Cannes. Venice. Toronto – Its a hattrick for Anurag Kashyap! Next is what ?

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2009 – He scored a hattrick. Dev D. Gulaal. Paanch. Commercial success. Critical acclaim. And even his unreleased film Paanch found its way out.

2010 – He has done it again! Cannes. Toronto. Venice – A hattrick of different sorts !

Udaan @Cannes Film Festival – Vikramaditya Motwane’s debut film – a film which nobody was willing to back and was even rejected by UTV twice. Anurag decided to produce it himself and almost everyone branded it as a suicidal step. Na sex hai na star na Shah Rukh Khan! Well, the film still made it to the official selection of Cannes Film Festival and was one of the best rated films of the year.  Do watch it if you havent seen this gem yet! Whats more, it has even managed to recover its cost.

That girl In Yellow Boots @Venice/Toronto International Film Festival – It was the same story again. He was looking for 10 crore to produce three films (Udaan, That Girl In Yellow Boots and Tumbad) and the suited-booted MBA morons had the same answer – Its a suicide! Get a star and you can take 50 crore. Why only 10 crore ? When the marketing budget of the dud of the year Raavan is Rs 28 crore, what can you do in just 10 cr ? And so, Anurag decided to produce it himself again. Aah cinema. Ooh life! Being Uncompromised!

The film will have its world premiere at the Venice International film Festival. And will have the North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. To read more about the film and the fest, click here. Is this his career’s best year ? Seems so. We are not aware of any other such story.

For Udaan, UTV came onboard later on and it managed to reach the theatres and got the visibility it deserves. For That Girl In Yellow Boots, NFDC has come onboard. And if our sources are to be believed, his next production Tumhad has finally managed to get funding.

So, will the big boys of Bollylalaland finally sit up and look beyond the Kites & Raavans! Here is the so called cinema’s enfant terrible…give him few crore and some freedom, bet he will deliver more! As one of the popular campaign goes, we wonder, Next is what ?

And there is some more good news. Remember Amit Datta ? If you follow us on Twitter, we have been raving about his films for a long time. His new film Nainsukh has also been selected for the Venice Film Festival and will be shown in Orizzonti category. Cheers to good ol’ cinema!

  1. Manu Warrier says:

    Congratulations. He deserves it every bit, after all he fought for his cinema.

  2. Anurag Kashyap says:

    where did you get the official poster..mere paas bhi nahi pahuncha abhi tak toh..

  3. kennydb says:

    Bhai tere haath bohot bohot lambe hain. Producer director se pehle you got the poster.

    BTW, great term: suited-booted MBA morons (at least when it comes to films). Common jokes but appropriate here: MBA = Maha Bekar Aadmi / Mediocre But Arrogant

  4. moifightclub says:

    @Manu – Bingo!

    @AK – ssshhhh…we dont talk anything outside the club 😉

  5. Anurag, I made that. Its not the official poster. I needed some cover for the press kit. So I made that just as a placeholder. Its not the official poster. I will send it to you in a bit.

  6. Anurag Kashyap says:

    i like it..

  7. moifightclub says:

    @Kenny – bus lamba hi hai..2.5 kilo ka hota toh aur maza aata!

    Waah..i didnt say its official poster. AK thought its official. Neeraj didnt design the official poster. But seems its official. I likes!

  8. Whenever you make an official poster, please, like please use the same image. Its brilliant!

  9. Anurag Kashyap says:

    it has to be the one.. this is what we have been working on for sometime..

  10. Great news! Congratulations!

  11. Umar says:

    On the right hand side is alot of snippets from the film…not a theatrical trailer but has a lot of clips from the film….seems extremely interesting

  12. amit says:

    Great news. Many congratulations Anurag…!!!
    Didn’t knew Raavan had 28C marketing budget.

  13. Kiran says:

    the poster looks brilliant even though it’s not the official poster!! and Congrats to Anurag kashyap, well and truly one of the best directors!!

  14. […] came the good news…here and here. Venice & Toronto. And now here is the first look of the film! No teaser or trailer […]

  15. Lee says:

    Man stop overpraising Anuraj. He is not a world class director yet. Most of his movies don’t appeal to Western or Indian audiences. His best movie has been Black Friday.

    Udaan is a decent movie but not a great movie and got lukewarm reviews at Cannes. The Marathi movie Vihir is much better and was done with no stars on a small budget too.

    FYI, Raavan seems to be your favorite target but it got very good reviews from Western reviewers – Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, NYT, etc.

  16. lordie says:

    is this site sponsored by AKFPL?

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