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Akshay Kumar & Nikhil AdvaniIts Level 2 of Khatroon Ke Khiladi. Akshay Kumar is back on tv. And Nikhil Advani is back with Akshay Kumar again.

According to Indiafm, their new film is titled Patiala House and will star Anushka Sharma and Rishi Kapoor alongwith Akshay Kumar. The name Patiala House sounds like a sequel to Singh Is King but it seems its a father-son story set in Southall, UK.

The son gives up his dream to save his father’s reputation, until he meets a girl who gives him the strength to stand up for what he believes. It’s about second chances.

Second chances ?? Yeah, pun intended ? LOL!! Nikhil really must be praying for this second chance!  Only if he can reduce his snob value a bit!

Warna we will sing again…

from chandni chowk to chai-na,

mujh-ko kuch samajh aai-na!