First Look : Phoring (trailer and synopsis)

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In the last few years, Bengali cinema has been trying and delivering some really out of the box gems. Films which don’t follow the conventional rules. If you follow the blog regularly, we try to put the spotlight on those films whenever we can.

A new film titled “Phoring” caught our attention. Have a look at its trailer. It has English subs.

Though the topic is not new but the setting and the detailing makes it really look good. Have never heard this description of Coca Cola. The film is directed by Indranil Roychowdhury and is releasing on September 27, 2013.

It was also in NFDC’s Film-In-Progress Lab and had won The Prasad Lab Award for DI and Colour correction.

Official Synopsis

Phoring is a story of adolescence that most adults deny they ever had. In fact, we all prefer to believe that we jumped straight from the flowery innocence of childhood to the informed maturity of adulthood. The mid-greys of awkwardness, lack of direction, gawkiness, lack of identity are the themes that we prefer not to associate with ourselves. Phoring is a sweet reminder of a film in that sense. It’s a children’s story for adults.

– To know more about the film, you can follow its FB page here. And can read a Business Standard piece on the film here.

(PS – Look at that gorgeous font/design)

  1. Spiderman says:

    Looks like a beautiful movie, took me right back to my growing up days and the beautiful teachers….how I wish these kinds got wider releases and more mass appeal, that would make their availability easier. Specially for someone living outside India, getting our hands on such material becomes impossible.

  2. felinei says:

    this trailer reminds me of Malena shot like city of god

  3. partha sarathi mondal says:

    Imagination of phoring:-)

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