Inception – baffling, confounding, brilliant and/or flawed wonders Nolan fanboy Kartik Krishnan

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He is the biggest Nolan fanboy whom we know. He has googled and read, youtubed and seen , everything thats possibly available on Christopher Nolan and his films. Add to that, the books, philosophies, theories and every possible meaning of anything that Nolan ever said or shot. We saw the film together (and ditched the third musketeer of our group because had only two tickets & fanboy should get the first prefernce) but seems  the fanboy wasn’t as impressed as I was.  Click here to read my orgasmic non-stop tweets on Inception and read on to know Kartik Krishnan’s views.

At the very start itself I will confess that I’m as big a Nolan fan as anyone else. Loved all his films from Inception to Following/doodlebug

The concept, idea, premise behind Inception is intriguing and like one of the good old sci-fi films. A group of ‘dream stealers’ who get into a subject’s dream and steal the secrets in his mind. And of course Nolan being Nolan, there will be a dream within a dream setup-possibility which will be explored. Corporate espionage, a heist & con which is truly psychological, special effects which cannot be identified as so, adequate performances from all & sundry including Leo, & the massice ‘scale’. Just about everything you think should be there is there. Including a Shutter Island meets Memento track.

It’s all in there. Exposition which doesn’t look like exposition. Twists keep happening. The pledge, the turn & the prestige – all there. The magic tricks are shown first and then much later subtle reasoning is provided which takes you by surprise. The question is when do u know that the trick has ended ? Is there an overkill ?

My single basic grouse with the film is – the inability to suck me in. It didn’t suck me in unlike the equally long Dark Knight, Batman Begins. Or may be it was my fault that I didn’t get sucked into it.

The reaction I had was similar to what my friends had to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Full marks for scale, production design, idea etc but somewhere it left them cold. Overwhelming yes. Cold – may be I was the only one.

No one is debating the greatness of the film. But the emotional connect/feeling of tied down a lot. There are too many ideas for a 148 mins film. Too many strands.

May be I do need to watch Inception again. Let me know if you felt the same.

( Our recco – KK – Please go and watch it again. You feel the “attachment” better when you pay for the tickets. Bet! ;-))

  1. I think even more so than with his previous films, there is a huge “Buy-in” factor with Inception. If you don’t buy into it with everything you’ve got, you might end up feeling left out in the cold. I’d be interested in seeing your thoughts after a second viewing.

    Here’s my review for what it’s worth.

  2. kartik says:

    Read your review Dave. Liked it a lot. And agree with the ‘buy-in’ factor. Reminds me of what Roger Ebert wrote in his review of memento –

    “They may have identified a hole big enough to drive the entire plot through. Perhaps a neurologist can provide a medical answer, but I prefer to believe that Leonard, the hero of the film, has a condition similar to Tom Hanks’ “brain cloud” in “Joe vs. the Volcano”–Leonard suffers from a condition brought on by a screenplay that finds it necessary, and it’s unkind of us to inquire too deeply.”

    May be I’m being a little unkind. Will check out inception again.

    And “Christopher Nolan is the new Fritz Lang.” makes me wanna go and watch all of Lang’s movies. Thanks for the recco.

    • Kartik – thanks for stopping by The ‘Spin! If you’ve never watched Lang before, I suggest starting with Metropolis (the new remastered edition) if you are game for a silent film. Then go to The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (which directly inspired The Dark Knight) and then, of course, Lang’s masterpiece…M.

  3. Vasanbala says:

    need a longer post..much longer post….hope it’s a first viewing…2nd viewing analysis…

  4. varun says:

    Echo Vasan….needed a much longer post yaar. Watch it again and write again.

    For me…it was a very very personal journey. Dreams have been my biggest obsession last few years….and to know that some thing THIS HUGE cud be made out of theories abt subconscious was a huge high.

    Also, for me (Alert: Theory ahead) the biggest magic of the screenplay was the conflict of one inception (Mal being in his dreams was the result of a succesful inception) fighting the other inception. That’s like ‘Dark Knight’ in a completely different terrain. Think of it, even ‘Prestige’ had the same conflict – two sides of the same coin fighting each other in an arena which is complicated by its nature.

    So, in a way, it could be the third part, and fittingly the most ambitious, of the moral-doppleganger trilogy by Nolan.

    And yes sir, I did buy in from the first frame….and still on a high. I will sleep well tonight, and with a purpose. 🙂

  5. Anand Kadam says:

    i know you like prestige a lot……which one would u rate higher prestige or inception….

  6. kartik says:

    Prestige & memento any day i guess

  7. Bollyfan says:

    Kartik : I concur with everyone else that a second viewing will surely bring out a new layer. Though I have a suggestion, if I may. Let it sink in for a couple of days and then go for a repeat watch. Its like a blunt. You smoke one…and don’t need another till high from the first one comes down. A repeat watch in quick succession will kill the purpose.

    I’m just about to start writing my review for it. Had dropped by to comment on Fatema’s Udaan review and then saw this. Couldn’t resist the temptation. 🙂

  8. Bollyfan says:

    Anand : I tried comparing the two the moment I walked out of the theatre…but then thought a comparison wouldn’t be fair – I’ve watched Prestige almost a dozen times…and Inception just once. 🙂

  9. DPac says:

    baffling my foot!!!
    i feel like if the Dark knight climax was – batman killed joker/put him in asylum and the mayor lauds batman as gothams saviour.

    terribly underwhelming.

  10. Fatema says:

    I refused to read a word of any review until I watched it. I watched it and said exactly the same thing as KK. Did not suck me in. Great film, great concept, prodtn acting blah blah bloo blee BUT it did not do half the things to me Memento, Prestige, TDK, BB or even Following did to me.

    KK, I guess it was not the too many ideas in one film thing, it just was plain too talky. Everyone’s explaining and explaining and explaining. What happened, what will happen, what can happen, what had happened, why, how and on and on.

  11. Fatema says:

    Having said that, I bought EVERY word of it. Or every frame. And yes, intellectually its a huge high! And creativity-wise too. Just that the soul was left asking for a bit more…

  12. This really is truly an incredible motion picture that may result in you to take into account it and analyze once its finished. You are going to quite possibly want to discover it once more to focus about the particulars and storyline since the visuals and action scenes may likely distract you from fully grasping everything. Any individual who rates this movie poorly does not be thankful for extremely complicated stories and characters.

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