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It’s a new low for journalism in India. Especially film journalism. What most don’t realise is that now film journalism is mostly either plugged or paid. And if not, it’s just about the access. At Jiah Khan’s funeral, actor Aditya Pancholi got into a scuffle with the media. His car hit a camera tripod, broke it, then journos attacked him, blocked his way and extorted money (Rs 15,000 or so) from him. It’s correct to say that Pancholi started it by breaking the tripod with his car, but to extort money from him is quite a shameful act.

With 25-30 channels on the spot trying to shoot one person, scuffle is bound to happen. It means 25-30 reporters with boom mics, 25-30 cameramen with camera and tripods. Plus, attendants, onlookers. So imagine a scenario of about 100 people pouncing on one person. Anyone will react violently to get out of the situation.

The scenario has become worst with no discipline, no rules and regulations, cut throat competition to get the best visuals, and anyone with a camera or boom becoming a Video Journalist or reporter. Watch the videos to see it unfold before your eyes.

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  1. Ujjawal Trivedi says:

    well said my friend..this situation has become really difficult for everyone in this field

  2. Amit says:

    Shameful indeed! Mob with cameras is a different beast altogether. I have seen educated people running around, hounding the “target” for bytes – wonder what sort of pressure drives them to such an uncivilized & crude behavior.

  3. Media is one of the most corrupt industries today. I run a PR agency and what newspapers or News Channels do is nothing more than blackmail or paid news,From politicians, to bollywood actors , to normal people, they do not spare anyone. And this shows, just the true face…..Maha Chutiyapa.

  4. Those who say “Aapko lady se baat karne ka tareeka nahi hai” are the biggest anti-feminists in the world. We believe in equality of men and women.So,what,exactly,is the way to talk to a woman. I want to slap that man who said it.And the woman too who said it after then.Why should you be given special treatment? Do you think that you are weaker than men? But we think that you are stronger(except physically). Or do you think that you are still a man’s pride? The woman will be respected only when they learn to regard themselves.And these media persons,they looked like a bunch of hyenas attacking a small herd of lion. They are nothing-to-lose cowards who take the advantage of the fact that film people don’t have balls to do something in the front of camera. Like tarantino said once to a stalker.”Just shut your camera and I’ll kick your ass down the street.”

  5. What happened here is abs. reprehensible.

    Just a small technical point – by uploading some of these youtube videos – you are helping the people/websites/organizations make money – every time some one plays the video, youtube plays an ad video, which is a revenue generator (it happened in the second video, which I had played). Consequently, they would be happy to get the plays to make more money through such dumb acts of their ‘journos’.

    It l be better to have just screen shots, so that all the people reading the article don’t actually end up helping furthering these ‘journo’ s cause and filling their pocket.

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