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Meghe Dhaka Tara – a Bengali film (with English subtitles) inspired by the life of filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak has released in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore this week. Do watch it quickly as it will be in the theatres for just a week.

The film is experimental in nature with its non-liner narrative and criss-crosses tracks between scenes from his films, his life and his plays. With the names of his films being changed, it might be difficult to connect if you are not aware of Ghatak’s films. Like the character is named Nilkantha instead of Ritwik Ghatak – the name of the lead character in Ghatak’s Jukti Takko Aar Gappo (Reason, Debate and Story). Or like Satyajit Ray is referred to as Arijit Ray in a dialogue. It’s quite an ambitious film and must have been a daunting task to put it all together. But even then it beaautifully captures the essence of Ghatak’s life and films – looking for his land, his country. It also has terrific performance by Sashwata Chatterjee who brings out the madness of the man brilliantly.

The film made me go back to Ghatak’s films and while googling, this is where i landed – a docu on him made for DD. It has some very interesting talking heads including my favourite actor Anil Chatterjee. Do check it out. Has some really great anecdotes.

– If you go to youtube, there are more such videos on various other filmmakers. Do check

– And click here to read an article where Aparna Sen and film’s director Kamaleswar Mukherjee discuss Ghatak and his films.

– Screening schedule

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