VOTD : Doodlebug – The Inception Of Christopher Nolan & orgasmic tweets by a Nolan fanboy!

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Is this the bestest friday we have seen in ages ? Seems so. The Baap of every mind-bending game is here! Christopher Nolan, with his Inception. Plus, there is Udaan by Vikramaditya Motwane, Tere Bin Laden and Rahul Dholakia’s Lamhaa. Ok, rest can wait. Back to Inception.

The year was 1997. He was “Chris Nolan” on the credits then. But as they, the signs were all there. Watch it, if you havent seen it yet – the short film by the master before the world discovered him through Following.

We are Nolan-bhakts since we saw Following and he still delivers and how! As we saw his latest release Inception, I flooded the Twitter timeline with orgasmic, or should we call it Nolan-asmic tweets! If you are not on Twitter, here is all our gloating, as friends called it, all in 140 characters……..

I.N.C.E.P.T.I.O.N. See you guys after the dream (Jackass grin) !

Interval – HOLY FUCKETY FUCK! NOBODY, nobody is gonna fuck you like this. Everything is explained slowly but you CANT even blink!

Inception – go with as much expectations as u want! Its a BET! Nolan plants an idea, gives u orgasm, ditches u and gives u hard-on again!

Inception – anyone try writing the spoiler alerts…its gonna be one fat book u cant even imagine. Am not sure what can Nolan do after this.

Inception – did i mention its a love story! Ur mind is d scene of the crime. But ur heart gonna pull the trigger!

Inception – at every scene u r given explanation. Sm call it dialogue exposition. But still, it defies all gravity!

Inception – am willing to sponsor Aamir khan’s ticket. He didn’t understand Memento. I want to see the expression on his face after this one.

Inception -not sure if any1 ever balanced matters of head N heart so perfectly well 2 get u into d trap. Oops, did he beat my God C.Kaufman. J.Grin

As i said, I Luv Hate Storys. Cue – J. Grin! RT @Rychyk: @moifightclub I HATE YOU…make that WE. 😦

Envelope? He pushed d whole post office! RT @vicramb @moifightclub Knwing him,Smthing evn crazier! Tht guy really knws how 2 push d envelope

Inception – as d movie is about 2 end n u think Nolan has done everything possible 2 u, he delivers a BIG punch in d last scene. V r still debating it.

now m still in d Nolanland. Bet u cant locate me! J. Grin! RT @Envyas @moifightclub OK,stop this gloating or I know where u stay. :p

Block me 😉 not sure when i will b able 2 do that again RT @ArtRevel @moifightclub I want to Block you till I watch it 🙂 Making me jealous

# Ok, one last one…after all d Inception tweets how many Nolanbhakts cant sleep 2nite…wanna count 😉 and i will be in a dream! Aha, life!

So, have you booked you tickets ? Don’t forget to book you brains too. Ok, get that over-booked! J. Grin (we just can’t get enough of it). Also, releasing this friday is Udaan. And click here to read our review of Udaan.

PS – Don’t forget to let us know what you felt about it. And what do you think about the last scene/sequence of the film ?

  1. bksingh2009 says:

    See you after tonight’s show

  2. […] googleb96e72e6c7dc9a47.html ← VOTD : Doodlebug – The Inception Of Christopher Nolan & orgasmic tweets by a Nolan fa… […]

  3. VOTD : Doodlebug ? The Inception Of Christopher Nolan & orgasmic ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  4. Shray says:

    U are not alone guys..!! experienced a similar punch myself! and yes, am a die hard nolan bhakt too!!

    and for last sequence!! Shocker!!
    gearing up for a level 2 myself! BUt was it really a dream or limbo?
    only nolan knws!

  5. Bollyfan says:

    I felt that the last sequence was a riddle for the ultra-nitpicky types to decipher and a cerebral treat for the rest to enjoy. I like pastries more than su-doku…especially when I get to dig into one after solving a dozen su-dokus back to back.

  6. Amit Sanghavi says:

    The last sequence seemed like a reality and not a dream. But what I am confused betwn is, where the whole setup (of planting a seed into Fischer’s mind) was a dream sequence to achieve the end objective (to let go of Mol and guilt).


    The guy who offered Dom the ticket to home and who was shot in the 1st level, actually aged because he died in the 3rd level. And dom finally ended up with him in the final level where he is sitting across the table. And they all come back to reality before Plane lands after successful execution of Inception.

    Let me know what do you think of the last sequence!

  7. Bollyfan says:

    Amit : Dom meets the old Saito in a much earlier level…the one where he’s recruited and Saito joins them in the mission to make sure things go his way. He then dies in a lower level.

  8. Amit Sanghavi says:

    Ok. But so Saito and Dom meet on 1st level but Saito grows much older as he dies in the 3rd level.

    So Dom’s and Saito’s 1st level is different from other guys’s 1st level! Then how did they join other guys then?

    Oh this is really getting confusing…

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