POTD : Sai Paranjpye’s offer letter to Ravi Baswani – No extra allowance!

Posted: July 30, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, pics, POTD, Xclusive
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Not sure if we can call it POTD but since we dont have something called Letter Of The Day, so here it goes. And like million times before, thanks to our bolly-pedia Pavan Jha again for the tip. made our day!

It’s a letter from Sai Paranjpye to Ravi Baswani. And though it mentions the title of the film as Dhuan Dhuan, seems it was re-named later as Chashme Buddoor. Can anyone confirm? Read on.

  1. Pavan Jha says:

    Hey Moi!

    It was a friend Vibhendu who shared this which I simply shared with you.. Credit goes to him!


  2. Rusted rick says:

    3000 for an entire months work and now allowances..even though its 1980, still….

    Yet to see Chashme Buddoor unfortunately 😦

  3. […] this gem appeared on this bloghttps://moifightclub.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/potd-sai-paranjpyes-offer-letter-to-ravi-baswani-no-ext…! Awesome slice of history and a look into how low budget cinema was […]

  4. Aseem says:

    Am I reading this correct — Rs. 3,000 for one month’s work? They called them low-budget, art house films — but that’s what an unknown actor from Delhi commanded? Wow!!

  5. Amrita Chaudhry says:

    Great yaar, true blue creative juices…just loved it for it reminds me and motivates me not to give up hope …each time we plan to do a Punjabi play

  6. QOT says:

    I have watched Chasmebuddoor so many times and it always makes me smile. This letter brings back many fond memories. Thanks so much for this unique pick.

  7. dr.Vinod Gondalia says:

    Hi friends, I want to share a true and factually correct experience. I was a second year student of MBBS at the All India Institute of medical Sciences, New Delhi in the year 1975.I have been participating in the plays since my school days.For the Annual function of our Institute, I was asked to produce a short play.I , along with Vinay kapoor, chose a short comedy play.But we didn’t know whom to approach for directing us.SO we approached our Dean Dr.Keshwani, who introduced us to Vinod Nagpal ( Mr.Sawhney of Khosla ka Ghosla) and his wife kavita Nagpal.They were family friends.
    Kavita Nagpal read our short play and said that she will direct the play.She was so helpful and directed us for a week to 10 days before the annual function.On the day of annual function she brought along with her a man and she said he is Ravi Baswani.He will do the make-up for us.Ravi Baswani ( a chain smoker) was so happy-go-lucky person and always jovial.As I was the in-charge for the play and the entertainment club, I paid Rs.500/- to Ravi Baswani for his help.
    After that I only read in the movies news.As they say, the rest is the history.I am an Consultant ENT Surgeon now.My friend Dr.Vinay kapoor is a Surgeon in Luknow.I heard about Ravi Baswani’s heart attack in the news.I could not control my tears.He was gem of a person.Vinod Nagpal and kavita Nagpal will remember me, but mention AIIMS, New Delhi and Dr.Keshwani, I am sure, they will recollect those days.
    I still have passion in me to make short films.Don’t know where to start from.
    Dr.Vinod Gondalia
    AIIMS batch of 1974

    • Rishab Gupta says:

      Hi Dr Gondalia
      My name is Rishab Gupta, AIIMS (MBBS batch of 2002). I just read ur post above and I must say it’s such a coincidence that we have a brother of another AIIMSonian as a professional full time movie director in institute. In case you are interested in making movies, you may contact us.
      My email id is rishabaiims@gmail.com

  8. […] we are talking about the film, good time to plug something from our archives – click here to read Sai Paranjpye’s offer letter to Ravi […]

  9. Shruti says:

    Yes…. it was renamed Chashme Buddoor later and still remains to be the iconic film of that era. Havent seen the remake….but this Sai Paranjpye one was hilariously good.

  10. Yes, it was named Dhuan Dhuan initially

  11. Amit Kharbanda says:

    the ‘ciggi’ friends share (actually pas via their toes) actually got me to steal a puff from my father’ pack………when was all of 12 years old……..

  12. mindkhichadi says:

    Hey moifightclub, if you can include the transcript below the letter it will be very helpful for the readers as most of the times the letter writing is not readable. 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    i am fan of Sai’s Chasmebaddur.

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