Kaminey : love story of our times & the generation that read Nandan!

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Kaminey 2The director (lets call him aKa) made a fist, positioned it in front of his crotch, moved it to and fro, cracking a joke on me, because thats what I think love is all about. Atleast accoding to him. Why ? Because I didnt feel the lump in my throat when i saw Love Aaj Kal(a title that sounds like a mathematics theorem and is even written like one). Ofcourse, aKa felt that lump, a big one too and some three four times. That Mr Ali has already been branded as bollywood’s new age love guru and every producer/director aspires to make a Jab We Met kind of romcom is surely some indication. And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

But fuck that new age. Fuck that theorem of love. Enough of that cool and confused one. One that make an effort to sound smart and make you laugh. Hail the Bharadwaj Boy! Why ? Because for me, the greatest stories are those which belongs to us, of our times, of our politics. And someone finally dares to touch the M-word. Marathi, Maharashtra, Mumbai. Ironic that the filmmaker belongs to other M(eerut) town. The newspapers had enough, there were lot of tv debates. But like always, politics is a bad word in our bollyland. And only few dare. And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

Sharmaji from Bambai is in love with Sweety from Mumbai. The risk ? Your do nimboo aur mirchi! And still he goes for it and pulls it off with so much ease. And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

As the film moved on, i was wondering if love will again be doomed in Bhardwaj’s Kaminey, as it happened in Maqbool and Omakara! When killing is more poetic that any happy ending, i dont complain. Kareena’s dead body on the swing, Tabu looking through the mosquito net, aha…the visuals that will stay with me forever. But finally Bharadwaj has a happy ending to his love story of Guddu and Sweety! And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

As Guddu gives condom gyaan, Sweety drops the bomb. Her eggo is preggo. She has tested thrice. No, its again not that dude style, where the couple decides to part away after mouthing some cool lines. Here the writing on the wall is apne haath jagannath. They dont shy away. Shit happens. And you can get rid of it in just 24 hours. Thats my generation. Knows the shit, wants it, enjoys it and wants to get rid of it too. And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

 During my school days, we used to open the history books, hold it vertically and used to enjoy the history lessons. It used to baffle our history teacher and somehow it always remained a mystery to him. Inside the history books, it used to either Nandan, Champak, Suman Sourabh, Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Bhokal or Chacha Chaudhry.

Nandan had a popular punch line too – Jo bacche Nandan padhte hain, woh jeevan me aage badhte hain. Me and my sister never cared much about jeevan me aage badhna but with every new issue of Nandan, we used to fight. She always claimed the first right because her excuse was she would finish it quickly and i take lot of time to read. I would wait for my turn.

I dont remember if any hero of hindi films ever claimed to read Nandan or Champak. Guddu did. And he wins it. Guddu stammered and so Sweety decided to do so, to boost his confidence. Love is all about stammering together. Its not just about drinking same tea or coffee. One is tangible, the other one is sharing the discomfort. The group of aunties who sat in the row behind me kept on wondering about Sweety if yeh bhi totali hai kya ? Aisa kaisa? Its the payoff.

Finally, the petrom pump scene. One of the most romantic scenes I have seen in recent times. One that gave me lump in my throat. Mr aKa, love is not only to and fro. Just like its not about drinking black tea! Sweety wants to fly out for honeymoon, she managed to book the tickets last minute. But Guddu remembers his school love suddenly. All of a sudden. Sweety wonders why. Bus abhi yaad aaya na. Aha, love without calculations. And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu!

Whats with all the Tarantino and Ritchie talks ? Was i the only one who didnt remember any bit of any of those filmmakers while watching Kaminey! The characters are so rooted, they speak so many languages, so much mannerism, the psychedelic visuals, the brooding sky, the morning rains…i was stuck! Eyes wide open! All i want to know now is the man called Tassaduq Hussain.

And, mere har jhoot ki niyat hamesha sach thi Guddu! Beat this killer line. Dont think anyone will. Atleast not this year. And yeah, do handover the award for the performance by an ensemble cast to Kaminey! Say no more. 

  1. DPac says:

    nah u r not the only one…
    tarantino cant do this kinda swwet shit!!

  2. Kenny says:

    I’m with you on this. What Tarantino? Where Guy Ritchie? Nothing in the film reminded me of them.
    And yes, Tassaduq Hussain! Wah!

  3. doga says:

    kaminey is made of various layers of relationships that bhardwaj peels off brilliantly or thrillingly as the movie progresses and by the end we have something that is so fresh and satisfying… so much so that i couldnt take my eyes off the screen for even a second… revolves ard the theme ‘zindagi mein waat isse nahi lagti ki hum kaun sa raastaa chuntey hain par isse lagti hai ki hum kaun sa raastaa chodtey hai’… the movie is not a copy of tarantino/ritchie style but falls in the same genre that … like we cant say ritchie copies taran… we cannot say bhardwaj’s movies r a look alike… he conforms to the same school of thought n that shows in his movies. imtiaz follows a different school of film makin so no comparisons… i like bharadwaj’s style more and hence m a follower… that doesnt make imtiaz inferior for me… imtiaz is is the king of brightness bhardwaj rules the darkness… but who has more depth n I will say its bhardwaj… for a simple reason he himself complicates a formula story (twin brothers) and simplifies it for again as the movie progresses…in a dark fashion.

  4. d'jango says:

    For me the Guy Ritchie influence was unmistakable, especially Lock, Stock.. but I don’t think it’s to Vishal’s discredit in anyway. Because what he has made of it, is original, daring, inventive and genius!

    I did think that the latter part of the film and the climax especially was a bit of a cop-out (the bad guys all shoot each other while an awful song plays in the background… gawd really??!) And I actually found the attempts to find tragic Shakespearean overtones in the story facile (look brother killing brother over money… sigh weep!!). Also, I have a feeling that some of the original script didn’t make it to the final cut – Tashi especially seems like a character who was a bit half-baked. Infact, I’d be interested to know how different the script is from the final film – it seems like a film where a lot came together at the edit.

    Having said all this – I still think it’s genius! because when it does work.. it knocks your pants off! Like in the brilliantly executed Dhan-Te-Naan song (that alone was worth the price of admission!!), and in scenes like the Bhope Bhau versus Tope Bhau (who is Chandan Roy?! – he is a baap actor!!) and in the Priyanka performance which in my opinion was phenomenal!!

    Is not the absolute victory I expected it to be – but its easily worth two viewings… atleast! 🙂

  5. Nikhilesh says:

    its tarantino like in the sense that lines between good and bad blur in the work of both film makers. kaminey reminded me of tarantino when charlie beats up francis in the hotel room, and old hindi song plays (cant remember which one) its the spooky feeling you get when violence is glamorised or is made to look like second nature of characters like the ezkiel memorized passage from pulp fiction feels like the casual attitude of charlie and mikhail bashing up the jockey. and kill bill part 2 was so much heart, tarantino makes such emotion ridden and dense stories very much like kaminey. and tassaduq hussain must be worshiped for the charlie/guddu fight scene. wtf! i couldnt believe my eyes…

  6. hardik mehta says:

    how did i miss this write up.
    chmapak, nandan and the one u didnt mention: Bela Bahadur!!!

    i have seen this scene so many times…and have always felt what u have written here…

    great write up

    “mere har jhooth ki neeyat sachchi hai…”

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