25 Reasons to watch Kenny Basumatary’s Local Kung Fu

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Kenny Basumatary’s Local Kung Fu (with English subtitles) released this friday. Some of us had seen the film and quite enjoyed it. Here is a Baradwaj Rangan-ish bullet point movie recco post by Kartik Krishnan.
  1. Dash of Takashi Kitano humor and tribute to oranges-Andaz Apna Apna.
  2. Goon with the funny smile plastered on his face 24X7
  3. The 70 yr old grandfather who wields the stick with Kamal-Hassan-Thevar-Magan-ish dexterity.
  4. The superb tongue-in-cheek Guthka khaane se swasth ko haani pahunchti hai PSA cleverly forced in
  5. Candid out takes end credit sequence
  6. Fried Silkworms, Snail curry, rice pancakes ahhh the food
  7. The overweight Karate goon who sings Raagas
  8. Spirit of the cast and crew and a budget of less than a lakh
  9. Ekta Kapoor spoof
  10. Absolutely naturalistic performances
  11. The Number One U 18 goon – Bonzo !
  12. The energetic action sequences
  13. The girl with Assamese-Malayali roots
  14. The gallis and koochas of Assam
  15. The uncle who asks “You need to take a crap or something?”
  16. The music (Wish the songs were subtitled too) Sample this
  17. The Requiem-waala montage thrown in once or twice
  18. DLFG – Delhi Liberation Front For Gurgaon
  19. The stories told in each and every fight – kaun kispar kaise bhaari padta hai 
  20. The irreverence and non seriousness of it all – with the tone set from the the opening statement itself !
  21. The goons shaving & whiling away time when bikes enter in super slow motion!
  22. Even a small time thief fights back in Kung Fu-style
  23. The villain whose caller tune is the sound effect of kicks & punches
  24. No pretentiousness of an art film, No (ok, may be a little) filmy-pana of a commercial film
  25. The vision guts and passion of Kenny Basumatary who has acted, written, directed and edited the film

Do catch the film playing at the limited screens.


– To know more about the film, click here to read an old post by the film’s lead actor, writer an director Kenny Basumatary.

– For more info on the film, visit its Facebook page here.

– To watch its trailer, click here.

  1. Varun Sekar says:

    I have no idea how i stumbled onto this site, but i absolutely love this. I have been searching for a Indian movie crazy site like this for a long time now.
    While i love the Indie coverage that you guys provide, the problem is no one reviews most of the movies in the theaters. Though it’s easy to decide that i don’t wish to watch Chennai Express, it gets harder when a movie like say Prague[2013] comes.
    I have lost trust in many of the mainstream newspapers/channel critics. I follow Rajeev Masand, Raja Sen [Rediff], Karan Anshuman [Mumbai Mirror] to some extent. Can you guys point out some of the better Movie Critics in our country.
    And can some one tell me if Prague[2013] is as promising as it’s posters.

    [Dunno if i should except a reply, but thanks anyway for creating a site like this]

  2. Danswrang Basumatary says:

    Fantastic, awesome, mind blowing, supa………………
    No words to say. Congrats Kenny! Keep it up
    God Bless You!

  3. CM says:

    Awesome Film. . .
    SPeechless. . .

  4. CM says:

    Awesome Movie. . .

  5. nice to see so much of enthusiasm at various level. I would love to see . Can you try through DTH ?

  6. keshab mashahary says:

    hi!kenny sir.heartiest congrts to u.i cudn’t get oportunity to watc ful movi.bt i ve watc all d promo clps in you tube.waiting to watch in you tube also.neway u ve done tremendous job for north east.i think d earth was waiting for u to explore d north east in global panaroma through cnema.peopl like ratan tyam frm north east ve almost rech evry corner of d world thrgh stage.dis is just a bgining.god bless u.i want to c u reciving oscar frm d north east India.go ahead gud luck.

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