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Ramu has started blogging about his new film Agyaat on facebook. The film is released by UTV. You can check out the link here or scroll down to read the story/synopsis of Agyaat.  

AgyaatThe story is about how a film unit on a shoot, in a far away land in a certain situation gets trapped deep in a forest and one by one the members start getting killed.

It is an unknown entity which starts killing them one by one and this is really the premise of the film. The real exciting part is the human drama of how people shed their inhibitions, egos and forget hierarchies when faced with death. It’s about the emotional complexities that extreme fear unleashes in people.

I always believed that a location should be treated like a character. I have personally seen quite a few jungles in India and also in Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil. But when I set my eyes on the Sigiriya jungle in Sri Lanka, it took my breath away with its sheer character. One might say a jungle is a jungle but then you have not seen the Sigiriya forest. It’s both enchanting and terrifying at the same time. Every tree of it looks like it’s hiding something beneath it, which is just waiting to pounce on you. That jungle alone is worth making this film.

For the subject matter of “Agyaat” which is about a set of people trapped in a certain situation in a jungle and something in there, killing them one after one I couldn’t even have dreamed of finding a location anywhere as effective as Sigiriya, especially since I have no intention of showing the entity which is creating the terror and killing them all. It is imperative that the look of the jungle substitutes for that lack so the jungle creates the trap. The entity which is killing them one by one creates the deadline and these two together create a race to nowhere as the group just does not know where to run, where to hide and whom or what to kill.

And now the SPOILER ALERT!

The killer in the film is nothing but a man eating p-y-t-h-o-n! And according to gossipmongers Ramu got the idea of making Agyaat after he saw Cloverfield.