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Little Terrorist, a short film directed by Ashvin Kumar was nominated for Academy Award for Live Action Short Film in 2005. And if you haven’t seen the film yet, here’s the good news – the filmmaker has put the film online.

Here’s his note with the film –

The Gurdaspur Attack, the arrest of Mohameed Naved and escalation of hostilities on the LOC raise troubling questions about freedom and independence. Real people live real lives on either side of these fences. Barbed wire cuts the landscape of humanity, culture, civilisation; dividing children from their history. They stymie that very human touch that could resolve such a conflict. I don’t know which film-maker would say this, but I am almost dismayed that this film has aged so well. Its message of hope, my wide-eyed idealism for an even handed resolution feel a bit naive, given the hawkish, illiberal, imperialist impulses that have come to characterise public life today. Sigh. Anyway, suspend disbelief for fifteen minutes on the fifteenth of August and feel good.

Ashvin Kumar’s debut feature The Forest is ready for release. Its been quite sometime, almost a year may be.  And they are looking for distributors. Those have seen the film, loved it. To quote “its something that has not been done in india before and its really scary”. A screening of the The Forest was held in Mumbai some time back. But since then there has been no news of its release.

Ashvin got an Oscar nomination for his short film Little Terrorist. He is now at Cannes Film Festival and there is some good news. The Forest has already got some buyers.  He writes more about his Cannes experience on Read on. Or here is the Rediff link.

ashvin kumarOur apartment looks out to the Cot D’ Azure the brilliant blue Mediterranean sea, with huge luxury yachts floating all over it. I love the weather in Cannes! It’s great to be back here after an absence of two years. And we have a film in the market — even better!

It’s my parents’ first time in Cannes. They were going to be in Europe this week so have come down to check out what it is that I do. A day was spent showing them around, they look stunned. I think they’re really soaking in the festive atmosphere and are already talking about coming back next year. It’s a good idea, if we get a whole possy of people we can rent a villa outside somewhere and make a week of it.

We went to meet our distributors Non Stop Sales, on the Scandanavian Terrace, where I am poaching their internet connection and writing this from. The India pavilion was inaugurated yesterday. Abhishek Bachchan, Manisha Koirala, Deepti Naval, Bobby and Versha Bedi, Mr Hinduja, Tannishtha Chatterjee attended.

I ran from that to the screening of The Forest. A good attendance. And this morning I was given the good news that we’ve sold the film to four countries already. It’s a great beginning to a Cannes in recession! We’re going to announce those sales to the trades here in Cannes (Variety/Screen International) and expect there to be more interest in the film for the second screening.

I got tickets to the red carpet for this evenings film — kicking around Cannes for four years helps in knowing where to procure these things. We dressed up in bandhgallas and I found myself walking with Freida Pinto. Mom and she got into a conversation and I became the tourist on the red-carpet taking pictures. Her costumes for Slumdog Millionaire are from the Ritu Kumar Label line, and they spoke about that and her new wardrobe.

A wonderful meal followed, fillet minion, meat that good should be eaten every night. And a fabulous bottle of Provencal red. Following that a volley of parties. First the Marche du film party on the Miramar beach, where I met my friend Gueido, a distributor from Argentina. A real eccentric. The party was thinning out by the time we got there. But the Champagne was great. Then a place called Bauli (not in Haryana) where we met up with Manisha Koirala and some friends. Went mental on the dance floor, and called it a night around 2 am — from which I am still suffering as I write this.

All in all a great start to Cannes.

And if you havent seen The Forest trailer yet, here it is.