Delhi Belly – Bhainchod dus saal lag gaye!

Posted: July 1, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, film, film review
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If Rangan can, why can’t we? So, here it is. All in bullet points.

  • Dil Chahta Hai released in 2001 and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the film. My friend Kartik Krishnan is among those counted few who doesn’t like the film. First grudge – three guys who don’t even say bhainchod. Not even once. While the rest of us claimed it to be new bollywood’s coming of age film, KK still believes DCH is NOT us. Delhi Belly scores there at least. It took 10 years for three friends to come together and say bhainchod. Oops, three came for Rock On and three more are coming soon for ZNMD too. But that’s trilogy from Farhan Akhtar brand of cool and confused characters’ coming of age without the cuss words .
  • In order of their appearance – Fucking, fucker, balls, dick, chooth, bainchod, bastard, fuck, chootiye, gaand, asshole, dumbfuck, teri maa ki, bhosdike, gaand marane.  I hope these words are not new in your cusstionary and you don’t giggle every time someone says balls. Because in Delhi Belly, it’s all there. Seems I missed “thevidiya” – tamil word for whore.
  • So what’s your mother tongue? And is it the same as the language you speak everyday? No, right? Well, that’s the case with most of us. English is not a phunny language any more, desi characters talking in English is phunny. Or at least bollywood made it phunny. Add Rahul Bose and it’s super funny. Remember Before The Rains? Delhi Belly scores here too. The film is in Hinglish, which seems natural for a film like this, and the actors are comfortable in it. No accent too. Like us, they walk, talk and sleep in Hinglish without any kind of baggage.
  • No interval. This is about 96mins long. But since we contribute to the revenue more via cold drinks and popcorn, am sure the theater will keep on reminding you about this. Buy, buy, buy. Not every producer can demand a no-interval screening. And even if they demand, nobody will care to listen. With Aamir, it’s a different game. You Don’t Mess With Aamir. Nobody will say it but that’s the truth. Even for Dhobi Ghaat he managed to screen the film without interval. A refreshing change, hopefully others will follow soon, and hopefully we will still keep on contributing to coke, samosa and popcorn so that the theater revenue doesn’t go down.
  • And the movie? 3 guys, 2 girlfriends, 1 husband, his ex-wife and 1 Don along with some really good character actors in small roles. Stool sample and diamond pack gets mixed up, lots of confusion and farts of every possible kind, some cuss words, few kisses and bhag D K Bose. It’s nothing that you haven’t seen before but in a country where it’s difficult to think of one good film which released in the last six months and has repeat value, even a timepass entertainer scores high.
  • Shehnaz Treasurywala has lost her “wala” but her treasury is very much intact. She is still selling “peek-a-boo-b”. Remember MTV’s Most Wanted where she would come close to camera, bend a little and you could feast your eyes? Well, she does the same in at least 2 scenes.
  • For a person with a weak tummy, the farting sounds were really uncomfortable that kept on reminding me that I might need a loo break soon. Luckily i survived.
  • If you are looking for layers, I would suggest you go for Buddah Hoga Terra Baap which should be having layers and layers of make-up.
  • Is it the same Abhinay Deo who directed Game? Again Aamir Khan will walk away with the credit.
  • Dear Cunnilingus, welcome to Bollywood. No, knowing you doesn’t make us look cool but it just validates your existence. Good luck on the debut. Hope you survive.
  • Dear Akshat Verma, hopefully you get to direct your next one. I know you wanted to direct this one.
  • Shock value? That’s just the marketing pitch, there is nothing shocking if you have been to Chan-Wook Park’s school of incestous studies. or even if you know Lars Von Trier.
  • 90minutes. No songs (Ok, almost no songs). No interval. Adults only.  It works. Watch it.

(PS – Was there more to Vir Das’ love story? Chop-chop at Khan’s editing table?)

  1. @Rohwit says:

    1. B
    2. R
    3. I
    4. L
    5. L
    6. I
    7. A
    8. N
    9. T


  2. DELHI BELLY proves 2 things….

    1. If you have a witty screenplay(Akshat Verma) a mediocre director looks good.

    2. No matter how much the lead actors mouth abuses and make the scene look good, its the brilliant who separates the average….Vijay Raaz take a bow along with Akshat Verma…..Enjoy…..

  3. Fatema says:

    Super sexy post! Better than the film lololol! Par hindi ‘mainstream’ filmon ke liye we can almost call it ‘path-breaking’. Although it failed in one thing. The language and sexual references seemed a bit forced, like too intended to provoke laughs, thoda unnatural…it wanted to be everything that Pankaj Advani’s Urf Professor was.

  4. Darkndusky says:

    Awesomy awesome !!! agay se numbered bullet point use karen. Easier for us to back slap with reference ….Take a bow !!!

  5. Prasun Banerjee says:

    Guys … is too much to ask for an apology or a retraction to the story on Delhi Belly being shelved that you guys had written about ?

    • moifightclub says:

      Have you checked that post? Don’t think so. It was updated after few days with AKP’s clarification.

  6. Vasan Bala says:

    In 1994 ‘English August’ did fulfill most of the Bhainchot/Fuck/Tits/Bastard group dynamics condition you are implying.

    I know those were not the days of Twitter or Facebook.

    Delhi Belly – L.A writing, Mumbai Direction, Delhi Mention, Aamir Intervention, Poorna Jaganathan inspired Imran Erection, ur teenage fixation 🙂

    All set aside Vijay Raaj’s “tu appne alag majje le raha hai” line when he sees his Loondry Sidekick wears Tashi’s shades made me crack up like never before. The best moment in Delhi Belly for me did not need any of the above Bullet points and that was the only genuine Delhi in the Belly I found. Vijay Raaz !!!!! AWESOME.

    Great to see that you enjoying the Choti Choti baaton mein itni kushi….jaise bhainchot, chut, lun etc…etc…

    You – haan, per issi ka naam to zindagi hai

    Satya – mujhe pehli baar mehsoos hua….

    They both hug each other in glee as Ramu says cut. (This is only for KK to LOL :))

    • tejas says:

      English August even had a scene of Rahul Bose jerking off, if I remember correctly.

    • moifightclub says:

      Dear Vasan,

      aap toh aise na they. We have to quote Rahul Bose in our discussion? Itne bure din aa gaye hai. And even if you quote, i guess you missed Rahul Bose in my post. As Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) pointed out, that was Hinglish, the change is this is EngHind. English August’s cuss words were as stilted as Rahul Bose’s acting. Plus, English August doesn’t count as mainstream. There are hundred such examples. Plus, when it happens in the mainstream and it is passed by Censor Board without cuts and A certificate, it’s just making the life lil’ easier for others. You don’t have to fight it badly. You can always quote Delhi Belly and the baton is passed.

      “L.A writing, Mumbai Direction, Delhi Mention, Aamir Intervention, Poorna Jaganathan inspired Imran Erection, ur teenage fixation” Just because you know that Akshat Verma went to UCLA? BTW, where is Talented from? LA,Europe,India,Mumbai, Delhi, Dick, QT or blah blah blah? So, there you go.
      Teenage fixation? Ok, will balance it with your “pregnant whore” fixation 😉

      Tell me a film where VIJAY RAAZ is NOT awesome. That’s always taken for granted. If they don’t act, who will act? Imran Khan? And why single out only him? Every single character actor is good.

      Choti choti baatein nahi hai bhaisaab, people have dropped their moral guards cz it’s Aamir khan film. Happyness is English film with characters talking like us going mainstream. Till now we were struggling with the accent. And please please get over the “cuss words”.

  7. assman says:

    din Akshat go to USC ? :O

    • faithmourn says:

      he went to ucla school of theatre film and television and got his degree in MFA(screenwriting) in 1999. USC my foot.

  8. jantarmantar says:

    i don’t know why some ppl have problem with toilet humor..the best thing about delhi belly was its casting actor/director kunal roy kappor nd vir das were awesome but vijay raaz steals the show..imran too din’t try too hard to show his acting skills.A film too enjoy than search for loop holes.

  9. assman says:


    You sound like a Bruin, are ya ?? Trojans of course my foot.. 😀

  10. Adhip says:

    Solid post! Enjoyed reading it…Bookmark ho gaye yaar tum! 😉

  11. Shaitan says:

    Though I disagree with Kartik, terrific post. I prefer DCH as the way it is imho. I’m all for bhainchod (not literally), but that doesn’t take anything away from DCH. The Akhtar triology is better as it is.

    BTW did Shaitan have any cuss words?

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