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chasme 2

More than three decades after it was first released, Sai Paranjpye’s cult classic “Chashme Buddoor” will get a theatrical release again on April 5, the same day when its modern-day remake by David Dhawan is releasing. The film has been digitally re-mastered for the re-release.

An initiative of PVR Director’s Rare, it will be released in all major cities at PVR Cinemas, Cinemax and select theatres. And here’s new trailer to re-visit the antics of Miss Chamko and the boys.

Since we are talking about the film, good time to plug something from our archives – click here to read Sai Paranjpye’s offer letter to Ravi Baswani.

Not sure if we can call it POTD but since we dont have something called Letter Of The Day, so here it goes. And like million times before, thanks to our bolly-pedia Pavan Jha again for the tip. made our day!

It’s a letter from Sai Paranjpye to Ravi Baswani. And though it mentions the title of the film as Dhuan Dhuan, seems it was re-named later as Chashme Buddoor. Can anyone confirm? Read on.