VOTD : Anand Gandhi’s films – Right Here Right Now & Continuum

Posted: July 16, 2013 by moifightclub in cinema, film, short film, video, VOTD
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Anand Gandhi’s much accalimed film Ship Of Theseus is going to release this friday. Thanks to Kiran Rao and UTV, the film is getting much deserved space in mainstream media. If you have read about Gandhi’s short films in those interviews and still haven’t seen them, we are embedding two of his shorts here. The video quality is not great but do watch both the shorts.

Right Here Right Now (2003)

29 Minutes. 12 Locations. 19 Characters. 8 Languages. 2 Shots. 1 Cut.

Continuum (2006)

– written and directed by Khushboo Ranka & Anand Gandhi.

continuumSynopsis – This film narrates simple enjoyable stories from everyday life that explore the continuum of life and death, of love and paranoia, of trade and value, of need and invention, of hunger and enlightenment. The five moments of its childlike innocence branch out into a more intricate gamut of an urban scape, culminating into a space where the stories no longer exist as singular threads in their own vacuum but come across and play with each other to form a larger fabric of life.

– You can also check out the filmmaker’s blog here and his DeviantArt page here to see some of his interesting work.

– Click here to check out the Flickr page of Pankaj Kaumar, the DoP of Ship Of Theseus.


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