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If Rangan can, why can’t we? So, here it is. All in bullet points.

  • Dil Chahta Hai released in 2001 and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the film. My friend Kartik Krishnan is among those counted few who doesn’t like the film. First grudge – three guys who don’t even say bhainchod. Not even once. While the rest of us claimed it to be new bollywood’s coming of age film, KK still believes DCH is NOT us. Delhi Belly scores there at least. It took 10 years for three friends to come together and say bhainchod. Oops, three came for Rock On and three more are coming soon for ZNMD too. But that’s trilogy from Farhan Akhtar brand of cool and confused characters’ coming of age without the cuss words .
  • In order of their appearance – Fucking, fucker, balls, dick, chooth, bainchod, bastard, fuck, chootiye, gaand, asshole, dumbfuck, teri maa ki, bhosdike, gaand marane.  I hope these words are not new in your cusstionary and you don’t giggle every time someone says balls. Because in Delhi Belly, it’s all there. Seems I missed “thevidiya” – tamil word for whore.
  • So what’s your mother tongue? And is it the same as the language you speak everyday? No, right? Well, that’s the case with most of us. English is not a phunny language any more, desi characters talking in English is phunny. Or at least bollywood made it phunny. Add Rahul Bose and it’s super funny. Remember Before The Rains? Delhi Belly scores here too. The film is in Hinglish, which seems natural for a film like this, and the actors are comfortable in it. No accent too. Like us, they walk, talk and sleep in Hinglish without any kind of baggage.
  • No interval. This is about 96mins long. But since we contribute to the revenue more via cold drinks and popcorn, am sure the theater will keep on reminding you about this. Buy, buy, buy. Not every producer can demand a no-interval screening. And even if they demand, nobody will care to listen. With Aamir, it’s a different game. You Don’t Mess With Aamir. Nobody will say it but that’s the truth. Even for Dhobi Ghaat he managed to screen the film without interval. A refreshing change, hopefully others will follow soon, and hopefully we will still keep on contributing to coke, samosa and popcorn so that the theater revenue doesn’t go down.
  • And the movie? 3 guys, 2 girlfriends, 1 husband, his ex-wife and 1 Don along with some really good character actors in small roles. Stool sample and diamond pack gets mixed up, lots of confusion and farts of every possible kind, some cuss words, few kisses and bhag D K Bose. It’s nothing that you haven’t seen before but in a country where it’s difficult to think of one good film which released in the last six months and has repeat value, even a timepass entertainer scores high.
  • Shehnaz Treasurywala has lost her “wala” but her treasury is very much intact. She is still selling “peek-a-boo-b”. Remember MTV’s Most Wanted where she would come close to camera, bend a little and you could feast your eyes? Well, she does the same in at least 2 scenes.
  • For a person with a weak tummy, the farting sounds were really uncomfortable that kept on reminding me that I might need a loo break soon. Luckily i survived.
  • If you are looking for layers, I would suggest you go for Buddah Hoga Terra Baap which should be having layers and layers of make-up.
  • Is it the same Abhinay Deo who directed Game? Again Aamir Khan will walk away with the credit.
  • Dear Cunnilingus, welcome to Bollywood. No, knowing you doesn’t make us look cool but it just validates your existence. Good luck on the debut. Hope you survive.
  • Dear Akshat Verma, hopefully you get to direct your next one. I know you wanted to direct this one.
  • Shock value? That’s just the marketing pitch, there is nothing shocking if you have been to Chan-Wook Park’s school of incestous studies. or even if you know Lars Von Trier.
  • 90minutes. No songs (Ok, almost no songs). No interval. Adults only.  It works. Watch it.

(PS – Was there more to Vir Das’ love story? Chop-chop at Khan’s editing table?)

UPDATE : After the news of Delhi Belly getting shelved came out, AKP has now denied the news. According to official release – On behalf of Aamir Khan  Productions, we would like to inform that Delhi Belly has not been shelved. The film is presently in it’s post production stages. Delhi Belly will release in summer 2011.

The Delhi Belly news was passed to us from a reliable friend who has worked on the film. So, we still believe in what he told us. Also, strangely the IMDB page of the film has been removed. Search for Delhi Belly and you get nothing. But you can click here to check out the google cache of the same page which was there earlier.


December is going to be the month of “shelved” news. First we told you the news about Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Broken Horses and now its about Imran Khan’s new film.

Its shocking but it seems to be true. The film was shot long back. And till now there has been no announcements about the release plan. Starring Imran Khan, Shenaz Treasurywala, Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Vir Das in the lead, the film has been directed by Abhinay Deo.

UTV and Aamir Khan produced the film. But at the editing stage they realised that its not making much sense. They shot, re-shot, edited, re-edited, tried everything possible and spent about Rs 20 crores on it but still could not make much sense of it. And now they have finally decided to shelve it.

UTV doesn’t want to go ahead with it any more and Aamir Khan is not that stupid to take all the risk himself. The director Abhinay Deo has moved on to his next film and Imran Khan is clueless about the release date. The film is a sex comedy set in Delhi and is mostly in English. And some are putting the blame on Bhansali’s Guzaarish. With such a big dud in its kitty, UTV doesn’t want to take any more risk. In the next few days, if you hear about more films getting shelved, don’t be surprised.

PS – Dear UTV, stop lying now. Or tell us who is reading the scripts and green-lighting the films ? If they can’t read scripts and make sense of it, try us. Chance Pe Dance ?