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His last film blew our mind and how! Diving Bell and The Butterfly. And what a coincidence – As Christopher Nolan’s Inception has now become the “last film to blew our mind”, Schnabel is back with a new film titled Miral. And the trailer of Miral is out. Check it out.

It stars Freida Pinto in lead role along with Willem Dafoe, Hiam Abbass and Vanessa Redgrave. Its been shot by Eric Gautier. And here is the synopsis of the film…

Based on the novel by Rula Jebreal, the movie revolves around a real-life orphanage established by a Palestinian woman (Abbass) following the 1948 creation of the Israeli state. (Pinto) was sent to the orphanage in 1978. When, later in life, she goes to teach at a refugee camp and falls for an activist, Miral is torn between resistance and education as separate paths to political change.

Mommy asked – what is Twitter ? Moi – Its a lazy man’s tool, must be invented by the laziest person on this earth. Mommy – How so ? Moi – You say everything in just 140 characters. Mommy – Wow! Me, your dad and Granny desperately need one Mr Twitter between! Moi – #JGrin.

And when lazy men like us are dragged to watch a film that they have no intention of watching, what do they do ? Tweet. Tweet. Fom the promos and the publicity material of Lamhaa, we felt like its going to be Kaante 2. Kashmir Ke Kaante! Don’t get us wrong, we are all for political films but not bollywoodized versions!

So, here goes our compiled list of all the live-tweets from Lame-ha ? (plagiarised from Varun’s tweet ). Plus, the key words in BOLD.

Sm1 dragged me to the theatres for #Lamhaa. BEWARE! If am getting bored, will flood d timeline. Ths seems 2 b d worst this week.

In #Lamhaa Sanjubaba is Gul DUDE Jehangir. Nt sure fm which angle he is Gul OR Jehangir bt DUDE fm every angle. Sudnly a song n he is Munabhai 2

It hs mor information than Inception bt nothing new RT @KausPD: @moifightclub jst 1 tweet in 35 mins, looks like you are enjoying lamha 😉

#Lamhaa Interval – it promised to tell the ‘untold story of kashmir‘. So far, nothing that i dont know/havent read/seen/heard

#Lamhaa – ok, m convinced. Kashmir just needs few Sanjay SLO-MO Dutts. And every problem will be solved. Am serious.

#Lamhaa is also subtitled. Every 5mins. Tells u d location. At one point, it read …village of half widows. Am i missing something ?

#Lamhaa – every 5mins, someone reminds you – yeh kashmir hai janaab n then blahblah. Yeh kashmir hai bhaijaan n then blahblah. more blah!

RT @jahanbakshi: @moifightclub: If you’re too bored, try and spot if Bips is sporting Reebok Easytone sneakers. #classicproductplacements

#Lamhaa – Bet Rahul Dholakia can write a gr8 thesis paper on Cash-mir. But not sure how many thesis paper can translate into decent script.

#Lamhaa – ok, now m LOST. Its more complicated thn #Inception. I swear. If u dont believe, try it.

#Lamhaa – d zee news reporter is suddenly reporting in english. When did they launch english news channel ? pls enlighten.

#Lamhaa – Kunal Kapoor’s azaadi and then ‘vapas aa jao’ speeches r hilarious. On dais u nid furniture but not wid a mike in front of them!

#Lamhaa -like Kashmir, boils dwn 2 nothing. Our films genraly lack resarch bt this one is surely over-researchd n still offrs nothing new

#Lamhaa – strts n ends wid so many info plates. Someone just nid to push d delete button for d film in between to go away. U dont nid a bomb!

RT @singh_dr so @moifightclub havin Lazy Lamhe in Lamha ?

RT @DannyBoy84 @moifightclub “Serious political” Hindi movies are good at telling you what you already know. Haven’t seen Lamhaa yet but same symptoms i c

RT @mriganayanika Don’t watch Lamhaa for anything. Its cherry was popped by a very haggard Dutt.

Conclusion – Dholakia is a far better Gujrati filmmaker (Parzania) than a J&K reporter (Lamhaa). Brave effort, noble intention, bad casting, hilarious acting and over-researched mish-mash leading to nowhere! Atleast, it connects with the Kashmir problem on the last point.

We all have been INCEPTED! Ok, except few here and there. And few who belong to U-25! Guys, go easy on that age factor, seriously. Am going all cerebral here. Deep down, three levels. #JGrin

Lot of us, including Vasan Bala worship Charlie Kaufman. So, to compare anyone else with him is itself a big compliment. But Christopher Nolan is not “anyone”. Oops.

Vasan is the third musketeer in our group whom we ditched and went to see Inception before it hit the theatres today. But seems like for the next Nolan movie, I have to give him the preference because he has dethroned the old fanboy Kartik Krishnan. Vasan has nailed it and how! In short, simple and crisper way and much like one of the central thoughts of the film – you don’t remember where you start dreaming from, rite ? Its “Being Christopher Nolan“. Read on. For Kartik Krishnan’s post click here and for my orgamsic non-stop twitter post, click here.

Some people are calling it the Cerebral Blockbuster.

Some say it’s all mind and detached from the heart.

I call it the Charlie Kaufman Action Movie.


Then again something in me says the seeds of Inception were thrown in when Sammy Jankis was born or was it the insulin, or was it when the search for John.G began…it never ended…did it…ok…where was I ?

Or when Will Dormer could not sleep in the endless daylight of Alaska ?

Or was it when Angier’s wife drowned.

Or was it Bowden’s arrogance in pushing his devotion for magic too far which led to a lot of blood shed, scarred egos, tons of accumulated guilt. Were we watching closely?

But then wait wait wait…Cobb….was always there, right from the start FOLLOWING the young man. A serial burglar….a thief getting into the mind of the YOUNG MAN.

As Cobb said in the Following “You take it away, and show them what they had.”

Cobb here in Inception just takes a HUGE ‘LEAP OF FAITH’ and digs into some three more layers.

The art, the craft, the obsession, the love, the loss, the guilt, the anger, the redemption, was it all worth it…was it for real…are you willing to put a bullet to your head to know ?

INCEPTION is one of those Kaufman moments where the genius lies in telling a simple story in a seemingly complex way yet with plenty of leads to find your way, almost spoon feeding you and making you feel cerebral enough to decipher HIS creation…..and all this with Nolan’s blockbuster vision. Where Kaufman failed at his SY^&%%$%^$ NEW Y$%^ maze Nolan builds it ever so complex yet so effortless, ever to explanatory yet so discreet. LET GO.

Am still quite dumbstruck by this illusionary cerebral elevation in my created by Nolan.

Fuck all that…..go watch it THRICE. Am already geared for level 2.

What last for 5 minutes will last for an hour in LEVEL 2….and the third???? Go figure!

It never stopped spinning….hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahha!!!

(PS – Lets ditch the old fanboy this time and go for Level 2 soon)