First Look : Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti (trailer)

Posted: January 13, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cinema, first look, News, songs & videos
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Here it is. The multi-starrer of the year. Produced by UTV, Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti stars  Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Vivek Oberoi, Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai. Check it out! WTF! why so much voiceover!!!!???? Guess few things will never change!

UPDATE – As soon as the promo was out today, Prakash Jha was furious. It seems he wasnt aware of it. The director doesnt know that his film’s first theatrical trailer is already out. Surprise! What’s more, it was out on UTV’s official channel on youtube. Talking about the head not knowing where the arm is! Few phone calls here and there and the promo was pulled out. But the good word had spread by then. And so here it is. We also had to replace the video. Jhaji, ek trailer ke liye, pehle VVC aur ab itni raajneeti ?

  1. Anom says:

    Cant see… says Video is private

    any other link?

  2. moifightclub says:

    @Anom – check it out now. Have replaced.

  3. Sarthak says:

    That’s so lame!
    How many years again?

  4. Rohit says:

    This trailer was already out with 3 idiots. I had seen this last month in US.

  5. mogambo says:

    The voiceover didn’t distract me as such. Seems pretty awesome… Ranbir and Bajpayi’s characters seem especially interesting. Hats off to the former for taking on such diverse roles

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