Is the music in “Lootera” teaser copied from “One Day”?

Posted: March 15, 2013 by moifightclub in bollywood, music, News, plagiarism
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When we put out the post on Lootera’s first teaser, i wrote that “close your eyes and watch the teaser again – i think it’s the music.” Well, none of us had any clue that it will turn out to be KLPD.


Play both the tracks back to back and decide for yourself.

So? Who is the culprit? Who has done the background score? Or have they taken the rights? Can anyone please connect the dots?

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(PS – Something similar had happened when Udaan’s trailer came out. The text was plagiarised from the trailer of Where The Wild Things Are and we had mentioned in our post.)

  1. @Rohwit says:

    This would be BGM no? Is the BGM done by Trivedi? Koi confirm karo.

  2. Vishal says:

    That’s… Close!

  3. Sreyashi Dey says:

    Such things take away from the credibility of the director and music director. Very sad. More so because the teaser got such a great response.

  4. Shvetal says:

    Not again! And not Amit Trivedi please.

  5. vml says:

    Hahahaha…I just left a comment on the trailer post about the soundtrack being familiar. I’m really hoping Amit Trivedi hasn’t resorted to lifting and that they have bought the rights instead.

  6. Vikram says:

    Ok, to clarify – The music of the Lootera teaser trailer hasn’t been copied from One Day.

    The theme is sourced from a small musical bit composed by Amit Trivedi for a song that’s in the film, which we decided to expand and turn into a full fledged theme for the trailer.
    Unfortunately it ends up sounding a lot like One Day but I assure you that it’s coincidental.
    When you (eventually) hear the song you will understand and see where the theme was born.

    On Udaan – I have said this before and I will say it again (since I’m not allowed to live it down on this blog) that we made a mistake on the trailer. We structured it around the trailer of Where The Wild Things Are and we were lazy in correcting it later. And I take full responsibility for that and have never tried to defend it.

    And as far as the credit for O. Henry goes, it isn’t something that I’ve ever tried to hide, even when I wanted it to be a surprise and it was leaked to the press. It was always on the cover of the script and will be in the film loud and clear when the time comes.

    I’m hoping this clarifies things somewhat, at least from my end…

    • moifightclub says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Vikram. much relief.

    • Kudos to Mr.Motwane to come out and clear things.

    • Michelle says:

      Vikram, if you read this, thank you for clarifying! I remember Anurag Kashyap once said that Indian moviegoers have become so accustomed to plagiarism in Bollywood, that they’re now overly cynical and are quick to judge and accuse film producers of theft (like how the homage aspect of Barfi was misconstrued as plagiarism). I think this is just another case of that. Artists thrive on inspiration — straight up theft is damn wrong but there is nothing wrong with being inspired or having similar ideas. People these days have become too sensitive, and it really annoys me when a great movie (or in this case a great trailer) gets overshadowed by a stupid controversy like this. No one cries fowl when a Hollywood director takes someone else’s idea but people sure are quick to try and dig up “dirt” about Indian movies. Geez. (I’m not Indian by the way but I watch movies from all over, and trust me, Hollywood does its fair share of copying and is by no means the bastion of originality that Indian people seem to think it is.)

    • mohnish says:

      The lady doth protest too much

  7. heartening to see a director come out and clarify ! wish others had such courage.
    cant get over the trailer.. and damn damn looking forward for the film.. ! good luck

  8. Apoorv says:

    Though we have a clarification now from Vikram but still…lets hope that the loot is confined to the theme only.

  9. @Rohwit says:

    Just a thought…if Preetam would say the same on any of his songs, we won’t believe it. Because as the blog goes, nothing is sacred here. Maha awesome to see Vikram replying here but we would rather wait for the music.

    Also – this comment is made on behalf of a ball-less blogger who took it out on my inbox telling me that we are sucki up to AK and VM via this post.

    Such sad times we live in, I tell you.

    • Deepak V says:

      Why is this so surprising ? I have been shouting from the rooftops that this blog and many other blogs that writers on this blog wite are major cult worship sites. I have been blasted, called names, personally abused, humilaited just becuase I had the BALLS to say what was so frightfully obvious. This site and its owners have always worked on one route. If eveyrone agrees to what they say then they are real film buffs and will be let in else they will be called Dodooth’s Bollocks…Happy that these “I scratch your back you scratch mine” sites will shut down.After all this is no different that what the established guys do and if the SoBo/Bandra boys call each other “Good Friends/Brothers” then everyone abuses them. How is this different?

      This was not really a movie site but one kind of movie site that if you chose to speak against you would be personally debased and fucked. Nothing sad about this or not something that will make people stand on the roads and cry. Good riddiance.

      • Amused Douche says:

        Dude you’re hilarious. Just how frustrated in life are you? You keep badmouthing the writ(s) on this blog everywhere, claim you don’t read them and yet you keep coming bad and making these dumb ass comments. You need help

  10. Apoorv says:

    “I think it is unfortunate that we think we are not capable. It is really sad. We assume we aren’t capable of thinking for ourselves, and we always look for what it could have been copied from. It is very, very sad. For example, you know Chaiyya Chaiyya, right? Luckily for me, Dancer in the Dark came out two years later. Otherwise, I’d have been told that the train song sequence is inspired from that!” – Mani Ratnam, as quoted in this article –

  11. Antaryaami says:

    I dont think this is the first time that Amit Trivedi’s BGM/tune sound “coincidentally” similar to something one has heard before.

    I say that because of Dev D – the movie that we know made Amit Trivedi a household name

    One of the Dev D songs Dev Chanda Theme: (the violin at 1:20) sounds like… wait for it.. a blackberry ringtone – BBGrooves Interlude

    I kid you not

    So well, for me, this isn’t a surprise I guess. But if i can groove to Pritam’s music (I DONT), i can enjoy Amit Trivedi too I guess

  12. the_wind_faerie says:

    Let me start off by saying that I’m a complete layperson, with a slight interest in music.
    Given that there are only a finite number of chords/notes available, and given that both the examples mentioned above use a single instrument to play a ‘motif’- basically an arrangement of notes- I think it’s entirely possible that a coincidental similarity can occur.
    The absence of lyrics makes the similarities even more stark. Even then the final note of the motif varies in the One Day composition, and using longer versions of both examples would have been useful to really compare the two.

    If you and I set out to compose a tiny arrangement like the motif ‘the tana nana bit’ chances are that it would be nearly impossible to come up with a permutation that hasn’t been tried somewhere before.

    I’m not trying to defend anyone, but want to point out that such comparisons/accusations are best made by people who have suffiecient music knowledge.

    Please check this out: It is an example of a same/similar motif used in very different songs:

    The reason our ears don’t pick it up is because a.the actual compositions have other added instruments and b. lyrics! Take away lyrics and use a single instrument to produce the motif (like in both examples) and you will see ‘patterns’.

  13. @Mr. Motwane, the theme of the movie is not inspired,, rather blatantly lifted from not one but multiple movies… the eventual theme tracing back to the works of Hans Zimmer.. as one of your ardent folllower and Udaan being a landmark cinema worth every morsel of appreciation… i really wish Mr. Trivedi to acknowledge the original… he is the man that will deliver bollywood from the back alleys of mockery to the forefront of avant garde and pathbreaking cinematic scores… Udaan is one of the greatest films ever produced in India. and being an irrevocable vocal supporrter of the cinematic sensibilities of you people, it pains me to see plagiarism instead of jewels of music… for the sake of the free will and for the sake of creativity, i hope you do something about it…

    with immense sadness and boyish wonder,

    P.s. i know a thing or two about cinema, not movies but cinema…

  14. Sammy says:

    Hey, I am a fan of Amit but he is not God. Also, the reactions of Mr. AK and Mr. Motwane are downright appalling. See he does get inspired. Listen to The End from the Doors and Manjha from Ks, ai Po Che. Tell Me if they are similar or not. I am not even a music geek. Internet brings the music world at your doors and you keep churning out albums, albums and wait not finished yet… albums.At that rate, even S.D and A.R would not have been able to do it as well as you are doing Mr. A.T. And who is to know if he was pressurized by someone higher up. So, no point in getting off the blog. Continue and keep showing the world what they deserve to know. Hero worship is as stupid as bigotry and all of you please draw a line… Go ahead and blog man!

    • Subhendu says:

      Can see the similarity 😦

    • Akshay says:

      The End and Manjha sound very different from each other. I know what similarity u are pointing to but the thing is when u start doubting an artist’s work u start looking for from where it would be copied or inspired from and u start connecting things from don’t know where. And u can find fun in doing so and telling the whole world but who knows the artist would have done some real effort in creating and some similarities in creative work do come in every creative field, being an artist myself i can tell this from experience. If u keep on connecting like that u can see all the bollywood films copied or creative work similar.

  15. Sammy says:

    Also, check out Ek Hulchul si from Dev D with Pearl Jam’s Wishlist. Also, listen to both the tracks in totality before jumping the gauntlet. The similarities are palpable.

  16. Anonymous says:

    no derth of copycats in bollywood. shame!

  17. Listening to the soundtrack of Lootera is an overwhelming experience for me. It has been on the loop since 5 days. And I’m in absolute awe of Amit Trivedi. I just wish that none of these accusations are true.

  18. […] Amit Trivedi’s hugely controversial coincidental inspiration from a shitty film’s […]

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