Hey Large Short Films, The Director Of “Death Of A Father” Is Somnath Pal, right?

Posted: October 23, 2017 by moifightclub in short film, Trailer, WTF
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This is bizarre. And it just doesn’t seem to end. So we are forced to write this post.

Hey Large Short Films, you awake? You drunk? You know the role of director in making a film? And how different it is from being a producer? You know what Somnath Pal has done?

Why is Chaitanya Tamhane’s name being peddled everywhere for Somntha Pal’s film Death Of A Father. First, it happened during Mumbai Film Festival. The communication was so deceptive, everyone thought that Chaitanya has directed a new short film. Nobody knew about Somnath. His name wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

Even Varun Grover, who was moderating the Q and A panel for the shorts, had no clue till he was there.

We understand that you want to cash in on Chaitanya’s name, and it’s great that he is supporting other talented filmmakers. But how about we get the basics right. We don’t know what Somnath and Chaitanya feel about it, and how they are allowing it to happen, but this is atrocious.

Even the trailer that they have put it now, the description has Chaitanya’s name, and no mention of director. In the trailer, the credit has producer’s name first, and then comes director’s name. If it was some well know director, i wonder if they would have the guts to do something similar. Just because he is a new director, one can get away with anything.

WTF! And WHYTF! Anyone has a valid explanation?

Here’s the trailer


  1. I don’t see anything wrong in this. Its not that the director’s name has been erased from credits. As far as YouTube descriptions are concerned, the name of actors features on song videos instead of music director, singers and lyricists. Why are these questions not raised then?

    I don’t know what happened at the Q&A session at MAMI as I wasn’t present there so it would refrain from commenting about it, but the YouTube description is a larger issue which goes beyond LSF.

    Social Media agencies, Production Houses all need to look at it and decide what is more important? Giving credits where due or gaining traction?

    As far as Somnath’s credits for this short is concerned, I am sure cinephiles, who are the desired TG for this will surely find out the name of the director. And if they don’t bother, they were never the right TG in first place.

    Hope I have not said anything offensive. I don’t intend to belittle anyone over here. Good animated shorts are a rarity in this country and I hope with this film, a new trend is started!

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