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Kangna RanautNo, dont get us wrong. To be an actress in bollywood, you dont need great IQ. Actually what you need, nobody still knows. You can play any role you want. But…

…Read this news story in today’s Mumbai Mirror about Mani Shankar’s new film starring Sanjay Dutt and Irfan Khan. Kangna Ranaut have been signed to play the role of a tv journalist in a prominent tv channel. Her character is similar to Barkha Dutt ( read character = hair style). Remember Preity Zinta in Lakshaya ?

Now, everything is fine. But Kangna as a tv journalist in a top notch tv channel ? With a diction like hers, that make us love her for the way she shouts out “Baastaard” in almost every film, we wonder which tv journalist can be so bad on air!

After watching Anurag Basu’s Life in a Metro, filmmkaer Anurag Kashyap also could not control himself and gave some tips to the actress..

Kangana, work with Dubeyji ( Satyendra Dubey) to control your lisp, practice your dialogues while biting down on a pencil.. it helps.. she grew on me slowly.. first few scenes, that voice bothered me..

That lisp still continues! We are ROFL wondering how she will report/anchor news. Wish someone could honestly tell her about it. Otherwise, we think she is one gutsy actor who has great potential. The expressions are always right. The problem begins only when she opens her mouth!

 After the success of Dev D, Abhay Deol has finally moved on to his new film Aisha, co-starring Sonam Kapoor. Its directed by Rajshri Ojha and produced by Anil Kapoor. The film is based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma and the first shooting schedule is going on in Delhi. 

Sonam plays the lead role Aisha Kapoor in the film, a typical south Delhi girl with a Modern School background and belonging to a rich family. And if the gossipmongers are to be believed, the only reason why Abhay Deol signed this film is because of the whopping Rs 2.5 crore fees that he was offereed!

Giselli MonteiroLove Aaj Kal had big names like Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rishi Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali. But the one who got all the eyeballs and got people talking was Giselli Monetiro (Harleen Kaur).  She quickly made her entry in Google’s top search that week also.

And here is a bit of info that we heard recently. The actress was paid only Rs 1 lakh for the film! Huh? Only One Lakh!!?? Even the character actors get paid better. Am guessing they must have convinced her saying its a big break with big stars and blah blah!

Those of who you who liked here, here is some good news. It seems the actress is soon going to sign her second film. She has been approched by Ravi Chopra for his next production Puraani Jeans. The film will also launch Chopra’s son Kapil Chopra alongwith Rati Agnihotri’s son Tanuj Virwani.

Unnaipol OruvanIts 50 years of Kamal Hassan, on screen! And these days he insists on playing atleast 50 roles in each film of his. They even say, to call him megalomaniac is an understatement! In an interview, when Naseerduddin Shah was asked about his reaction to Kamal Hasaan playing his part in the tamil remake of A Wednesday, he said – why my part ? He should play all the parts! 😉

Jokes apart, this one looks sane. The trailer of the tamil remake of A Wednesday is out. The film is titled Unnaipol Oruvan and stars Kamal Hassan ( In Naseeruddin Shah’s role) and Mohan Lal ( Anupam Kher’s role). We feel its looking better than the hindi one and hopefully they have cut out the dhoom-dhaam-dhadap camera, sound and edit pattern in this one.

BTW, Kamal’s daughters are also involved with the film. Shruti Hassan has composed the music for the film and Akshara has choreographed a promotional video. And Kamal has sung two songs in the film!