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Time to pat our back! Do it guys. Its a hattrick! We were the first to tell you about Tera Kya Hoga Johnny’s internet leak (thnx to our good friend Puneet), about Harischandrachi Factory’s Oscar disappointment and now this one. Those who follow us on twitter, know it well. Ok, enough of being loudmouth brag like Sajid Khan!

Since the news is out now, we can happily reveal it all. We told you about this news in this post but didnt reveal the name. And that was alsmot 10 days ago. The hint we gave was in the form of an anagram – I see you, Luly! Read it as I C U, LULY. Jumble the letters and you will get the answer – its Lucy Liu.

Yes, Lucy Liu is coming to India soon to make her directorial debut and shoot a feature film. Its tentatively titled Half The Sky. The story is set in Bihar and it deals with human trafficking. The buzz is that Tannishtha Chatterjee has been signed for the film. Watch out this space for more updates soon. 

Take a look at this new poster of Yashraj Films’ new production Pyaar Impossible. Its the first look of the film.

pyaar impossible

And now let us know if you are thinking what we are thinking. Has Priyanka Chopra lost weight at wrong place ? or is it photoshop gone horrible wrong ? Whats with that manly chest!! Seriously, WTF is that ???!!! We are ROFL! Is that the new “size zero”  ? Or how about “Honey, i shrunk them” as other option for the title of the film ?

Yashraj Films, the banner once known for making their heroines every man’s dream woman has now gone the other extreme! And how! yeh kahaan aa gaye hain hum..

Priyanka, are you reading, listening or seen the pic ? 

Starring Uday Chopra and Priyanka Chopra, its a romantic comedy and is positioned as “ 1 beauty + 1 geek = PI ( Pyaar Impossible)”. Back to men from mars and women from venus concept! Uday plays Abhay, a geeky guy and Priyanka plays Alisha. The film is directed by Jugal Hansraj and will have music by Salim-Suleiman.

For more details about Pyaar Impossible’s story/plot and website, click here. And here are some videos from the on location shoot of the film.