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POTD : Pahlaj Nihalani – The Celluloid Butcher

Posted: June 8, 2016 by moifightclub in POTD
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Felt this was the best photographic tribute I could pay to our erudite censor in chief. I fully understand why the entire film community couldn’t take a stronger public stand against the mindless SANSKARI cuts, fearful of further massacre/ wrath, being unleashed on their hapless underproduction films. Read the entire story on the censorship debate in this week’s India Today magazine.

– Rohit Chawla, Group Visual Director at India Today

(shared on his FB wall)

POTD : Tumhare Paas Kya Hai?

Posted: March 24, 2015 by moifightclub in cinema


Via Sanjana Kapoor on FB.

Is he Woody Allen’s agent of protest? What else can you make out from this picture. Have a look.

Leos Carax

On the red carpet, with a cigarette in his hand, and a strange expression on his face. It can’t get better than this. While others are posing for the shutterbugs, Mister Carax is staring at the circus. This seems like a surreal scene straight out of his film Holy Motors.

At a time when Woody Allen refused to release his latest film Blue Jasmine in India because he didn’t want any anti-smoking messages on his film’s copy, and it made headlines worldwide, there can’t be a better pic to laugh at the weird scenario and guidelines set by the Health Ministry. I know we are reading too much into it, but what’s the harm. And at least this much fun is expected from the enfant terrible of French cinema.

Filmmaker Dev Benegal also spotted him at the fest party later on and tweeted another pic, which also seems to be strange. Read his embedded tweets.

And one more – Photobombing Mihir‘s pic with Asghar Farhadi by not giving any fuck.

Leos Carax3

Pic courtesy – Pinkvilla, Dev Benegal

Sunny Deol will soon be seen in a new film titled Bhaiyyaji Superhitt and will be essaying a double role for the first time in his career.

Bombay Times “Exclusively Unveiled” the first look of the film on Monday. Have a look at this picture.

All good, right? Well, now take a look at this picture of Johnny Depp. It’s from GQ cover.

If you are smart, then photoshop can do wonders. But you don’t commit blunders like this. Nobody expects any great journalism from Bombay Times but the least you can do is to verify the pics and the info. You just don’t put Deol’s head on Depp’s body. As the popular contest goes, now spot the 10 differences in the next picture.

Have fun.

Pics and info courtesy – The Daily Honey

POTD – What’s your place in the film industry?

Posted: January 14, 2012 by moifightclub in pics, POTD

Tip – Sumit Roy

POTD : Goodbye 2011

Posted: January 1, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, pics, POTD, Special

And with this POTD we close the year and come to the end of “Best of 2011” posts. This sketch and the note that follows is by Sumit Purohit.

Every cinema buff loves to look back at the year that went by and comes up with his or her pick of best/worst films of the year. So here is mine. I haven’t watched all the films that released this year (and hence some might be missing from the list) but from all that I did, these are, for me, the fifteen important films from 2011 – the films I enjoyed, the films that I think did something new and different.

I resumed sketching this year with sketches inspired from films. And therefore what better way to share my favourite films from 2011 than visually.

Enjoy figuring out the films. I hope you can 🙂 And just in case you need help, you can check this link.

Sumit Purohit

Our heart skipped few beats. Sar pe wig aur haath me sitaar, kaisa hai yeh tera emosanal atyachaar! Wah wah! And it rhymes too.

Amar Singh goes for a complete makeover and is playing the role of a hindustani classical singer in a Malyalam film titled Bombay Mittayi (Or has it been changed to Mumbai Mittayi? Whatever) And sitting next to him is Dimple Kapadia who plays his wife in the film. What a jugalbandi!

Jaya Bachchan, Jaya Prada, and now Dimple Kapadia! Surely bald & pot-bellied men can also have some charm. BTW, we have one more query – are they gonna just sit like that and fake it all, or dance too? Imagine Amar Singh doing the Rishi Kapoor act in the song Jaane Do Na. Bet we will book our tickets now!

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