VOTD : Somnath Pal’s Short “Death Of A Father”

Posted: October 26, 2017 by moifightclub in short film, VOTD
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Bad news first – Large Short Films continues  to be moronic and is still peddling Chaitanya Tamhane’s name in all their communication, even in their medianet promotions.

And the good news – Somnath Pal’s gorgeous looking animated short is out. It’s beautifully evocative. Do watch it. Also, the posters are so striking, we are sharing all of them here.

And here’s the short

  1. Soumik Biswas says:

    It’s quiet usual in Indian realm to promote films so monochromatically, and am afraid this director Somnath Pal would disappear into oblivion soon. Nonetheless , Death of a Father is hatke,the synonymity between death and silence so aptly shown..with such objective approach. Kudos!

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