together.

  34. Avinash says:

    Dont let it be another PFC yaaar!!!

    PFC band hua toh badi mushkil se ye mila, Ab ye bhi band ho jayega toh kidhar jaayenge bc !!!

  35. desipsycho says:

    Mat karo aisa Yaar..
    Petition start kar dunga main to stop u from doing this. I hope the comments on this post are helpful in you changing your mind.

    But if they don’t then, thanks for being the most awesome place for cinema related banter. Aur bhai twitter bhi mat chod dena at least.

  36. srijan shukla says:

    Boss you’ve no clue how your blog played a massive part in turning my world upside down. From a plain economics student, Race loving guy I have gone to fucking adoring cinema. Spent nights endlessly reading archives on this blog. And eventually realized how my head had been smashed open. Movies happened. Its because of your blog I got to know so much of fuckin insane cinema exists on this planet. It’s because of your blog, i knew how shit we really are at making movies in India. And it’s because of your blog, i got to know how a bunch of young/old movie fanatics/filmmakers are crazy enough to think they can change that. It brought everything together for me, it just got me started. You probably are sitting on the best source of cinematic literature in India.
    It’s definitely because of your blog, I finished shooting a short for a friend today, here in Montreal. And it’s definitely because of your damned blog, I can’t wait to shoot my first short this summer. It may turn out to be good, bad or ugly, I honestly don’t give a fuck. I’m sure you have your reasons, but aren’t kids like me the reason you exist? Because I know that I’m not the only one!

  37. Rishi says:

    bro/sis if yu have got a movie to be made, scripts to be written, and a lot more better things to do in life , you have all the rights to do so. But will miss this blog. This only shows the death for people who read big and were still stuck to reading books .No wonder lot many people started writing blogs from 2008 and died as it requires time is demanding and one has to challenge there wits. Blogging has ended and moifight club is joining the trend.

  38. All the very best in whatever you have planned
    And Thanks for some really wonderful articles. Just hoping that you will not delete the contents like PFC

  39. ROHIT JUGRAJ says:

    Hey@CilemaSnob, yes u! I might not know u personally, And I might have made shit movies up untill now! 😉 BUT u can’t DEPRIVE me from reading GOOD Stuff!Can u? Don’t KILL that DAMN blog, it’s in a weird way inspirational to me, all those contributions , the passion from you and guys like @mihirfadnavis really matter to the likes of me. Fuck! It gives me hope! So ya , think bout it before u take a final extreme step.

  40. aditya rai says:

    dont do, if u want to wanna be film makers breath

  41. Shatrughan says:

    Pehele PFC, ab MFC, Aur Twitter pe bhi aap khamoosh ho…Take your time but please don’t kill this blog or twitter account…

  42. vishesh says:

    I cannot and will not force you against your wish. Though it is unfair to all of us who have contribute to this blog as writer, reader, or via comments to not explain the reason behind it.

  43. Please dont man, Please please dont..this is the only eye we have got to see inside our cinema world that shows truth and reality..please dont…

  44. chirag says:

    Hope its 1st april joke. But anyways, only few days ago added the blog to my bookmark bar and now you are going … If workload is more then pl let us know, ready to be volunteer. Great work and keep shining….

  45. proloy g says:

    This is one of the awesomest/true blog about Indian cinema….Dont let it die.
    Its not ur’s any more….Its our’s.

  46. ishaan says:

    Hopefully our comments will work as a petition to sway from mind from doing this. This is the only indian blog i visit, think it over, and let other contributors continue while you take a break

  47. You decided to stop the blog. That’s OK if you decide to do so. But just had a thought.. Why do good things have to end so soon. Maybe I have no answer to it.

  48. is it just a coincidence that you decided to shut down the blog immediately after you published the Lootera plaigiarism article? Can’t believe it though…thought the powers that be are much too open minded for that. For whatever it’s worth…this blog was FANTASTIC! Thank you for all your efforts and that of your friends, who’ve made it such an interesting place to visit. Will miss it, for sure!

    • niranjan shah says:

      no coincidence deepanjali.

      anurag kashyap ne iss blog ka qatl kar diya. haan haan judge saab – indie devta anurag kashyap ke haath khoon se rangey huey hain.

  49. Neeraja says:

    Hey! this is your choice. I cannot force you to change it. We live in a democratic country and choosing to shut down your blog is your fundamental right. I can’t stress this enough. It’s your and only your decision that matters. I hope it was a rational and politically correct choice but of course my “hope” should not affect your decision (even if it’s irrational)…it’s within your constitutional right to shut down the blog but…wait I forgot why I started to write this comment.

  50. Hmm..hope you are around somewhere on the net then…

  51. Ram says:

    I know you will be back, you are an attention seeker anyways 🙂
    You are a nobody without this blog and will hum and haw for some days, but you will be back!!

  52. “Tum jaana chaho to chale jao, par jaane se pehle ek bar bataate jao, kya tum sach me jaa rahe ho….?”
    These lines were written by a girl for her love once.

    They seem relevant here.
    Just hand it over to someone, Don’t kill it.
    Rarely something good comes across and if it ends like this, its tragic.
    this comment might sound emotional, but that’s what Love for movies make u . Doesn’t it ?

    Not only this blog but i also followed you also because of ur tweets. i see a full stop there as well.

    Dont do this..

    In this moment I feel many of ur fans are feeling like DORY ( Finding Nemo) when she is left behind by Marlyn in the sea… Don’t know where to go…

    bahut hui emotional bakaiti.. come back soon. Request…

  53. intacto says:

    sad..really sad!! honest opinions are no longer accepted..everybody need sugarcoated comments!

    phantom bhadakgaya hoga i feel!

  54. anik1 says:

    You were the reason, I know about Indian cinema the way I do. I was much younger when PFC closed down but this is gonna hurt more.

    I wanna do something to keep this alive but I don’t know what to do.

    Thanks for everything.

  55. damitr says:

    Please do reconsider the move. B

  56. Rina says:

    I guess you are feeling down and out at the moment. The easiest thing to do would be to go under. But, that isn’t the route you must take. You haven’t done anything wrong so why withdraw or hide?

  57. srynsh says:

    There’s an article in mumbai mirror which refers to your blog.
    Hope this much pursuasion is enough to make u come back.

    plz get back, atleast on twitter.

  58. Rajesh says:

    Here is the link to the article:

    It doesn’t mentions PFC but we can fairly say this is the blog it talks about. Also, it doesn’t has any additional information then what this blog has. The whole article may very well be based on an earlier comment by Deepanjali. I think we need some clarification on this.

    I was sad when PFC shut down, but then I had this blog to turn to. Now even this has shut down.

  59. Mahesh Nair says:

    Hi@cilemaslob, thank you for the entertainment. From a dud film maker and a has-been journo, if its any worth, here’s a tipani: Stop writing honest and sarcastic blogs if you want to get into Bollywood as a film maker or a writer. Most of the folks in the industry have fragile egos and are unforgiving. All the best.

  60. Shalini Raheja says:

    Always knew cilemasnob was a spineless loser. Considering what a big fan of AK he was its no wonder he gave into demands to have it shut down. What a phattu!! I guess his wannabe filmmaker tendencies overcame his socalled fearless and so-called honest reviews. Frankly when he talked about AK, MOtwane or any of the ‘indie’ filmmakers there wasn’t much honesty or fearlessness that I saw.

  61. animesh says:

    Please come back,snobu

  62. Ram says:

    haha, thats what happens when you support somebody who was anti-establishment. They come back and bite you in the ass when they are established.You learned your lesson so hope in the future you treat every filmmaker the same.

  63. Kris says:

    ok just for the sake of 100 comments… Also liked ur blog

  64. fairness says:

    Bahut din ho gaye!

  65. Deepak V says:

    Make the site open. let people write really about films and not of one kind. Let strugglers who are areally writing and not the 140 character kind be allowed in. Let there be a big thing called “Understanding another view” be nurtured and then let people talk about a site as a temple. This was no portal for all sorts of views. This was one kind of portal and that is all it hoped to be.

    If the site need to really grow and if writers need to really contribute then this site needs to be a place where people can write about Cinema/Movies/Books that they like, appreciate and understand. The day the site became a plugging site for friends and family the site lost all focus.

    Many on this and other sites like this forget that the have-nots essentially behave like the haves in their own clique. I have tried to fight this uphill battle and only got barbs in return. If this site was really about movie and not really about demonstrating intellignece then this site would have continued to survive.

    All Indian blogger webistes seem to follow the Mumbai Society/ Temple route. Initially the people who fought struggled and tried to demonstrate their view move from a have-not mentality to a have and they suddenly become objects of worship and suddenly there is insular thought, there is a need to subjugate external or different views and a inane need to make everybody only see one view.

    Blogs dont die, people kill them with their insular views of “My Way or the Highway” Have been at the butt of it for so long that its abjectly funny to see people getting all emotional about it.

    Man, as far as I remember, we all came to write movies or make them. When did we all come to write blogs or become Babaji’s to be worshipped. Go write or make your film. This is at best a discussion over tea and not life altering.

    • Deepak V,

      Please write a viewpoint you think is being sidelined by this blog. I am one of the admins of this blog. Whatever you want to write…it’s an open field. Promise it’ll be published. (Just one request – be as politically incorrect as you can be. Name and shame the people you think are being ‘worshipped’ by this blog…and name and fame the people you think haven’t got their dues.)

  66. Shalini Raheja says:

    Arre he writes this blog because he cannot write or make his own film. Agar dam hota toh apni film banata na he wouldn’t be criticising other peoples’s work. Like they say, those who can’t, criticise. And all this ‘I will start tweeting when this blog has 100 comments’ nonsense that he is now saying obviously proves he has done this for publicity.

    • Shalini ya Lawyer Sumit Singh ya Mumbaiyya Punjabi…welcome back with your nonsense theories and frustrations. Happy to see your life is still fucked-up enough.

    • @Rohwit says:

      Those who cant, criticse?
      My apologies, I always thought you have some faculties to understand stuff…but…
      Khair…please take care and let us all know the time between which we can visit you in ur hospital
      Hope you get a life soon.

      Itna bura lagta hai to saaley aatey kyu ho yahan?

  67. Joe Smith says:

    Well. This guy goes around abusing all filmmakers on his twitter account in a sly manner and now someone’s got offended. It was about time.

  68. nagrathnam says:

    Dear DV – I would love to see a post written by you on this blog. Pls write an alternate viewpoint wala article and contact the admin. I will personally fight for it to be posted here. I promise! Let that be the first new post of moifc

    Shalini – I’m not sure he has aspirations to direct. He’s done short films and won competitions. His scripts have been selected for screenwriting labs etc. And all his scripts have a unique, strong voice – whether you approve of it or not, whether they get made as films or not – that’s completely different. Baaki aap jo bhi samajhna chahein

  69. vandan pandya says:

    come back

  70. Deepanjali B Sarkar says:

    Hi @ Shalini Raheja! I don’t know anyone personally on this blog, definitely don’t know @cilemasnob, and I don’t have any personal agenda whatsoever…but don’t you think you are being a bit too harsh on cilemasnob? What is wrong about being passionate about films and sharing that passion with a community? Why does that have to mean he/she is an unsuccessful filmmaker? Because a successful filmmaker won’t have time to blog? You are right there – but it I feel it is great he was committed enough to start this blog. Gave us plenty of interesting stuff to read, including scripts which otherwise aren’t easy to get hold of. I don’t remember who transcribed the entire proceedings of the FWA Screenwriters conference – but it was a damn laborious job, and well, somebody did it. Just for the love of sharing that experience. So kudos to that!
    @ Deepak V: plenty of damn good blogs on Hollywood and World cinema on the net. Why should discussing films become a disqualification or something to look down upon?
    Anyway, peace…!

  71. Rishi says:

    dont wanna make it personal here shalini raheja however are yu atleast tenth pass? you must have written critique on several poems in english or hindi. Did not you? Do yu even realise why critique exist ?

  72. sailendra says:

    nothing to say….just comeback @cilemasnob !

  73. Dilip says:

    spend some time.. try to kno about him n d blog.. n comment..

  74. rahulandrd says:

    I dont think Anurag Kashyap would do this- (mumbai mirror story)
    Please dont kill the blog. Please

  75. Apoorv says:

    Bandhu chautha to man hi gaya maut ke baad, ab terahvin ka sukh kabhi aur lijiyega…uttisth mitr, ab maun rahan ki ber nahi, sab jagat hain tu sowat hai? Jaag mere mitr jaag, jaaaag…lagi jo aaag, huyee woh rakh…tu ab to jaag. Come on man, fight…defeat this maan-abhimaan thing and enjoy the lovely world of cilema lovers.

  76. gaurav says:

    plz come back …it is best blog on Indian Cinema

  77. jhonmoy says:

    While I do think that this blog, simply by existing, provided some visibility to the independent cinema, I didn’t come here for that.

    While I did enjoy the occasional ‘industry dope’ that was published, I didn’t come here for that as well.

    I REALLY LIKED reading what @cilemasnob writes and I think he writes well [if I didn’t have the retention span that some of RGV’s cinematographers seem to have, I would list his better posts out. But I do.]

    When they watch a film that reminds them of things that they had long forgotten, when they watch a film that makes them think, when they watch a film that they can’t help writing about, these guys wrote about it here. [Sorry if I make things sounds too romantic and if this isn’t really true, because I wouldn’t know! I am just a reader.]

    That kicked some sweet ass! And don’t see why that should stop.

    I don’t even know what triggered this for sure, but if it was news/trailers/bollywood things that are the problem, you can stop doing those, but why stop writing the movie reccos/ reviews / analysis / gods of cinema [thats a real and awesome tag] posts?

    PS: Dear ‘other admins’, I hope some of you **very soon** watch a film that you love and that pushes you to write something because that will kind of really tell me that the title of this particular blog post isn’t true [Its ‘This blog is dead now’. You are welcome.]

  78. MusicallyManu says:

    ab aa i jaayein..

  79. arijit says:

    i miss your tweets 89 times a day !

  80. NBKHoon, Kanoon Ke Baap, aapke rang hazaar please come back , you are my movie guru

  81. lo yaar..! my contribution to the century..! jaane do na ab..! 🙂

  82. Shyam Joseph says:

    “Come back Johny! Come back Home”

  83. Here’s my contribution. Come back.

  84. arti says:

    aaja yaar….,mera fav blog aur mera fav insaan !!

  85. Kenny says:

    Le mera bhi signature on the Bring Cilemasnob Back petition. This was the only place left where one could read non-PR stuff

  86. Come back Sir 🙂 India’s No. 1 Cinema blog should not and cannot die..mera signature bhi on bring Cilemasnob back petition.

  87. OS 2.0 says:

    stop cribbing. keep writing.

  88. sumanparmar says:

    Missing my favourite blog. please come back.

  89. Jaideep Varma says:

    Come back…

  90. navjotalive says:


  91. Sammy says:

    I met you for first time in circa 2006 for brief moment and I gathered that:
    a)you hate going to celebrity parties
    b) pseudo-intellectual is the term for suckers who are self-proclaimed geniuses
    c) starfuckery leads to degradation of personal ethics

    I hope you realize the fact that you have positive and ever-lasting impact on people and hence would continiue to show them the right path in future

  92. I would like you to continue writing on this blog.

  93. Jaideep Varma says:

    a) Please come back.
    b) But also grow up.
    c) Now that your requirement is completed, hope you will be able to do both.

    • Jaideep, I think growing up is over-rated. As long as one is honest and genuine, acting childish/kiddish/immature/angry should be a personal choice.

      (Also i don’t think he is coming back on 100 comments. It’s a wish-coated rumor spread by KK.)

  94. @Rohwit says:

    What ‘requirement’? what’s going on?

    • Ram says:

      @Rohwit, somebody had tweeted earlier that @Cilemasnob would come back if he sees 100 replies, hence everyone’s calling it ‘requirement’

  95. Ram says:

    @Rohwit, somebody had tweeted earlier that @Cilemasnob would come back if he sees 100 replies, hence everyone’s calling it ‘requirement’

  96. Now that 100 comments are over, show up like this, by public demand:

  97. moifightclub says:

    abeyaar lovers/haters/fuckers, shukriya shukriya shukriya.

    this was suppose to be a joke. Now please don’t embarrass me anymore.

    i was really pissed off with something and felt that there’s no point in writing/running the blog if i/we cant maintain its voice and identity. And if i have to take so much stress for a fucking blog, it’s not worth it. accusations are always fine, fun and more than welcome. But this time it got really ugly (no pun intended 😉 and i was tired. As in nobody gains anything out of this blog. we all created this place to have some cinema and sanity, that’s it. a blog is a blog is a blog.
    also, about five/six friends (kk, vasan, neeraj, varun, jahan, pavan) have the admin login/passwords, so anyone can post whatever they like. please harass them to continue the blog if you guys want it.
    And please give me the luxury of the blog break. will *try* to come back the moment i feel excited about something new.
    And THANKS again. कृपया हमें और भाव ना दे। हमें इसकी आदत नहीं है।

    • @Rohwit says:

      कृपया हमें और भाव ना दे। हमें इसकी आदत नहीं है।

      Sums it all so fucking well!

      Muaaaaaaaaaaaah Jaaneman! 🙂

    • Apoorv says:

      ज्जे हुई ना बात, हुर्रर्रर्रे…जिसकी उम्मीद थी जाने की (कोटला में) वो तो नहीं गए, पर जिसकी उम्मीद थी फिर से आने की, वो आ गए…भावनाओं को भाव देने के लिए असंख्य, असीम, अनगिनत धन्यवाद मित्र।

  98. arunprakash says:

    If you feel bogged down by your blog, then let it shut down. However, if you can let it continue, then bring it back from the dead. This was the only place where you found something different to read about our cinema. I was looking forward to the reviews of Aatma and Django Unchained…..bring them on please…..

  99. cv sarathi says:

    a good friend should be the one who points out our flaws and tries to correct us…if some of your friends thinks that friendship is like a mirror where what they want see only will reflected,tht’s not our fault…there are good cinemas and bad cinemas,inspired and not inspired…if people can’t tolerate criticism tell them cinema is not for them…this blog has served as a guide and at times as a watch dog too for maintaining the quality in our cinema…so please don’t close this…and the way you handling the whole situation reminds me of people who commit suicide to escape from problems…suicide is for cowards a brave man will fight to the end how ever the situation is to the end…even if he dies…i thought you are brave enuf…this is childish and it is high time you stop this and renew the blog…..

    • moifightclub says:

      @cvsarathi – thanks. but i don’t mind being coward/loser/suicide. it’s call the zen state. rest reminds of shiv khera 😉

  100. saurabh says:

    harassment begins

  101. Nilesh says:

    But why stop on twitter too, we are waiting for some comments on the FONT in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani trailer.. :)…. Hope you are back soon

  102. gabahemant says:

    i shall be really glad to see this blog re-gain its life back 🙂
    Come back mate !!!

  103. Silverlightgal says:

    Heartfelt thank you @cilemasnob. For this latest comment. Because, it wasnt about the blog alone, anyone could run the blog, write posts as long as they had the login and passwords. But not everyone can be you or write like you. And *that* was sorely going to be missed, if you stayed away forever. So hopefully, you are back, for good, and we shall see more of “you” on this blog. Because, not everyone can write like you (and thank god for that!).


  104. duke says:

    I think the similarity between Lootera track and One day track was superficial, if thats the issue. but blog post daal diya to daal diya, itni badi baat kya hui isme.. this blog is AWESOME,, snob kam likhta hai par accha likhta hai.. in fact I miss his writing on the blog more than his frustu sly tweets on twitter..

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