If you love Mumbai Film Festival, and you booed Imran Khan, you are a Myopic Moron!

Posted: October 18, 2014 by moifightclub in Mumbai Film Festival

Too much talk about Imran Khan getting booed? Well, since it was one of the ideas that our Nicolas Bourbaki-ji wrote about while discussing ways to improve the Mumbai Film Festival, he is back to tell you something.

1. If you love Mumbai Film Festival and want it to continue, and you booed Imran Khan at the screening of Dardenne Brothers’ Two Days, One Night, then you are Class A Myopic Moron.

2. Here’s why – You probably have never attended any international film festival.

3. You have absolutely no clue about the funding of the Mumbai Film Fesstival this year.

4. You think you can buy everything in Rs 1500, including rudeness.

Now, let me explain it – why you are myopic, why you are moron, and why we need to applaud Imran Khan.

No festival in the world has survived without the stars and the glamour quotient. The basic reason is one – money. Sponsors come in when there are stars. Press and photographers follow the glamour quotient. More press coverage means better sponsors. Any doubts, refer to the mother of all, Cannes Film Festival, which has found a perfect balance of stars and talent. And the irony is nothing can explain it better than this current scenario – even with a terrific line-up of films and panels, nothing is making headlines, a bollywood star getting booed has given a hard on to all. Says a lot about the current state of film journalism too.

Mumbai Film Festival’s star count has been terrible so far. This year there is substantial presence of bollywood crowd. There are panel discussions with reputed filmmakers, and there are bollywood stars who are presenting some important films. The idea is to integrate – the films and the bollywood stars. Without it, the festival won’t survive for long. This year it got crowd funded and so you are able to watch the films. But it can’t be a permanent solution. So the festival needs bollywood, and it’s not the other way. Hope this explains your myopia.

You can doubt and question any actor’s credentials, but why can’t that actor like a specific director’s film and present it? And if you weren’t a moron, you would have listened to him for 5 minutes. Because Imran Khan supported the festival, it resulted in more visibility, better sponsorship prospect, and a better festival. And the year MFF dies down, remember it started with your booing.

Even if the excuse is the delay in screening the film, being rude to any guest is not the solution – be it Imran Khan or anyone else. Boo the organisers, not guests. Just because you are part of the crowd and sitting in the dark, it doesn’t mean you will hide you stupidity. Good luck with that!

– Nicolas Bourbaki

  1. Sujay Dahake says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    I think whatever points mentioned are utterly rubbish and stupid just like your entire article.

    1. Celebrities are good at festivals , but Imran Khan I doubt. If you are talking about bringing funding to the festivals.

    2. Why has been the star count at MAMI so poor ? You tell me ?

    3. Didn’t you find a deserving actor, I say to introduce Dardenne Brothers movie. Someone who could give some insightful thought about the movie. Remember there are film students in the audience. Who want to learn the craft by watching. You are calling them stupid. Really ?

    4. Why did suddenly MAMI need funding? Why reliance pulled out ? Bring some clarity to that. Was there any clarity with the money used by organisers before ?

    5. There are so many established artists living in Mumbai. Painters, singers, directors, theatre actors somebody who follow world cinema. Why can’t you find them.

    6. So hell with you. We don’t buy rudeness in 1500/- INR, but we also don’t expect the organisers to make mockery of world cinema and its makers in an international film festival. Even the mother of festival Cannes don’t do that.

    7. We don’t see Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock suddenly introducing a Haneke film.

    8. How come Bollywood became so conscious about criticism. Specially when this time it’s not about the clothes they are wearing , or the affairs , or a statement in public. This time the criticism is purely cinema oriented. Is Bollywood scared to face the real audience ? With real remarks .

    9. Frankly I don’t have a problem with Imran Khan. I have a problem with the person who thought Imran (just a celebrity) could introduce a body of work that Dardenne bros have done.

    10. Your article is a big turn off. As a cinema student I am just sad that is this the respect to cinema we are inducing into the young lot of filmmakers.

    • Nicolas says:

      1. Why? You have any criteria called fest celebs and non-fest celebs when the only criteria is celeb quotient?

      2. No clue. I just attend it. Ask them. I guess they dont get anything from it.

      3. didn’t I find a deserving actor? No, I am not handling anything. I am just a cinegoer and I am just stating what i think is right. You can find better ones? Help them next year. They will be happy am sure. So film students booing an invited guest is fine? And if that’s not stupidity what it is? Why cant i call them stupid? They are some kind of God’s gift to mankind?

      4. Ask the organisers. Not me. Btw what was this got to do with being totally moronic behavior? Enlighten please.

      5. Why dont you find for MAMI from next year and help them? I am sure they will love it,

      6. Yes, you can hell with me. And i can hell with you. That’s cool. But an actor presenting a film is nothing mockery. Do search the meaning of mockery please.

      7. You know Aishwarya Rai’s cred, right?

      8. I have no clue about bollywood because I am not part of it. As stated above, this is my observation as a cine-goer. BTW how many more excuses will you try to justify the behaviour?

      9. Imran is not giving gyaan on Dardenne. I think you need to also search for the meaning of the word “presenting”. btw would you like to present something next year? I will recco your name to them.

      10. Yes, exactly like your reasoning and excuses. Young cinema students go to a film fest, respected filmmakers film and boo the presenter. Yes, i want everyone to turn off.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We did not boo Imran, you completly misunderstood. Its for the organisers, who invited Imran to present the film. When he arrived their is no one from organisers to brief him about the film he was supposed to be presenting. And when the screening got delayed people started booing, at that moment Imran took the mike and people asked him why the delay in screening and he said he don’t know and don’t even knows what he was suppose to do. He him self said the person who invited him is not hear and their is no one to brief him what he was suppose to do. Then the audance said, at least lets start the show. He himself joined the crowd asking the organisers to start the screening.

  3. This is far from the truth. I was a very part of that audience. So let me tell you what transpired. It all started with the previous film’s screening “Stations Of The Cross”. The film started without subtitles and after the audience expressed their grief coz it was a German film, the organizers said that they are aware of it but they dont have the subtitles. The audience was stalled for 45 mins!! And after that the film was announced “canceled.” However after 20 mins or so, the organizers were on the streets trying to inform the dispersed crowd that the film has started with the subtitles!!!

    Post that, throughout the film, there was loud banging of doors, phones ringing and loud chatter in the projection room and “mike testing”. Yes mike testing inside the hall for Mr. Khan’s appearance while the film is on!

    When finally this film got over, people expressed their anger but the organizers behaved rudely. Post that, when 2 days 1 night was to start, Mr. Khan came in late. On being asked, he justified saying he has been on time but he has no clue what to do. Someone from the audience asked “Why dont you begin introducing? Tell us why you chose this film?”
    And his answer was on the lines of “I have no clue. The organizers told me to.” The audience got angry and someone screamed, “Well let’s start with the film then.” And yes Mr Khan in a lame attempt joined the “Let’s start the film” charade that was being chanted by an angry audience that was let down by this entire madness. Now tell me, why the fuck should I be called myopic? Why the fuck should I applaud Mr Khan and why the fuck should I not boo this farce that happened?
    And mind you, I watched 4 films in Chandan that day and the experience was terrible. When Rolf De heer’s beautiful Charlie’s Country was screened, I could hear people in the projection room guffaw on some terrible SMS joke. So I guess excuse us for being “myopic”.

    P.S.- Nicolas Bourbaki owes that audience a bloody apology for being a snob and writing this half-baked post that is a lie. Bloody hell! So much for being patrons of Cinema. Huh.

    • Nicolas says:

      All valid reasons. Go and boo the organisers, the theatre manager, the festival director. But nothing can justify being rude to an invited guest of the festival. That’s just basic courtesy.

  4. Chaitanya says:

    Who man, what kind of an apologist are you for the suck-ass sloppy organising?
    1)We the audience are made to wait for-fucking-ever to enter the hall even though the we have our sms confirmation. Nobody knows why we have to stand outside the empty hall when there is no show running, and its past the declared time?
    2)Why the fuck would some movies be screened without english subtitles? Why? Its not some god-fucking intelligence to sort this shit.
    3)Daily newsletter with updated daily schedule is distributed in the evening. Whats the joy, man?
    4) Chandan cinema decides to become a banana republic by starting movies according to its own time.
    5) How many crores does it need to post the updated daily schedule in Cinemax? Seriously, this is not a fucking bunch of village idiots coming to watch the movies. Shape up man.
    6) Some dickshit volunteer decides to hold the whole crowd to check the sms of some firang chick at the door. He takes a whole ten godawful minutes. Love that sucker man.

    • Nicolas says:

      Apologist? You are beyond moronic i guess. I am not the organiser, i got nothing to do with it. I am just stating what i feel is right.
      1. Let me guess. Because you don’t decide the rules. If there is any problem, they have all the rights to delay it. Of course, you deserve your apology for it.
      2. Sure. Btw do you know how subs plays in theatres and the ways it can be fucked up? If you had any clue, wouldnt have said so.
      3. So Imran was booed for this?
      4. it is banana i guess. And that justified booing Imran?
      5.So Imran was booed for this?
      6.Why don’t you join the volunteers and help them out if you are fast like Chacha Choudhary? I am sure they will be happy to have you. Give me your name and number, i will pass it to them.

    • Atul Mongia says:

      Hi Chaitanya,

      As someone who is coming for the joy of cinema I understand how the incompetence of other to not let you enjoy the film you want to watch, is getting to your nerves. Without wanting to justify I just want to say that MAMI has truly had sponsorship issues this year and on other years as well. And they don’t have money to pay any of the people who are working in the festival. One way of running a festival is to cough up a professional fee and hire a professional event management set-up. Which they can’t afford. The other way is to get volunteers, who work for free. So all the young boys and girls you’re seeing running their white T-shirts are film enthusiasts who are doing this for free. They are working 24-7 to make us watch the films. In the process they hardly get to see any films themselves, even though they’d love to. I’ve seen the enthusiasm of these kids dampen when we as the watchers go and complain and shout and scream. Also since people volunteer for free, the quality of people coming in cannot always be controlled. And in the end its actually the top 10% of them who end up taking responsibility, the rest go with the flow, making mistakes often. But most often the problem arrives from the delegates themselves who without booking a film, keep forwarding messages to one another, resulting in sometimes the people who’ve genuinely booked, not being able to watch their films.

      Nevertheless, I hope we all have a pleasant movie watching and movie presenting at MAMI, in the years to come..

  5. The writer of this article sounds like an arrogant moron himself

  6. Chaitanya says:

    Hey Mister, here’s why I will boo Imran khan.
    1)Tell him I come all the way from Bhayander/Virar/Dahanu Road. Thats a long distance from the gullies of Andheri. Dont make me stand for ever in the lines despite getting a confirmation for your sadistic pleasure. Sort this shit out, pronto. Otherwise I will boo.
    2)Keep two lines at the door: One with confirmed SMS and one without. Simple right? If it is not simple, I will boo.
    3)Some genius should keep the volunteers in the loop Most of them have no freaking clue about most of the festival shit. Send them some sms or something for updates. If not, I will boo.
    4)I dont carry smart phone to check my gmail or facebook for MAMI updates. I carry a small chinese knockoff which can display sms. Send me sms updates for last minute changes, when I am standing in the line for no reason. I come all the way from Bhayander/Virar/Dahanu Road. Otherwise I will boo.
    5)Stick an A4 size paper with daily updates last minute changes for everyone to read both in PVR and Cinemax. We will not feel like cattle standing aimless. If not I will boo.
    3)Because BJP is in power I will boo him.
    4)Because of the rising prices and inflation, I will boo him again.
    Got it?

    • NB says:

      You can come for anywhere you want, carry any phone you do but must boo, moo, and goo. Sounds good for you.

      • Tanuj Grewal says:

        I love this comment thread. It’s entertaining. What fucking sense of entitlement people have. I think MAMI should have passes starting from minimum 10k. Maybe then they can afford a professional management service. But then maybe the booing will still happen because, well, “booing so cool”. Like boo Imran Khan. He is Bollywood and we-are-serious-cinema-lovers-who-hate-Bollywood so we shall boo him. And well there it is. And while I have no comment to make of the specific incident, my friends who were there have various versions of the same; the fact remains that it is a sad incident and very uncalled for. The self righteousness of these cinema lovers who throng film festivals can be nauseating. Maybe, that is what we lack the most, a mature film audience and enough people who respect other people and the work they do. Criticism, especially unwarranted and uncalled for, seems to be the new-cool these days. So please boo Imran Khan; may just make you a YouTube sensation for 2 minutes.

  7. Tanuj Grewal says:

    And ya, I come from Timbuktu for the love-of-cinema approach is something is extremely dangerous. It’s a trend I see everywhere; people demanding things because of some misplaced sense of entitlement. Everybody should know whats happening coz I am come-from-farawayland-downtrodden-serious-cinema-lover-who-cannot-afford-email-phone and I think everything should be perfect. Just so that somethings are put in perspective; Cannes and Toronto (two festivals I can surely confirm) charge a huge lot of money for their passes. Something to the tune of 20k at Toronto and more at Cannes. So, if you think you can buy your way through first class service at 1.5k I am sorry, economics is not your forte. More importantly, volunteer service, especially one as large and disparate as this can be tricky and that why they are different from professional service. The difference one pays at a run-down single screen hall and a multiplex is covered in the cost of the ticket and one must appreciate things when one sees it.

    Finally, I have no love lost for the organizers of MAMI who have shown time and again, that they are a bunch of self-serving idiots and it’s only groups of film-lovers who have kept the festival alive. To that one must acknowledge and appreciate those who have worked for it and insulting one of their guests because you-know-he-is-Bollywood and BJP-is-in-power or I-have-a-pin-up-my-backside is plain rude, a dis-service to cinema and in the words of the author moronic. So Mr(s). I-love-serious-cinema & Mr(s). Cinema-student-who-masturbates-over-“legends”, do spare bad behaviour. It cannot be justified under any circumstances.

  8. Junkesh says:

    My 2 cents on this entire episode.
    1. If you organise and charge money for an event, you should run it to acceptable standards.
    2. Any celebrity is himself responsible for the bouquets and brickbats that he receives. Imran should consider this as free, unaltered and genuine feedback.

  9. fattiemama says:

    Tanuj THANK YOU! Finally some sense. And you stole my words, each one of them 🙂

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