Quick Gun Murugun – You made my day Machchan says Vasan Bala!

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Still havent managed to catch Shashank Ghosh’s madness called Quick Gun Murugun. A friend Vasan Bala saw it and recommends it strongly. Read on.

quickgun murugan2A man is supervising the MENU for the day being listed on the black board.

“Bullet Chicken……B..U…L…L…I….T”

The man writing on the board with a chalk auto-corrects.


The man who was dictating gets angry. Puts a gun to the other man’s head and growls at him, How dare he ask for a correction?

Even I agree with BULLIT CHICKEN. What’s an urban cowboy movie without an ode to the greatest URBAN COWBOY ever “Steve McQueen”

Shashanka Gosh and team have brought back that crazy brainwave from back in 1994 to it’s 2009 full blow AVTAAR (can’t escape Avtaar, it has become the last name in film-making, so I hear)

And this time around he means business and is bloody serious. There is no goofing around.

The moment we get into the Coconut Climbing Training School scene we know we are in for a serious treat. Not an half heartedly made or backed crazy idea. Such treatment to such films are so so so so rare in Indian Cinema.

Usually a great wacky idea is good enough for either the small screen (MTV, Channel V, Nick) or maybe a 30 second slot as a TVC not a full blown FEATURE. Shashanka Gosh and hopefully the success of this venture paves the way for many many more wacky minds. Take a Bow TEAM QGM.

Being a TamBram and that to born and brought up in Matunga there could not have been a more personal experience.

“You made my day, Machchan”

The plot is quit ideological and spiritual. The age old debate on FOOD, whether it has to be plants and herbs or the ones that move, crawl, jump or fly.

Murugun believes in eating grass, Rice Plate Reddy believes in the latter. He wants beef to be stuffed in all Dosas around the world.

He loves to alter his own destiny and cuts his hands for better palmistry. He dictates resignation letter and kills people to the tune of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

The lone cowboy on the dusty roads is bumped off pretty soon in his crusade only to be sent back with a special VISA granted by Chitragupt himself. He is teleported back to earth, specifically to Mumbai.

The rest of the journey is a simple tale of bloody revenge by a vegetarian cowboy with questionable choice in color and material of clothing.

He loves his Lover locked in his Locket but can’t resist the nice girl who works in not so nice places, Mango Dolly.

Her massive cleavage is no give away to the heart of gold she carries, but Murugun is not ‘just another cowboy’, he immediately, looks deep, and just about in a flash realizes, MANGO DOLLY IS A GOOD GIRL.

Together they team up, he guns down the bad guys she ties up his wounds with every ounce of clothing that’s left on her body. A love striptease for a bloody gun-slinging lover. Ah!

QGM has been a ride. What a ride. Just one month and I have seen 2 films being worthy of permanent COLLECTIONS.

Kaminey and QGM.

Have still not got over the carnatic spiced GOOD, BAD and UGLY signature tune.


  1. raj kumar gupta says:

    Saw it once…loved it…going to catch it again tomorrow…take my word -go for it.

  2. Indraneel says:

    Bloody awwwsum, machchan, I say..

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