Film Federation Of India’s letter to Ritesh Batra on Oscar Controversy

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There is a new twist in the tale. Film Federation of India has written a letter to Ritesh Batra after all the Oscar hullabaloo.

Read on.


(PS – What’s with ???)

  1. Dilip says:

    Sen saab should be given lifetime achievement academy just for this offical letter??? ….

  2. zz says:

    Egoistic bullies. That’s what they are. How can one be so full of themselves? Wow! What a juvenile reaction by FFI!

  3. Choose appropriate title for the above –

    1 – A Facepalm In The Crowd
    2 – ये कैसा चूतियापा?
    3 – अक्कड़-बक्कड़ मादरचोद
    4 – ऑस्कर के तस्कर


  4. Arijit Bhattacharjee says:

    This entire episode in a film and it will win the OSCAR for sure 😉

  5. jahanbakshi says:

    Dear FFI, the exclamation marks were a bit on the higher side today… 😉

  6. Nikhil Kumar says:

    What a chutiya letter. An apex body celebrating its whatever year and can’t even draft a letter. Clearly shows there diaregard for detail, and their inner inability to do the best for Indian cinema. What’s with the threatening tone — taking the matter up with this and taking up with that? Why can’t a one film old guy stand up against a cumulative hundred award winning film-makers? What allows them the condescending authority? Surely, this apex body needs a reform; and also some chopping of the unnecessary wings

  7. Apoorva says:

    Pather Panchali ke parchoon dukandar cum master moshai (Tulsi Chakravarty) ki yaad aa gayee – Ei ki natyoshala!

  8. Anonymous says:

    excessive full stops & exclamations in an official mail. Way to go!

  9. awebangali says:

    Pather Panchali ke parchoon dukandar cum master moshai (Tulsi Chakravarty) ki yaad aa gayee – Ei ki natyoshala!

  10. Barbaad Gulistan Karne Ko
    Bas Ik Hi Supran Kaafi Hai
    Har Shaakh Pe Supran Betha Hai
    Anjaam-e-Gulistan Kya Hoga

  11. My favorite part: “umpteen national awards.” UMPTEEN.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bakaul-e-Shakespeare — The lady doth protests too much…

  13. “Excuse me!!!!!”
    “We are … with the acedamy…”
    “can you share with us?”
    “We are … with the I&B ministry”

    Even a baffled and deranged girlfriend whines better than this!

  14. Are the three deleted lines after “Mr. Ritesh Batra”:


    This letter is a gem, a surprise gift from mad-destiny heavens, ‘cos it’s the most definitive sad-funny-bizarre proof in black and white of the intellect/artistic level of our cinema’s rakhwaalas in general, and this ‘Oscar jury’ in particular.

  15. Aseem Chhabra says:

    Well, excuse me too, Mr. Sen!!!! Is that how you write official letters??? What school did you go to???

  16. He attended School of Surprises, Exclamation Pradesh

  17. I think ‘!!!’ will certainly be back in fashion, at least on Twitter.

  18. J says:

    Ritesh should send a reply with just one word – YOLO!


  19. Supertramp says:

    !!!!…Sen Saar how can you do this to us!!!!,How!!!!!!

  20. Suparn Verma says:

    Hahahaha such fun reading such a lovely ‘official’ letter. PS: Kindly note……Suparn………Supran……two different people………just for future correspondence hahahahahahaha 😉

  21. Please ek dabbe mein mirch bharkar koi jawaab bhej do with a letter ‘Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karun!!!!!’

  22. ahahahah this is seriously funny! This letter shows the current condition of FFI. Looks like it’s been written by some 11 yrs old kid. #SHAME

  23. Anonymous says:

    Itna solid dhamki toh koi dialogue writer hi likh sakta…kya pyaar se samjhaya hai!

  24. Abhi tak doubt tha, lekin ab confirm ho gaya hai. chutiyon ki nihatthi fauj hai yeh FFI.

  25. akismet-7d848759c8ceaa0389b38df71758bceb says:

    Ek second… Y U NO enclose screenshot of the alleged FB update? Pics or it didn’t happen!!!!

    • Crackednut says:

      for that matter, i’d have expected them to give links to all the public statements made by Ritesh Batra. None such. Correct me if i’m wrong but i felt that he’s been maintaining a very stoic silence on this entire matter. So where and what exactly did he say that got FFI jury’s panties in a bunch?

      This reads like a schoolboy threat to me. IMO, UTV & Phantom should get their lawyers to draft a mail accusing the FFI of murdering the English language

  26. appyfizzz says:

    FFI आपकी गांड जलने की कया खुशबू आती है, वाह वाह वाह वाह वाह वाह!!

  27. Anay Dalal says:

    Imagine if the FFI had sent this letter in an empty lunchbox to Batra and Batra had read it over lunch..😋

    PS-If the letter to the Academy is written in the same manner,we’re getting banned next year 😋😉

  28. senaditi says:

    It took me a while to actually believe it, the letter has a very Onion News like quality with all those exclamation marks, and words like ‘umpteen’. While I can understand that they wanted to defend their choice, I am completely baffled by the tone that almost sounds like a threat.

  29. Crackednut says:

    Reading the top right corner logo gives me such a brain-ache



  30. Vee says:

    Give FFI a break People….. They wrote whatever they wrote in their best ever attempt to be Kewl…Err….!!! COOL… and the bestest ever attempt to yaap using all possible emoticons n symbols…. Yo FFI, you had your moment… now go Finish your Lunch…. be proud your 15 minutes were well spent drafting crap out of your 45 minutes of office hours….

  31. blrboy says:

    Not a very well written letter but certainly respect the sentiment. Denigrating another film is very poor form. If filmmaking was all about recognition and awards, we would all be poorer for that state of affairs.

  32. Only thing missing in this letter is an ‘awww…’ after “young boy with his debut film”!

  33. No name says:

    Dear Suparn ji film federation waale,

    It’s good that you all have decided to live in a cave. There is always a possibility of a nuclear war with Pakistan, your foresight will be rewarded in the future. Also, the head up the ass asana you are doing, is good for a healthy body as well.

    Just a request if possible: Ask Rupa Ganguly ji on how it feels being on the other side of ‘cheer- haran’. I hope she can relate to Duryodhana’s guilty pleasures now.

    Thank You.

  34. Pranay says:

    Instead of wasting 2 full pages, the FFI could’ve just written – ‘How can she slap ?’ and we wud’ve got the point. Hahaha..

  35. Anonymous says:

    these people are in urgent need of a fuck or two!!

  36. Sun Tzu says:

    Mr. Ritesh Batra and other people said what their views were . It is not a crime I think . So many people loved lunch box . I am a gujarati and I saw the good road . I’ll say the soulless dialogues of so many character made the films very uninteresting . The milieu was the area of Kutchh I guess and the characters played as a local was very unprofessional . For example the way the truck wala guy talks at his home , pure plain dialogues without any emotions if you know the language spoken in villages of gujarat . Yes there was something in the film which kept me thinking that what happens next and I also salute Mr.Gyan Correa for that and also for revealing Kutchh in very beautiful visuals . I saw The Good Road in gujarat before it was selected, I saw the lunchbox on the first day and the day I heard the news about selection , I felt something wrong has happened there . Yes , I was also angry like many other people even before the director of lunchbox or the producers says anything . I also appreciated those comments because I also felt the same way . I don’t know the standards they are talking about in the letter by which they also sent Barfi last time . Anyways as we know we can not do anything about lets just keep our fingers crossed for TGR and lets just hope our sarkari FFI learn some lessons and I’ll also appreciate if Govt of India sponsors their visits to some renowned film festival which can make them to think on the rules or the standards they are talking about .

    Peace out .

  37. Virginia Kelley NYC says:

    Apart from issues of ill-advisedness, which are notable here — does anybody know how this letter came to be published? Did the person writing it send it somewhere as an open letter?

    Is this legal in India? In US copyright law, you can’t publish a letter someone else writes to you – the writer continues to own the copyright to the words. When letters were written on paper (Google it, kids!), if you sent me a letter, I would then own the letter. I could sell your letter itself, but neither I nor the buyer would be allowed to publish more than quotes from it, some small percentage.

  38. Lisa Tsering says:


    • Virginia Kelley NYC says:

      Lisa I started wondering if it was a hoax too – has it been published elsewhere besides this site? there are so many improbablenesses in it that I could believe it’s a hoax.

  39. vinjk says:

    The letter is written like a 12year old kid. Nevertheless, I think he (FFI) has a point…Ritesh Batra and his team has definitely overreacted. None of them had seen ‘The Good Road’ (TGR) when it was first announced and yet they went around insulting the jury and the movie. TGR may be a horrible film but what if some other film were selected for the Oscars? Say ‘Celluloid’? They would have treated ‘Celluloid’ the same way…insulted it, questioned the director’s capability, jury’s intention and so on…(I’ve seen Celluloid and it’s very good movie. Like any movie, it can be improved but still a very solid movie.)
    By only commenting on the grammar and formatting of the letter, the commenter are just trying to divert attention from the real issue.

  40. Kernelmann says: #Facepalm

  41. This is Shit Tapeism

  42. mnsh says:

    Ritesh Batra reply to Sen ….”Bhutan jaiyega???!!!! ”
    C.C. – 19 Eminent jury members

  43. Sunny Joseph says:

    Once A Jury decides its award respect it. Any reactions contrary to it only reveals hypocrisy and immature nature of ones mind. Well, personally I may differ in my opinions, but I will abide by a unanimous/majority decision of any jury

  44. Harsh Hede says:

    Did that letter come too in a lunchbox? XD

  45. The exclamation and the dot keys have been meaninglessly abused too much.

  46. This is what happens when you convert Karan Johar’s movies into .doc files.

  47. AB says:

    There is no mention of any facebook posts or twitter updates. One wonders whether this letter itself is fabricated (some smartass could have written and posted this to make people fight).

  48. Its easy to make fun of the letter, but I guess people reading the letter need a basic course in comprehension.
    The writer talks about the allegations of corruption which Ritesh Batra highlighted in his facebook post. Its acceptable to say that you made a better film which the jury overlooked. But its just not acceptable to say that jury took money/favors from your competitors, without having proof.

  49. Will the admin please stand up now and say this was from Faking news. Extremely unbelievable that this is indeed a true letter ?

  50. […] Film Federation Of India’s letter to Ritesh Batra on Oscar Controversy […]

  51. lordie says:

    I actually think this letter is terrific. Not particularly well written, agreed, but a nice fuck off to a the sore losers club.

  52. TrueStory says:

    The fan-boy’isms aside, Batra got what he deserved, no one forced him and his producers to enter the film. The federation how ever good or bad, have a right to hit back if sullied in public, thats something anyone would do.

    All this hullabaloo is ridiculous, The Good Road is a horrendous movie and The Lunchbox is just above average ( sans the crazy indian media overdrive). The Lunchbox has won no major festival award ( and NO it didnt win anything at the official Cannes competition as much as the indian media would like you to believe, it won Rail D’or, an award running in parallel to Cannes, judged by a bunch of french rail workers). If “Blue is the warmest color” or “Like father like son” didn’t have release timing issues, no one would even be talking about this particular film as a likely nomination.

    To get all arrogant over just above average film ( relative to world cinema and not Bollywood) with some festival buzz and then go to town over a (sic) missed Oscar opportunity, undermines any confidence in Indian filmmaking, filmmakers and themselves.

    If Kashyap and Batra are that confident on their Oscar chances, they can get Sony to compete it in the main category.

    Batra is a talented writer, if he ever manages to rise above all this Kashyap/Bollywood drama he might have a real chance at the Oscars, at some future date.

  53. The letter was an honest reply(uncensored) but what we want to discuss is the choice of interjections not what he said.

  54. vinoth says:

    i think last year “Barfi” selection was more farcial than this one

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