POTD : Filmmaker Leos Carax at Mumbai Film Festival, 2013

Posted: October 18, 2013 by moifightclub in Mumbai Film Festival, POTD
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Is he Woody Allen’s agent of protest? What else can you make out from this picture. Have a look.

Leos Carax

On the red carpet, with a cigarette in his hand, and a strange expression on his face. It can’t get better than this. While others are posing for the shutterbugs, Mister Carax is staring at the circus. This seems like a surreal scene straight out of his film Holy Motors.

At a time when Woody Allen refused to release his latest film Blue Jasmine in India because he didn’t want any anti-smoking messages on his film’s copy, and it made headlines worldwide, there can’t be a better pic to laugh at the weird scenario and guidelines set by the Health Ministry. I know we are reading too much into it, but what’s the harm. And at least this much fun is expected from the enfant terrible of French cinema.

Filmmaker Dev Benegal also spotted him at the fest party later on and tweeted another pic, which also seems to be strange. Read his embedded tweets.

And one more – Photobombing Mihir‘s pic with Asghar Farhadi by not giving any fuck.

Leos Carax3

Pic courtesy – Pinkvilla, Dev Benegal

  1. jaideep says:

    Mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh mr carax

  2. It’s like he’s in his character merde.mihir should lose some weight.

  3. haha but i caught him while he is smoking outside metro cinemas, after a lot of persuation he agreed for a photograph.

  4. […] POTD : Filmmaker Leos Carax at Mumbai Film Festival, 2013 […]

  5. Dude banda hai yeh.. South Bombay ke sadkon pe akele ghoomta firta tha .. Kyani me jaa ke chup chap akele akele chai peeta…

  6. […] The man who defined MAMI for me was Leos Carax, before the fest I had just watched Holy Motors and knew nothing about him. By the end of the festival I was a big fan of him, though he was reticent with his answers during Q and A, he was more than willing to interact more on personal one on one basis and share his email ids with young film makers to showcase their work to him. Our blogger friends have covered more about Leos Carax, you can read about it here and here. […]

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