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We all have been INCEPTED! Ok, except few here and there. And few who belong to U-25! Guys, go easy on that age factor, seriously. Am going all cerebral here. Deep down, three levels. #JGrin

Lot of us, including Vasan Bala worship Charlie Kaufman. So, to compare anyone else with him is itself a big compliment. But Christopher Nolan is not “anyone”. Oops.

Vasan is the third musketeer in our group whom we ditched and went to see Inception before it hit the theatres today. But seems like for the next Nolan movie, I have to give him the preference because he has dethroned the old fanboy Kartik Krishnan. Vasan has nailed it and how! In short, simple and crisper way and much like one of the central thoughts of the film – you don’t remember where you start dreaming from, rite ? Its “Being Christopher Nolan“. Read on. For Kartik Krishnan’s post click here and for my orgamsic non-stop twitter post, click here.

Some people are calling it the Cerebral Blockbuster.

Some say it’s all mind and detached from the heart.

I call it the Charlie Kaufman Action Movie.


Then again something in me says the seeds of Inception were thrown in when Sammy Jankis was born or was it the insulin, or was it when the search for John.G began…it never ended…did it…ok…where was I ?

Or when Will Dormer could not sleep in the endless daylight of Alaska ?

Or was it when Angier’s wife drowned.

Or was it Bowden’s arrogance in pushing his devotion for magic too far which led to a lot of blood shed, scarred egos, tons of accumulated guilt. Were we watching closely?

But then wait wait wait…Cobb….was always there, right from the start FOLLOWING the young man. A serial burglar….a thief getting into the mind of the YOUNG MAN.

As Cobb said in the Following “You take it away, and show them what they had.”

Cobb here in Inception just takes a HUGE ‘LEAP OF FAITH’ and digs into some three more layers.

The art, the craft, the obsession, the love, the loss, the guilt, the anger, the redemption, was it all worth it…was it for real…are you willing to put a bullet to your head to know ?

INCEPTION is one of those Kaufman moments where the genius lies in telling a simple story in a seemingly complex way yet with plenty of leads to find your way, almost spoon feeding you and making you feel cerebral enough to decipher HIS creation…..and all this with Nolan’s blockbuster vision. Where Kaufman failed at his SY^&%%$%^$ NEW Y$%^ maze Nolan builds it ever so complex yet so effortless, ever to explanatory yet so discreet. LET GO.

Am still quite dumbstruck by this illusionary cerebral elevation in my created by Nolan.

Fuck all that…..go watch it THRICE. Am already geared for level 2.

What last for 5 minutes will last for an hour in LEVEL 2….and the third???? Go figure!

It never stopped spinning….hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahha!!!

(PS – Lets ditch the old fanboy this time and go for Level 2 soon)

He is the biggest Nolan fanboy whom we know. He has googled and read, youtubed and seen , everything thats possibly available on Christopher Nolan and his films. Add to that, the books, philosophies, theories and every possible meaning of anything that Nolan ever said or shot. We saw the film together (and ditched the third musketeer of our group because had only two tickets & fanboy should get the first prefernce) but seems  the fanboy wasn’t as impressed as I was.  Click here to read my orgasmic non-stop tweets on Inception and read on to know Kartik Krishnan’s views.

At the very start itself I will confess that I’m as big a Nolan fan as anyone else. Loved all his films from Inception to Following/doodlebug

The concept, idea, premise behind Inception is intriguing and like one of the good old sci-fi films. A group of ‘dream stealers’ who get into a subject’s dream and steal the secrets in his mind. And of course Nolan being Nolan, there will be a dream within a dream setup-possibility which will be explored. Corporate espionage, a heist & con which is truly psychological, special effects which cannot be identified as so, adequate performances from all & sundry including Leo, & the massice ‘scale’. Just about everything you think should be there is there. Including a Shutter Island meets Memento track.

It’s all in there. Exposition which doesn’t look like exposition. Twists keep happening. The pledge, the turn & the prestige – all there. The magic tricks are shown first and then much later subtle reasoning is provided which takes you by surprise. The question is when do u know that the trick has ended ? Is there an overkill ?

My single basic grouse with the film is – the inability to suck me in. It didn’t suck me in unlike the equally long Dark Knight, Batman Begins. Or may be it was my fault that I didn’t get sucked into it.

The reaction I had was similar to what my friends had to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Full marks for scale, production design, idea etc but somewhere it left them cold. Overwhelming yes. Cold – may be I was the only one.

No one is debating the greatness of the film. But the emotional connect/feeling of tied down a lot. There are too many ideas for a 148 mins film. Too many strands.

May be I do need to watch Inception again. Let me know if you felt the same.

( Our recco – KK – Please go and watch it again. You feel the “attachment” better when you pay for the tickets. Bet! ;-))

Is this the bestest friday we have seen in ages ? Seems so. The Baap of every mind-bending game is here! Christopher Nolan, with his Inception. Plus, there is Udaan by Vikramaditya Motwane, Tere Bin Laden and Rahul Dholakia’s Lamhaa. Ok, rest can wait. Back to Inception.

The year was 1997. He was “Chris Nolan” on the credits then. But as they, the signs were all there. Watch it, if you havent seen it yet – the short film by the master before the world discovered him through Following.

We are Nolan-bhakts since we saw Following and he still delivers and how! As we saw his latest release Inception, I flooded the Twitter timeline with orgasmic, or should we call it Nolan-asmic tweets! If you are not on Twitter, here is all our gloating, as friends called it, all in 140 characters……..

I.N.C.E.P.T.I.O.N. See you guys after the dream (Jackass grin) !

Interval – HOLY FUCKETY FUCK! NOBODY, nobody is gonna fuck you like this. Everything is explained slowly but you CANT even blink!

Inception – go with as much expectations as u want! Its a BET! Nolan plants an idea, gives u orgasm, ditches u and gives u hard-on again!

Inception – anyone try writing the spoiler alerts…its gonna be one fat book u cant even imagine. Am not sure what can Nolan do after this.

Inception – did i mention its a love story! Ur mind is d scene of the crime. But ur heart gonna pull the trigger!

Inception – at every scene u r given explanation. Sm call it dialogue exposition. But still, it defies all gravity!

Inception – am willing to sponsor Aamir khan’s ticket. He didn’t understand Memento. I want to see the expression on his face after this one.

Inception -not sure if any1 ever balanced matters of head N heart so perfectly well 2 get u into d trap. Oops, did he beat my God C.Kaufman. J.Grin

As i said, I Luv Hate Storys. Cue – J. Grin! RT @Rychyk: @moifightclub I HATE YOU…make that WE. 😦

Envelope? He pushed d whole post office! RT @vicramb @moifightclub Knwing him,Smthing evn crazier! Tht guy really knws how 2 push d envelope

Inception – as d movie is about 2 end n u think Nolan has done everything possible 2 u, he delivers a BIG punch in d last scene. V r still debating it.

now m still in d Nolanland. Bet u cant locate me! J. Grin! RT @Envyas @moifightclub OK,stop this gloating or I know where u stay. :p

Block me 😉 not sure when i will b able 2 do that again RT @ArtRevel @moifightclub I want to Block you till I watch it 🙂 Making me jealous

# Ok, one last one…after all d Inception tweets how many Nolanbhakts cant sleep 2nite…wanna count 😉 and i will be in a dream! Aha, life!

So, have you booked you tickets ? Don’t forget to book you brains too. Ok, get that over-booked! J. Grin (we just can’t get enough of it). Also, releasing this friday is Udaan. And click here to read our review of Udaan.

PS – Don’t forget to let us know what you felt about it. And what do you think about the last scene/sequence of the film ?

He is one of our favourite filmmakers. From complete indie to big hollywood studio blockbuster, its been a long journey and Christopher Nolan rarely disappoints. Give us Memento and Prestige anyday, anywhere…any number of times.

The dude is back! The first teaser trailer of his new film Inception is just out. The film features Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy and Michael Caine. Your mind is the scene of the crime…woohoo!

According to rumours floating in the blogosphere, Inception is about entering peoples’ minds and their dreams. A technology to do so has been developed and is done through an injection. Leonardo DiCaprio and his team work to enter the minds of other characters in order to retrieve and plant information. Summer of 2010…the countdown begins!