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But first here is my top 5 films of the year – Udaan. LSD. Ishqiya. Peepli Live. Do Dooni Chaar. That was easy. Tell me which one needs  any explanation.

And now here is the list of 20 things we discovered this year and 10 unanswered questions which confused us all. And this required long debate, discussion and dissection. Please do add yours in the comment box.

1. If looks could kill, the most romantic moment of the year had Naseeruddin Shah staring at an unknown passenger in a bus. And she did respond. Matter of just few seconds, but what a foreplay. Click here…from 00:12.

2. Striker – The underrated, underplayed and easily one of the best albums of the year.

3. LSD – Can be bollywoodised and still have the same psychedelic effect.

4. If your intials are A.K, chances are actors can be cast according to the characters. Rajat Barmecha. Omkar Das Manikpuri.

5. Habib Faisal is the new Jaideep Sahni. Or Sahni of Twenty10. YRF. Delhi. Do Dooni Chaar. Band Bajaa Baraat.

6. Delicious Exports of The Year – ( Phans Gaye Re ) Obama and Osama ( Tere Bin Laden ). We had both. Next is what ?

7. KLPD Imports of The Year – Ben Kingsley ( Teen Patti) and Barack Obama ( MNIK).

8. Bollywood learnt a new hindi word – Dabangg. Some still think its Da Bang.

9. Dibakar Banerjee can give other lyricists a run for their money. Try LSD again. Title track, tainu tv pe wekhya, I cant hold it and more.

10. KJo took  one step forward – We Are Family is an official remake of Stepmom. And few steps back –  Everything else was a waste.

11. Ashutosh Gowariker thinks watching KHJJS and fighting for the freedom struggle is the same. Well, at endurance level, it might be. On Twitter, when we asked him for refund, he replied – asking for a refund?? It is like asking for a refund from the revolutionaries who gave their lives for us!! I am saddened!!

12. Impossible – Thy name is Uday Chopra. Pyaar Impossible. Height of Impossibility – Daya Prochu. Anagram of Uday Chopra, his philosophical twitter twin who has lots of time and loads of gyaan. And is now in comic avatar.

13. The Year of  disasteR – Road, Movie. Rann. Raavan. Rakht Charitra 1 and 2. Rokk. Right Ya Wrong. Red Alert. The exception that proved the rule –  Robot.

14. SLB is still in his cocoon. Nagesh Kuknoor is still in denial. And Ramu is still RIP.

15. Abbas Tyrewala proved that all rumours about JTYJN were true. Yes, Aamir can.

16. Surnames can be misleading. Highly misleading. Try Lynch. Hisss.

17. Gloria Jeans ( Bandra) and Costa Coffee (the one below Karan Johar’s office) kills creativity. Otherwise how do you explain the sound of Vishal-Shekhar’s music this year ? Four films. No new sound. And you can spot them there at any time of the day.

18. The reason why nobody is casting all Bs together. Action Replay. Teen Patti. Raavan. KHJJS. Rann. Guzaarish. Half a dozen. Housefull of duds.

19. Kumar is the new Khan. If star status is all about opening day collections, then Salman Khan ( Dabangg), Aamir Khan ( 3 Idiots) and Tees Maar Khan are on Top 3 positions. Time to change the title of SRK’s next – Ra One Khan ?

20. Rajni can do anything but as Nana Patekar said…ek macchar aadmi ko…..Remember Robot.

10 Unanswered Questions

1. Who directed Kites ?

2. Why UTV produced Guzaarish ?

3. Who thought that Priyadarshan can remake Majid Majidi’s Children Of Heaven ?

4. Why was Filmfare’s Editor and the entire team so gung-ho about Farrukh Kabir’s Allah Ke Banday ? They non-stop tweeted and retweeted.

5. Did Ranveer Singh’s dad produce Band Bajaa Baarat ? Though post-release he silenced all his critics.

6. How does Gorilla’s fart smell like ? Dear Anil Kapoor, we are at

7.  How many more sequels of Golmaal are still being planned ?

8. Who are Luv Sinha’s fans ? Click here.

9.  What was the last book that Punit Malhotra read ? Remember his tweet.

10. Who thought of the title – Dunno Y….Na Jaane Kyun ? Our favourite title of the year.

Twenty10 Rewind – 20 Posts of 2010

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We thought we will talk about the movies later. Following in the footsteps of Bollyfellas, lets talk about ourselves first. Those of you who have been religiously following us, must have read all the posts. And if you aren’t, here it is – some of the most interesting posts at one place. Posts that made us happy, got a wicked smile after clicking the publish button or the ones that got us many smileys on various social networking platforms. Enjoy!

1. EXCAVATED – Sai Parajpye’s offer LETTER to Ravi Baswani. For Chasme Buddoor. No extra allowance.

2. BUSTED – The Curios Case of Joginder Chutreja. Credited. Reviewed. Rated. And Caught.

3. DISCOVERED – Gulzarsaab – as you had not seen or heard before. In front of the camera.

4. PREDICTED – The one with the worst punctured tyres. Also, Body – 9 cr. Tyres – 6 crore. Beat that!

5. REVEALED – Band Masters Rangeela & Rasila of Dev D fame.

6. CAUGHT – IPL’s launch video was “Made In China”.

7. FOUND – The madness of Pancham which created magic.

8. BETWON – Its not difficult to predict Nikhattu Kazmi. It was an open bet and she proved us right.

9. UNCOVERED – John Roy Hill. Remember Dabangg ?

10. UNEARTHED – The hidden talent of Ashmit Patel. Flop filmein, rukawatein, baitha tha bekaar….Na kaam, na cash, na kismat mere yaar.

11. FRAMED – Gulaal’s Dileep Singh met Dev D. You knew ?

12. BLOCKED – By the High-and-Mighty Twitteraties. And for ROFLOL reasons.

13. DOPEDnDIMPED – One of the most fascinationg stories of the year. All in pics.

14. PRESERVED – Kishore Kumar. In three different voices and styles.

15. POLITICISED – Thy name is Raajneeti.

16. RECORDED – The antics of Team TGIYB@VeniceFilmFestival. Courtesy – Vikramaditya M.

17. JackASSED – Grin. Justify. Gone. Jackass. Akshay Kumar.

18. UNRELEASED – Guru Dutt and Sadhna in Picnic. Kitna rangeen hai yeh chand sitaroon ka samaa.

19. SIGHED – Bade Bhaiyya ne tyaag diya to itne bure din aaye!

20. FLUFFED – For Laletta and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Will put out the best and the worst list soon.