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How and why Nauman Sait won MTV Roadies 6.0 ?

Posted: April 28, 2009 by moifightclub in News, shit, television
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For those of you who are mad about Roadies, am sure you guys know it all. The result is already out.  I missed it on sunday and saw the repeat. And for Naumat’s win, i think the credit/discredit goes to Raghu and his brother. Kiri could easily have won the Roadies if he had selected Palak in the final round instead of Nauman. But. And it was a big BUT!

nauman saitWhy ? Because after the first task, suddenly appears Raghu and his brother. They made sure that they convinced Kiri to select Nauman. And not Palak. Why ? Here is my theory. Because they were afraid that if Kiri won it then they would have to go  with a dumb guy as the Roadies winner. He is not the street smart type. He is the geeky kind. How can a show like Roadies have a winner like Kiri ? How can Ragu take it ? And everyone knew that if Kiri had selected Palak, he would have easily won it. 

So, the Raghu brothers & co made sure that Kiri selected Nauman. They brainwashed him completely. In this case, if Nauman wins it, atleast they will get a cool looking dude ( who is equally dumb) to be the winner. And their strategy worked! Poor Kiri. Lost it because of Raghu and his brother.

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