First Look : Yashraj Films’ Badmaash Company (theatrical trailer)

Posted: March 25, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cinema, first look, News, pics, songs & videos
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Con job again ? Bunty-Babli Redux plus two sidekicks! Thats what it looks like. Yashraj Films new film Badmaash Company. Written & directed by Parmeet Sethi and stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Meiyang Chang and Vir Das. Anybody interested ?

  1. Navin says:

    Looks like it’s gonna be another crappy movie out of the Yashraj juke box!

  2. vivek says:

    the great thiller bu yeshraj films & shahid kapoor is loking greatest ever. anushka sharma is also good…………..

  3. Pankaj says:

    Hello fightclub,

    I posted a comment on passioforcinema here –

    But the moderators have not allowed it to be posted on site. So am posting it here for everyone.

    Rajaballi seems to have fired the gun into his own leg with this open letter.

    – A screenplay is a complete and finished document with dialogues and scenes flowing together.

    What Rajaballi claims as a screenplay that he wrote for Shaheed might just be an outline. A good outline uses description along with indicative dialogues written in Hindi with numbered scenes. Now Rajaballi wrote even that outline with english dialogues. What is more, he had to write the Hindi dialogues later with the help of Hindi dictionary.

    – If Piyush bhai was shown that piece of writing as a “screenplay” by Rajaballi, it is not surprising that he would have misunderstood the entire brief.

    Because here you have a situation where someone is calling a fake piece of writing as a “screenplay” and selling it to a person who has spent an entire lifetime in writing and theatre.

    – Santoshi himself might have seen through this entire thing put up by Rajaballi and might have hired Piyush bhai to do the real writing…that is where a writer writes scenes with dialogues TOGETHER in a flow.

    A screenplay represents an entire world of image and emotions, and where language is EVERYTHING. It is the very body and soul of film.

    Those who think that they can write dialogues in english and then hire a poor sod loitering on the streets to translate them in Hindi later are….fucking fools.

    – Rajaballi also casts aspersions on Piyush bhai’s integrity by stating as if he never wrote the play. This is hitting far too low for a man who is the supposedly the highest paid “screenwriter” in the industry today.

    Now dear Mr. Rajaballi, please answer these questions.

    For a guy who teaches “screenwriting” to innocents at “Whistling Woods” [8 lacs per student for the course please note] you still need a freakin Hindi dictionary to write dialogues for a Hindi film???.

    Do you still do it till now??? Carry a pocket Hindi dictionary everywhere, or write english dialogues and hire assistants for translations? Do you teach that stuff to your students there at that scam school of yours? Readers would love to be enlightened on these questions. Over to you Mr. Rajballi. The spotlight is on you today 🙂


  4. Pankaj says:

    I am also not comfortable with the new admins at of passionforcinema.

    I think the old gang was much better than this new team. Saale ek ‘chutiya’ bhi nahin likhne dete. They are lund fakirs of the first order there at passionforcinema.


  5. sushmita says:

    shahid looks cool…… you shahid

  6. sushmita says:

    shshid sooooooo cute n cool……

  7. mogambo says:

    @Vivek … r u vivek oberoi? urzz lokin greatest in PRINCE

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