Jiah Khan’s letter made public by her mother Rabia Khan

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Jiah Khan’s death not only shocked everyone but in the last few days there have been various speculations surrounding it. Initially Police didn’t find any suicide letter. But now her mom Rabia Khan ‘claims’ to have found a note written by her. She has made this note public and so we are sharing it here.

It’s quite sad and heartbreaking stuff, especially for someone who has just twenty five year old. As they say, the real picture is not what you get to see on screen.

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  1. Hopeless romantic…Feel sorry for Jiah. She went through abuse, cheating, exploitation, abortion. She was just 25 years old and she went through so much.

    i still dont get it,why do girls fall for the wrong guy most of the times.They know he is a spoilt rich brat still go out with them!

  2. shahid says:

    a girl like nafisa did not deserve to die like this,she trauma mental and physical she went through
    caused her to take her life.it,s not fair,she deserved to live and not be tortured repeatedly.
    she is gone while he wil just carry on.
    she went through hell and it left her completely broken,all she wanted was to love and be loved instead abuse,deceit and everyting bad is what she got from him.
    i hope she finds peace

  3. Raj. Rocker says:

    She was Madly In Pure Love … Its Easy to give Suggestion,
    But Its to Difficult to Steadfast in such Situation … I could Feel What she had Gone through …

  4. Aditya Mattoo says:

    “We are all about CINEMA. That movie shit.
    NOTHING is sacred.
    NOBODY is spared.
    Because we talk about films, dammit.
    Not your sex life.” – About us, MFC

    P.S. How does this post sit with the whole (aforementioned) point of the blog?

    • moifightclub says:

      @AdityaMattoo guilty as charged. but sometimes some things about the same industry that you write about disturbs you so much that you feel like sharing what you know. same goes with that last post titled Shame.

      • Aditya Mattoo says:

        @moifightclub What you are saying might be right. But then again, you could always use your twitter handle for that and let the sanctity of the blog me. Just my opinion

    • Raj. Rocker says:

      Raise Your Level Buddy,
      If we can put a Interview of a Director and Actor,
      Then Defiantly we can a Suicide note of an Actor too …

      • Aditya Mattoo says:

        @raj.rocker an actor/director/artist is interviewed for his/her work. Lets keep the personal stuff aside.

    • dread says:

      haati ke daat khaan ke aur…..more hits on the blog=more money.voyeurism served by mfc.maybe rajat sharma is the clandestine editor of mfc.

      • moifightclub says:

        sure. so where do you see ads on the blog? show me the money please. i will be happy.

        • dread says:

          then why do a thing like this….for popularity? you try so hard to be among the roarks of the world only ending up to be a derivative of the keatings.the last 2 articles of a blog about indie cinema is on jiah khan’s suicide.what are you now a gossip magazine run by shobha de.

  5. Reblogged this on Vishal Bheeroo and commented:
    It’s shocking and I am almost down to tears reading Jiah’s letter. It’s so sad and I am not making any judgement. Everybody is entitled to their own interpretation. Hope Jiah finally get justice.

    • shahid says:

      i agree with you all the way,i have not been able to hold back my tears even though i did not know her personally,all i know is that she deserved better then that person.and he wasn’t someone to die for,considering the things he did.after all taking your own life is probably the most difficult thing that cannot even be imagined,but unfortunately things happen,that defies reason.

  6. Anonymous says:

    City of Dreams and love, witnessed another its opposite….the selfish lover should be behind bars. Jiya your every word dipped with love and pain, hope u could express all such before taking this extreme decision, And if he hurts you like u nitrated in letter, he will also never be happy. RIP

  7. mina says:

    adiitya is hopelessly brainless,heartless,emotional less and sad person

  8. chinweroj says:

    well guys all i can say is
    love is eternal and taking your own life is not an option
    for me it’s been 8 years loving only 1 girl even if she don’t love me the way i do even if she hurts me
    still i have my reasons to live
    sharing my experience guys suicide is the easy way out living in this world with all your professional
    issues and personal issues with a smile on your face is the best way to die inside and live for every one
    life always have a meaning find it and live it
    as for jiah RIP hoped you never had done this and as for some people saying about she was in pure love etc
    guys even if it was pure love the man never responded to her
    only if she had given that pure love to her mother i know she would love her back a 100 times more
    pure love can only be with either GOD or your MOM all the other form of love will fade away after a certain time.
    even though the 1st love after GOD and MOM is the person who is your husband/wife to be……
    after sometimes that love will also fade but it will never end

    sorry i wrote too much
    but its reality every one should accept it

    • Swarup says:

      @Chinweroj: Well said. Completely agree.

    • Anonymous says:

      Super fantastically said , Jiah khan with so much of exposure can take a step like this , then what about others who have not seen the practical world . And please all who say in TRUE , PURE , HOLY LOVE PLEASE GIVE THESE TO YOUR FAMILY AND GOD rest all is fake . God save LOVE

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is always rebirth. So god only knows what to do with that person who tortured her to end her life. Let justice prevail.

  10. Trust says:

    Truth (Copied from an anonymous writer)
    Submitted by Unkown (not verified) on June 9, 2013 – 9:56pm.
    BTW this bollywood is so much dramatic. WHo killed jiha khan??? the answer is she hated her life, so she hanged her self with the ceiling fan. it was her choice not any one else to kill jiah khan. it shows clearly that she was depressed. 2) if she was depressed what was the reason? her family, her father abandon her when she was 3 months old and she is the oldest muslim sis. then her mother remarried a hindu and her hindu sisters kavita and karishma were born, their father abandon them. as little when they were used to fight with each other as step sisters because they are daughters of differen men mom some time sidess muslim jiah and the hindu sisters fight with mom. majority is the authority. mostly when jiah is wrong her mom sided with her hindu sisters being a mother. jiah is left alone as blood is always thicker than water. kavita karishma are sisters but jiah is a step sister. now jiah feels lonely and fights with her mother through out her life that you side with hindu sisters. it is bcz the whole family has a negative experience of fathers. her mom was an old small actress and puts pressure on jiah khan to become a big screen star and run the house. jiah did for as long she could but once she didn’t hav films her mom keeps teasing her you are burden and not making any money you are a failure. jiah gain feels like a failure. now since the beigining it is jiah’s family isses which their fathers and mother should hav taken care of. her mother keeps annoying jiah khan to find big movies which were never in her destiny. as jiah’s mom said she was besotted by bollywood but what bolywood has to offer her nothing. jiah only gave three ok kinda movies to bollywood she didn’t give DDLJ/ Hum Aap Ke Hain Koun. film industry is a buisness. producers invest their money in a film as a buisness and it is not a donation money which they don’t have to recover. producers hire actors based upon thier looks and talent. jiah wasn’t deepika padukone in looks in height in features etc. ofcourse God mad everyone but unfortunately ppl r judged based upon on their looks. jiah’s mother said she went for an audition on june 1,2. she was rejected. jiah feels a failure again. she & step sisters are in depression since years and years because of their different fathers but same actions. Now jiah met suraj few months ago and they broke up. jiah kept going on with one way love. suraj keeps answering hr calls being a good person and to support her in bad time but jiah wants more than that. SUraj is only 21 however, jiah is 27. she has seen ups and down of her career. SUraj hasn’t even started working. Suraj has only signed up a movie by salman khan. now the jelousy begins and jiah can’t see Suraj Pancholi working hard and recieving his reward. Suraj’s being 21 focuses only on his career which he should do anyways. jiah feels insecure she contacts Suraj come meet me. SUraj is having a dinner with family. jiah cant see Suraj happy with his family. jiah starts arguing with Suraj you are cold … Suraj says ok if you are not happy lev me alone bcz we broke up months ago. jiah wants to trick Suraj now and calls him tells him I hav found 3 moviez. SUraj congratulates her and sends her flowers. jiah knows it was a lie and throws flowers in the bin. then jiah picks them up and goes to SUraj’s house and curses him and throws flowers there. Now we all can see jiah khan was a bipolar personality. She has mood disorders too and last but not the least depression. as she treats SUraj like a dog and jiah knows there is no match between the two. Jiah is 27 yr old woman. Suraj is only 21 yr old.she wanted Suraj to trick. She calls him at her place right then and there. Suraj says I’ll meet you the next day. Now we can see Suraj is stil caring about jiah khan being a human. Thank God Suraj didn’t go bcz thr is a twist in the story now. jiah khan has planned her sucide being a failure and her family doesn’t know about her depression as its a regular thing of their family and no one is aware of it that all have depression bcz of their fathers behavior. Aright Suraj didn’t go as its important to give time to your family also but oh my girls these days want to control men and cut them off from their families. jiah has planned her death and SUraj is still not coming to her house , wat the hell man. Jiah thinks that Suraj will come as in her mind Suraj is her puppy. She expects her Puppy Suraj Pancholi to lcik how ever she wants whenever she wants and woof woof on her call. she calls him agn and asked him to com to her place so that she can kill herself in the mean time and Suraj will be responsible and get the blame due to to hopes of success in her life. Suraj tells jiah to call back and being a boy of a normal family he doesn’t know that jiah can kill her self in the mean time. Suraj was with his family because he’s getting bread and butter from his family. I’d want my sons and daughters to give me time too and just not keep them limited or available to their so called phone gf’s or mothers. Her mother rabia amin is chilling out and again not giving any time to her daughters. jiah is home alone and is fed up of every thing in her life. jiah lives with her family 24/7 and who is depressing her more? Her whole life her mother her step sisters and her failing career and relation with father mother and step sisters. Now how can you blame a 21 yrs old boy that he instigated jiah’s sucide? No woman who is 5-6 yrs or even 1 yrs older than man is stupid enuff to kill her self just based upon on her failure in love with a younger man. what was her problem that she couldn’t find her age men or older successful responsible men? if some one doesn’t its her mistake. as you know you have bad fathers actually all girls should pick good supportive husbands not younger kids than their own age so they can mother them. What Suraj Pancholi has done by breaking up with her is a normal thing of our society now and in old age. If you don’t get along you break up. For example exactly like Aamir Khan who came on jiah khans funeral but has divorced his wife as he cheated on her millions of times and she said she had lived her life in deciet. So if its ok for Aamir khan to divorce his ex wife and not be guilty for what she is going through in her health and life? Aamir khan signed a contract with his ex wife and breaks his contract by divorcing her. Just like Aamir khan Suraj Pancholi should be okay too to have a break up. The only difference is that SUraj is not legally committed with jiah khan. I have a question my BF”S broke up with me too. Can I please kill myself and hang like JIAH KHAN and become a victim hero please? Why our society is double standard? Why its okay for a legally committed person to divorce a woman and its not okay to break up with a muslim girl who is doing haram stuff? Lets not lev someone just bcz one is dead and not worship the dead. Lets care about life, Lets care about living people too how they are being harassed by Paid Hatered PAPPARAZZI who are on a scheme. Lets watch video how they are harassing Aditya Pancholi and how rude and bad language they are using with a country’s superstar. Unfortunately this is a bi-standard world. Do what I tell you to do, but Don’t do what I do. Media ha been treating SUraj Pancholi same as they were used tp treat his Father Aditya Pancholi. Like Father like son, Yes They both are same. Father is calmer with papparazzi and the son didn’t evensay a sing;e word. Lets stop hating each other Lets not worship the dead. Lets care about life Lets care about the living too. Whatever happened with Jiah Khan was wrong but the blame doesn’t go to Suraj Pancholi. The blame goes first to her father and how she suffered her whole life in different realtion from her father mother step sis to career to love. Suraj wasn’t her first man. SHe dated an italian boy friend too. He whole life was miserable. she had depression and she killed her self bcz no one cared about her. The only person cared is SUraj to whatever extent even just to pick up calls or return text mesages. no matter if they were late or to meet next day. We all have our lives too. we could be in bath room, cooking, talking with family , having a head ache, or some time just urt by our love, thats y we don’t answer right away. Its a life and lets get real and its a fact that we can’t be available with the blink of an eye like aladin. Lets not make Suraj Pancholi gulty and blame him for killing her bcz Suraj Pancholi hasn’t killed her, He didn’t shoot her or stabbed her. Lets not make a shreef insan badmash. Lets learn a lesson and be responsible in our life. Lets be good fathers, mothers first and be close at heart to our children. Lets support our kids and not make them run the house. Shreef woman wash dishes in different houses and brooming and bring money for bread and butter. Lets only raise one family so kids won’t have differences and not feel lonely as they don’t have their siblings. lets not let kids have relations out of wedlock bcz it doesn’t lead any where. last but not least lets listen to parents, when they stop from something lets stop. Lets raise good happy families. Lets find a cure for depression lets be brave and see a psychitrist for depression lets be treated to avoid every other problem. lets save life and lets care about living people too. Lets not worship deads and lets not fake to be very caring. when Jiah Khan was alive no producer no one cared now she’s dead every one is giving her attention. Lets not blame Suraj Pancholi. don’t do injustice with Suraj. There is a God who is watching, what goes around always comes around. Don’t force God to destroy this world when ther is no justice. Lets not worship dead and appreciate life. The letter wasn’t found by the police. It has been found in the same room by her sister Kavita who comes from UK. Kavita has written this letter, same kavita karishma who were use to torture her that she is from another father and a failure. They want to destroy another family bcz Jiah khan is not running the house anymore. Let the truth come out that Jiah khan has killed herself and her family is responsible for her actions, her family instigated Jiah khan’s death who ignored her and misused her money. Her mother rabia amin wants Pancholi family to go through the same as they have lost their daughter bcz of their mistakes. No offense but Aditya Pancholi’s is a better father than Jiah Khan’s father and those so called superstars who divorced their wives and broke a contract of marriage which is an everlasting relation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent one.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are such an idiot. Jiah was very sweet.

    • manokriti says:

      ohooo so the 21 years old suraj knows how to fuck..he knows how to rape ..he knows how to cheat but he doesn’t know how to keep a girl???r u fucking kidding me !!!if mr bechara young pancholi is so good he could have helped her in coming out of depression !!looser you are !!

    • jay says:

      one side story by u ….but a dying person never tells a lie…..

  11. razia khan says:

    ishq,junoon,dewangi sub bakwas,masoom karkian kuch nahi janteen yeh sub bad main pata chalta hai ke real life kia hai.

  12. Amit says:

    “I am so much more than this”

    Feeling terrible after reading these lines. On one hand there is belief, knowledge on who you are, but on the other there is despair, loss, regret leading to death.

    Who would want such a dilemma !

  13. hardik says:


  14. Robin says:

    I wish I had a girlfriend like her , its sad how these kinda things happen to good people . RIP Jiah

  15. Anonymous says:

    Feel sory for jiah……bt wat she did for such a shelfish guy she didnt hev to do dat coz if she didn’t make a difference in his life wen she waz alive wat difference it wil make in his life after she is dead.god bless ha soul

  16. Saurabh says:

    Jiah Khan was stupid .. Period…
    Suicide will never help your trauma ….who asked her to fall in love with a casanova, and then die for him.

  17. mina says:

    is it suraj or aditya pancholi typing that long story?
    if someone has depression that makes you treat them badly and blame it on their sad life>?

  18. Baani says:

    Jiah dear, u took things too seriously…. Ur past, career fall is to be blamed. Pure love is maddening but you needed to stop caring for someone who didnt care for u, if that was the case. ur suicide is very very sad in any case.

  19. abhilash says:

    Committing suicide for for whatever reason.. That’s a sin.. that’s what looser do.

  20. assman says:

    I feel sad.

  21. shavi says:

    m very sorry bout jiah’s death……i request ppl not to publically abuse her life…..she z dead n nobody knows wot is d complete truth…..let her soul rest in piece…….!!!!

  22. Deepanjali B Sarkar says:

    Very sad. Whatever the reason behind her taking her own life…it’s tragic.

  23. alisha says:

    really shattering…she was devoid of love…rip jiah!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. nothing, however terrible is worth dying for. there will always be cruel people in the world. there will always be the other side of the story. it is important to seek help when needed, fight your demons, survive. i wonder how her family did not realize how terrible depressed she was. did she get help? this sort of psychosis can happen to the best of us, the feeling of being inside the Bell Jar, so to speak. Stardom may have made it harder for her, but I read the story of a misdirected, young woman going through a fragile phase. I wish she had found a way to wok through it instead of wallowing in self pity and focusing her attentions on someone who clearly was unsuited to her. Sad!

  25. sophiaabella says:

    We aren’t too sure on what we read on the letter. A weak person, & disturbed could possibly become preposterous & little liar. I was once there and a dreamer.I was weak & lived in those for over a decade. We can’t just believe on a piece of paper from dead. Going thru Jiah Khan’s suicide note, she hid more deeper reasons and those people mentioned are just props to accessorize. going thru Jiah Khan’s suicide note, she hid more deeper reasons and those people mentioned are just props to accessorize. it’s good to share our sympathy & help women who are abused and maltreated esp who commits suicide. Don’t add speculation to rumors. Think. it’s good to share our sympathy & help women who are abused and maltreated esp who commits suicide. Don’t add speculation to rumors. Went through Sooraj and Aditya Pancholi articles, it’s absolute scandal on the other hand, must be cleared and justified. I hope and pray she finds the light in the end of the tunnel, and everyone has given rights to express and defend themselves. Remember, no one goes away if they think it’s the best solution, being too jealous could make men scare and they leave without a trace to salvage someone’s dark absurd life. We are human, and we feel what we feel, anyone has the right to love and anyone has the right to fall out of love, some cannot take it and face them, all we need is real friends, and loving family to show us there are more good things other than having a relationship. If it’s proven guilty of accused parties, then must be punished and executed to hell of pain and chain them lifetime.

  26. pandaemon666 says:

    i’m not going to try not to judge her since I don’t know exactly what she went through, but love or unrequited love is one of the stupidest reasons to commit suicide. She had a successful career and a good life with a family that supported her and who must now be in the depths of despair since her passing. she threw it all away because of some guy and she allowed this person to creep into her mind and dominate her from within. If she had sought support from those around her, thrown herself into her work, seen a counsellor, done SOMETHING she would’ve emerged from one of the hardest periods of her life a stronger person. Instead she took the most extreme step she could short of a murder-suicide. Based on what i’m reading here this wasn’t an abusive relationship in the sense that she was fearing for her life or family’s safety. It was a situation of unrequited love and someone who took full advantage of her and gave nothing back. At the very least, this note should disturb the person who affected her so much for the rest of his life.

  27. prem... says:

    Love… Sex… Dhokha..

  28. Anonymous says:

    suraj pancholi should be behind d bars for torturing JIAH to a extend that she choose to take her life away…!!! she was cheated, raped, exploited mentally and physically…she does not deserve all of dis bcoz she was in love with him??!! suraj shud pay for his deeds n suffer every moment for the rest of his life for provoking her to take such a extreme step!!

  29. Vishnu says:

    Guys/Gals ..

    May Jiah’s sole RIP!

    But people what we need to do know is, what are we portraying here? We are saying things like love is eternal, it is true love and all that. Please do not encourage suicide. It is the stupidest thing to do in the World. There are always people who value you for what you are than to become something you are not.

    When she knew he is not the right guy she should had left him. She was an actress she would easily find true love and the person who would love her for what she is.

    I know what true love is and how it feels to feel betrayed but that doesn’t mean you end your life. All the young generation please know that True love is not when you give your life away. True love is something when all you want is other person to be happy and live ur life happily in search of someone new and more valuable.

    When you have a broken relation. Dont get depressed, think that as an opportunity to come up with a new successful relation where you dont repeat the same mistakes. Definitely there is someone who loves you more than anything in the World. Its all about waiting anrd searching for the right one.

    I feel very sorry for Jiah. She went through a lot and deserved much more in her life. We Indians over react for everything. Poor kid I wish she got the right guidance. I feel sad for the such a tragic end for such a beautiful young actress.

    May her Soul RIP!

  30. Nato singh says:

    Some girls are bad, they cheat and blackmail guys etc.. Some guys are bad, they abuse, cheat and blackmail girls etc..

    Jiah..your pain only you know..but you killed ur precious life for some useless person..

    Billions of people in this world would just dream to get what you got..english education, a name in bollywood, some money..you could fly whenever you want to UK…

    You should have understood others motive, and move out as soon as you felt it was abusive relationship.

    Wish you had lived more.. Atleast I could have seen you more in cinemas..and felt happy..

    With Love,
    Your fan

  31. felinei says:

    are this the same people who watch short film about love n then lament about being suicidal in love…? people are strange…let her be…whatever she did u or me have no right to even comment on it or even judge it….sorrows of young werther by goethe made some 2000 germans commited suicide after failed romances…we r humans n we have a gun called emotion !!!

    some gosip for the grave diggers:- i had seen her hands closely in gajini shoot n maybe saw some wrist slits sewed up back then when she was just 19-20..there is nt jst one last relationship that can kill u but the entire emotional history of ur life.

  32. Pooja Sachdev says:

    after there being so much hype about the untimely death(suicide) and this sudden letter…and blaming sooraj !! well i agree and at many levels disagree..
    1. i think jiah was pretty messed up and looking for emotional security in the name of love…
    2. she was also very childish….my birthday, valentime day etc
    3. if she was so upset with sooraj over couple of months …surely her family must know…then why were they not there to help her???
    4. she had an abortion ….she should have used protection….so many girls have premarital sex…all dont become pregnant…it is important to take responsibilty of your actions… and her family did not know this…
    5. at the same time it is not ok for men to treat women badly…so yes sooraj is to blame for mistreating…not dor her death…
    6. if he was so disinterested in her….he should have got an intervention with her family etc…
    7. also if she had been abused…her mother should have done sumthing to help her….
    8. and finally…if u knew he is cheating and womanising and not interested then leave him na…love yourself more……
    i think everyone is to be blamed more so her mother and sisters……and ofcourse even sooraj…because u let someone affect u this extent…….
    i have a sister and when i have been troubled in life she finds a way to sort me…or to help me in whatever way…jiahs sisters u guys should have been there…. and please stop this blame game…its time we all take onus of our actions!!!

  33. Kashif Rizvi says:

    Jia Khan’s suicide depressed me alot. I never thought that flirt done by anyone results the end of beauty.

  34. Maya says:

    You are such a loser.. What an “Arse” are you. You have explained in a way as if you have been sitting there when Jiah Khan’s mom used to pressurise her.. Please for god sake grow up, don’t live in an assumption world.. Jiah Khan and Sooraj knows the truth and i don’t understand why did you even waste your energy by imagining and trying to tell us a story which you have actually assumed and blame on the media or someone else, when you are being totally stupid and fucking dumb to even bring up this topic… I don’t even know if have to laugh or feel pity on your comment, after reading this you better get your arse up and meet a psychiatrist.. I mean you seriously need it take my suggestion.. Simply put mistake is not only from Jiah Khan, its from both of them. If you are not getting affected by getting dumped or breaking off with someone then great I really appreciate your thinking but unfortunately this poor lady was ready to get fucked by everyone possible or may be another Sooraj unlike you because it looks like that is what how you are and last thing about your stupid point of age, I mean really what has age got to do with this, Didn’t Sooraj know that he is fucking around with someone who is older than him and being a true man like how you potray him to be as very nice he should have known what is he doing and what not.. Don’t give this Bull Shit to people that his career and family was important, all he wanted to do was just use her and fuck around with her..

  35. Anonymous says:

    suraj pancholi kii jagah koi gareeb ladkaa yaa aaamm aadmi ye krtaa ….. to log sadkon pe aa jaate….kahaaan hai aajkal ye amm aaadmii party…

  36. sham azad sunder azad says:


  37. Ranjana Vadher says:

    I think the person should be punished on serious grounds for such offense is not expected for Jiah or anyother female.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Its a very sad story. May her soul rest in peace.

  39. Siddhart says:

    She has boderline personality disorder!! It’s very obvious!!

  40. […] actress Jiah Khan committed suicide recently, her mother has since posted a letter by her that shows some of the abuses of the entertainment […]

  41. Abhi says:

    My personal opinion: I cannot judge who is wrong. Why the guy is wrong here? Jiah was weak so she committed suicide. They were in relationship, which was over. He abused her, harassed her which is wrong, but I do not see a point in blaming him for this suicide. Filing a police charge against him? Why, why? If you love someone, it is your moral responsibility, and not your legal responsibility. My personal views.

  42. luxia says:

    Heres the thing folks, Suicide isn’t a
    random decision acted on impulse. Most
    Suicidal people are usually that way for a
    VERY long time. Something may trigger the
    decision to finally do it…and get it the heck
    over with, but all in all the generel feeling
    that life is awful and you are simply sick
    and tired of living can go on for a while. As
    for the friends and family that everybody is
    supposed to take into Consideration of
    hurting, much of the time loved ones are
    busy and wrapped up within they’re own
    lives and problems. And have no real
    understanding, concern or patience for
    you…or why you feel you’re life is oh so
    Terrible. Especially when you have all of
    the things that Society insist and tells you
    are supposed to make you happy. Friends
    only like you the best when you’re
    smiling…and everything is sh*ts and giggles. Then when f*cking OFF yourself they
    act surprised, shocked, heartbroken and
    put upon. Saying how they didn’t see it
    coming or any of the warning signs, but
    what an amazingly beautiful individual you
    were who they had all loved all along and
    Blah, Blah, Blah di da. Because when
    you’re Suicidal that’s not the case. Most of
    the red flags before a Suicide go
    completely ignored. And if they cared so
    much why didn’t they notice or try to help?
    PERIOD! Not just the ones who take
    matters into they’re own hands. People
    don’t sually takeout the time for other people’s
    pain. Nope. They’re too busy and caught
    up in they’re own. So all of us can feel
    really alone at times. Add depression and
    despair into the mix, and you might just
    make yourself the perfect recipe for a
    Suicide! If you don’t understand….just shut
    up, leave you’re condolences and move on.
    Otherwise don’t judge another person for
    something you haven’t experienced or
    been through.

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