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Pankaj Advani RIP

Posted: November 12, 2010 by moifightclub in cinema, RIP

There are two kinds of films. Those which get theatrical release, and those which remain unreleased. Some die natural death but the good ones always manage to surive. From one screening to another, one daaru party discussion to another and soon become underground cult hit. I first heard about Urf Professor during one such bakchodi session. And those with cinema in their DNA, always get to know about those hush-hush screenings. But I missed Urf Professor every time. By then, kew everything about the film. Knew everything about its director Pankaj Advani too. But never got to meet him or see the film. There was also Sunday, Cape Karma and more.

And he was also the co-writer of one of my all time favourite Shah Rukh Khan film Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. And the brain behind series of popular shorts called Toofan TV on Channel V. And those who knew him, always had great things to say about Pankaj. Those who matter, whose cinema matters to you and who understand cinema. Finally got to know him during Sankat City.

Last year, his film (Sankat City) released. A madcap comedy, complete roller coaster ride and full of weird characters. Do watch. Few sms exchanges, few calls here and there, and met him few times. Never got a chance to sit down with him and discuss life beyond cinema.  He was always the same, in casuals, wearing his smile.

Remember watching Sankat City at its premiere at PVR Juhu. The man wasn’t dressed for the premiere either, was in casuals again, but was wearing his same benign smile, calm and composed. Like always.  Met him for the first time there. Next few days, remember exchanging few smses, the good, and the bad, and the fate of the film. He seemed like one of those who knew how to handle it all. Shoestring budget, no publicity, no big face on the poster, no clues, no interest from those who matter, but you read his posts here and you know that the man can survive anything with little bit of wry humour and his now famous The Monk With Wings. Bakchodi is BIUTIFUL too.

Got to know about him today morning, through a sms from a friend. Could not believe it. But bad news has a habit of turning out to be  true always. Sad. Scary. Shocking. Still can’t believe. At 45, is this the age to say goodbye ? But then, who knows, may be the Monk gave him wings for some another reason. We will never know.

Remember the quote which he put in one of his posts on Sankat City – The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.

And you Sirji, are out of it.


Will miss you.

Sankat CityWe had no clue about this film. Recently saw its promos on air, which has a huge hangover of Johnny Gaddar, but seemed interesting. Its the directorial debut of Pankaj Advani and stars Kay Kay, Rimi Sen, Anupam Kher, Yashpal Sharma, Rahul Dev and Chunky Pandey.

We got its synopsis and more details. Read on.

Sankat City – money, murder, revenge, greed, fear, deceit, fun-n-frolic and romance! It got all the masla and is a fast paced comic thriller.

Guru (KK Menon) is a smalltime car thief. Ganpat, who owns a dilapidated garage, is his partner-in-crime. Guru steals cars and Ganpat (Dilip Prabhavalkar) gives them a make-over in order to sell them as new ones.

One night, while returning to his kholi, Guru chances upon a swank Mercedes parked outside a brothel, unattended. He steals the car and takes it to Ganpat. While working on the car they discover a sum of Rs. 1 crore in the boot. They are happy at the unexpected turn of events and start dreaming. Little do they know what lies in store – for the car and the money belongs to a vicious gangster and loan shark called Faujdaar (Anupam Kher)!

Guru tries to sell the stolen Mercedes to Suleman Supari (Rahul Dev), a hitman, who recognizes the car and notifies his friend Faujdaar. Scared, Guru squeals that the moolah is in Ganpat’s garage. Faujdaar sends his henchman with Guru to retrieve the cash.

Unknown to them, the paranoid Ganpat has hidden the money in what he thinks is a safe place in his garage, because he’s afraid that thieves might rob him off the cash. By the time henchman Lovely and Guru reach the garage, Ganpat is involved in an accident, which results in a temporary loss of memory!

Guru can’t find the money anywhere and he has no clue where the amnesic Ganpat has hidden it. A vengeful Faujdaar decides to bump off Guru, who pleads for his life and begs for a chance. The sadistic Faujdaar gives him a grace period of 3 days to cough up the dough.

With no hope in sight, a dejected Guru almost resigns himself to death, when he bumps into Mona, a con woman who had teamed up with him in a smalltime con job a few years back. The heist had been a success, but Mona had vamoosed with all the money, leaving Guru in a lurch. She’s right now in the process of putting a sting on a builder, Pachisia (Yashpal Sharma), for which, she requires a partner. Since Guru needs the dough quick, he hesitantly teams up with Mona (Rimi Sen).

Mona and Guru successfully con a large sum of money off the builder only to lose it again to a strange quirk of fate. The story then weaves itself to a thrilling climax, going through a series of hilarious events, comic situations and nerve wracking moments.

Also starring Chunkey Pandey in a double role as Sikandar Khan the actor and his body double, Manoj Pahwa as the director, Sanjay Mishra as his assistant, Hemant Tiwari as Philip Fattoo, Virendra Singh as Faujdar’s guru and a bunch of other actors.

Will Guru be able to return the money to Faujdaar, who is a great stickler for time? Will Mona get the better of Guru yet again? Will the poor Ganpat regain his lost memory? Will the sankat be over for all the people involved? Its Sankat all over!

The film releases on 3rd July, 2009.

Here is the first look of Pankaj Advani’s film Sankat City. Two posters of the film. The film stars Kay Kay Menon, Rimi Sen, Rahul Dev, Chunky Pandey, Anupam Kher and Yashpal Sharma among others. Those who have seen it, cant stop raving about Pankaj Advani and the film. We are waiting!