What is Chitrangada Singh upto ?

Posted: September 17, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast news, cinema, News, songs & videos, television, Thoughts
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She came, she conquered and she went back! She came back, a forgettable film Sorry Bhai, and has been since missing. As they say, every actor and director got atleast one classic film in their lifetime. And the worst is if it turns out to be your first film or if it comes early in your career. We hope its not true for her, and for Hazaroon Khwashein Aisi! 

So where is she and is she upto these days ? A new film titled 2 Days 2 Nights  and a morning by Sudhir Mishra. Check out this interview by CNN IBN’s Rohit Khilnani.

  1. some1hastosaythis says:

    R: last question “how do u rate urself as a wife”…Chitrangadha: “Brilliant” Rohit: “we should check that with your husband???” haah WTF this guy justifies why we call it an idiot box!

  2. Sushil says:

    Man she looks so hot! huhhhh

  3. iamakela says:

    She is a killer re! wish I was jessy, i would quit golf !

  4. Nakli Sheena says:

    Wooaahh ! nice interview man ! chitrangda singh !! Dont see her that often. and yes she is fu%##$ hot ! even the post on rekha and amitab is bloody good ! they ab and rekha are weirdos !

  5. Jyoti V says:

    Oh atleast he is asking questions man , if i was sitting in front of chitrangada i would just keep looking at her !

  6. Pavan says:

    looks a lot dull and lost in latest AD (aliva or something similar name)?

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