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anurag kashyapWe know its the year of 9! Tim Burton produced Shane Acker’s 9! Peter Jackson gave us Neil Blomkamp’s District Nine. And we are waiting eagerly for Rob Marshall’s musical Nine! 

And here in bollywood, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has also scored 9! Believe it or not, he has signed a nine film deal with UTV Motion Pictures, to be made in the next three years! Woohoo! All it takes is just one hit film, Dev D! Though not much details is out yet but it seems Anurag will direct 4-5 films and will be involved as Creative Producer for the rest 4-5. Well, we have never believed in quantifying cinema but then, if someone like Anurag Kashyap is getting the money to make the kind of films he wants to do, we are waiting and how!

And according to TOI, the next film of Anurag Kashyap which is soon going into production is a smart edgy thriller titled Happy Ending. Anurag denies the title, and says its called Yellow Boots. The script has been co-written by his girlfreind Kalki Koechlin,who also stars in it alongwith Naseeruddin Shah. You can read the full report on their first labour of love here.

Anil AmbaniAnil Ambani is all set to make all his hollywood debut.  He met with DreamWorks Studios partners Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider on wednesday and announced one of the biggest deals in recent times. We have simplified all the details for easy read.

– The new motion picture company formed between Reliance BIG Entertainment and DreamWorks has been functioning since November 2008 from DreamWorks’ office in Los Angeles, California.

Steven Spielberg– There will be an initial investment of $825 million, available for film production. $325 million would be Reliance’s contribution, $150 million from Disney and the rest would be from banks and financial institutions.

 – DreamWorks will eventually make 5-6 films per year with the funding.

–  The Walt Disney Company will handle marketing and distribution of the films around the world, except for India where Reliance BIG Entertainment will have the distribution rights.

 – DreamWorks will start the first film for the new studio later this year.

In India, Big Pictures has not been able to produce a single decent film so far. With deep pockets, they are willing to put money wherever they can spot a star. On their own, they havent developed any film/script/property. Few months back, they shut down their writing department as well and fired all the wrirters. A classic case of Big is NOT always better.