Ritesh Batra’s reply to FFI letter on Oscar Controversy

Posted: October 1, 2013 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, Indie, News
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And here’s the latest one, and hopefully, the closing chapter in the ongoing Oscar controversy. Ritesh Batra, director of The Lunchbox, has replied to the FFI letter.

Dear Sir,
I just received your letter. Many industry stalwarts have made comments similar to mine but you sent the letter to me, a debutant filmmaker, but I am honoured and proud to speak for my film and team. If an apology is what you demand, you have it. Both you and the jury have my wholehearted apology.

There was no intent to hurt anyone, but rather to participate in the vigorous debate that this decision ignited in the public domain.

I sincerely hope that the annual reactions to our Academy selections from the national press, and this year from even the international press, prompt a new policy for the selection. Sir, please use your good offices to give us a transparent, objective process with a public and not a secret jury. It is a direct and humble request, not a criticism.

I have moved on from this debate to focus on more productive pursuits and I would encourage everyone to do the same. With much respect for your tough job.


Ritesh Batra


@riteshbatra on Twitter


  1. J says:

    Izzat ke sath repat maara hai FFI ke mooh pe! Kudos!

  2. awebangali says:

    Short and sharp, though could have avoided the third para, the point has already been made..bjut overall – a dignified reply.

  3. akismet-7d848759c8ceaa0389b38df71758bceb says:

    bada dil issko kehte hain. jiyo!

  4. Sohit says:

    “though could have avoided the third para”
    tum isko bhi “critique” karlo ab…

    everybody is a full time critic or a trade analyst these days…the remaining love Modi

  5. Anay Dalal says:

    He should have added a PS:’Get rid of all the ??? and …’

  6. Paresh says:

    Terse. 🙂 But I’m still wondering did this really happen, looks like a bad scene from a dystopian film 😛

  7. i thought he would reply – “Aajkal chithi toh koi nahi bhejta, email karte hain sab” 🙂

  8. dhananjay says:

    If as is being claimed by Lunchbox producers, if they are so confident about their film, are they planning to pitch in for nominations in the mainstream categories. Remember the makers of Morning Raga doing it.

  9. Musicwaala says:

    “please use your good offices to give us a transparent, objective process with a public and not a secret jury.” arre, so then you shouldn’t participate in Oscars anyway because you know, they’re made up of secret juries too.

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