Kannada film “Lucia” gets multi-city release

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Since crowd-funding is in vogue these days, it’s good to see the trend going beyond Hindi indies. If our friends are to believed, Lucia is the first Kannada film to be crowd funded. We don’t have much clue about this one but it surely looks interesting. It’s written and directed by Pawan Kumar and will release with English subtitles. The film is released by PVR Directors Rare.


Official Synopsis

From the director of smash hit Lifeu Ishtene, comes Lucia, heralding a new direction for Kannada cinema, being the industry’s first crowd funded film. An usher at a decrepit cinema suffers from insomnia. His life changes when he starts getting weird and wonderful dreams but with a caveat. Set in the teeming young metropolis that is Bangalore, the film is a turbulent ride where the lines between dreams and reality are blurred to delirious effect. Please don’t reveal the ending after you’ve watched the film. Prepare to be surprised, very surprised.


Show Timings


– To know more about the film, click here.

– To read the filmmaker’s blog, click here.

  1. vinjk says:

    Unfortunately, so far, I have only seen some absolutely horrendous Kannada movies. I really want to check this out…this one looks promising.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please check out movies like
      Simple age ondu love story
      Govindaya Namah
      Krantiveera Sangulli Rayanna

      Any many others

      you can watch terrific, horrific English, Hindi movies
      When it comes to Kannada, its becomes horrendous

    • Rakesh says:

      If you did not like the movie, then it means you did not understand it..! Its that complicate.. 🙂

  2. Rajesh says:

    Who has written the review..?? Think should be fired out if his job immediately ..!! Such an awesome movie with lot of uniqueness.. First I watched the movie .. Was glued to the swag the end.. The suspense unfolds.. I made a point to watch the second time.. Now the film takes another dimension.. It’s a Great movie.. Friends don’t go by the words of this shirty reviewer.. It’s an outstanding movie …

  3. Dhananjay says:

    One of the best movies I have ever seen and the best Indian movie till date.
    This cinema shows that movies are beond mindless action scenes and stupid comedies. The cinematography in the movie speaks a lot. A small change in the colours from one frame to the next reveals the whole concept. When I saw Inception, I thought that such kind of cinema can never be made by Indians but I have been proved wrong. And that too a production cost of 51 lakhs and relatively new cast, its a feat.
    Also, there are lot of mindfuck movies, but the real ability of the Director lies in making people understand a complex subject. And Pawan kumar(the director) has succeeded in this.
    Hats off !!

  4. ravin says:

    Pls make such movies pawan . Awesome screenplay , unique concept , such movies make us proud

  5. Nagaraj says:

    Super Movie in recent times for kannada audience

  6. rohit says:

    Hi….I just watched this movie….I have no words….this is a master piece….a very challenging script but hats off to the Lucia team…..wonderful n mind blowing movie….it’s total Paisa vasool…I paid only 60 bucks to watch this movie but nw Il pay 500 bucks to watch this movie again…..extraordinary I never thought this movie would do well….really proud to b a kannadiga…..pawan ur a great talented person….keep it up…..

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