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Barack ObamaFirst came out the pic. Online. Then the newspapers picked it up. Next day, it was in the front page of almost every paper. And then the news channels played it in loop. It was the image of the day. Barack Obama getting behind the problem! Impossible!

And now the real story behind the pic. Call it perfect timing of the photographer or something else, but it seems Obama was busy doing something else. Or is it the Disaster Management cell at work ? And Nicolas Sarkozy ? Well, his stand is still not clear. Check out the video.

UPDATE – So, the first pic is clean. Here comes the second one. O-bum-a! Sarkozy still has the same expression! We wonder if its some trap by Sarkozy ?

Barack Obama2

A small break from filmy fridays. Take a look at the pic. Its tough being US president. When your every move is captured, few things will surely look funny. Check out the reaction of Frech President Nicolas Sarkozy. Pic from G8 Summit in Italy.

Barack Obama