Is Dibakar’s “Love” story in LSD similar to Abhay’s Udaan ?

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At least many think so. A friend mailed us this video to check what we think. Since its really not a high concept, don’t think one can claim much at the concept level. The story and screenplay of “L” story in LSD also has much more that just a love story. And nobody can have a copyright on the treatment of “handycam” view.

Those of you who have seen Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhoka, do watch this short film Udaan by Abhay Kumar and let us know what do you think.

  1. nitesh varma says:

    wel the concept is bit similar if we are considering the ‘l’ aspect of lsd ! atlst the camaraderie between the couple both in LSD n UDAAN is been portrayed in same manner, oly difference is the time extent !
    d climax of ‘love’ in LSD, the gal behaves similarly and end is more gory in nature !! good work UDAAN… LSD is excellent !!

  2. svetlana says:

    though the stories have the same framework and handheld camera used… but the stories in themselves are essentially different.. thankfully, here the girl gets irritated with the guy’s obsession with the handycam (which is a normal natural reaction) unlike LSD… the context is different too, although the stories follow the same trajectory..

  3. bksingh2009 says:

    looks pretty similar in the way chemistry was portrayed. But still LSD was brilliant

  4. shreya says:

    I found Abhay’s movie better than LSD’s first half. LSD could be ‘inspired’ from Udaan.

  5. ram says:

    plz it is not something out of the box that somebody else cant cant even come close to it……

    there are thousand of films which has been copied frame to frame….and ideas are borrowed/searched for/manipulated/craved out……
    yes it has some similarities(without doubt)

    THEN WHY CRIB!!!!!!

  6. pooja says:

    its sad to see this….dibakar is taking credit for abhay’s creation…..

  7. ankit says:

    I loved abhays ‘udaan’ when i first saw it..conceptually its smart…n if d inspiration of LSD’s ‘L’ is udaan than its a great thing coz in ‘Oye lucky’ dibakar took a scene’s inspiration from Martin Scorcese’s ‘Goodfellas’..remembr ‘Whats so funny’ scene… Way to go Abhay…bollywood vale sab chor hai 😛

  8. Neil says:

    I saw Udaan before LSD and found it stronger in terms of story compared to L, infact i remember telling my girlfriend midway through l ,this is Abhays film!!!!

  9. varsha says:

    well id say welcome to the world of films…some steal, some beg and some borrow…
    could be any of these…
    even if someone saw it and got inspired enough to manipulate it and tweeked it a lil…there’s nthn much you can do about it…
    i feel bad for abhay..
    but some saw it worthy enuf 2 made in2 a feature and had teh means to…whereas abhay didnt…
    luck…just wasnt on your side i gues abhay…

  10. NAMESAKE says:

    i think a lot of stuff is there in the internet which is watched by individuals…
    even when i thin of some classroom project i have to turn to net to find something which i can add/develop upon/manipulate with and so on…..

    VIPUL SHAH….is coming out with the ACTION REPLAY….a bollywood version of BENJAMIN BUTTON……even when the makers OF BENJAMIN BUTTON are claiming it as plagiarism…..

    This the rule….This is the way….

  11. satti says:

    well i saw udaan some time ago nd defntly much before lsd….the cpncept of “l” is rlly much similar to udaan….i rlly appreciate abhays work out thr…grt goin man!! bt dis film makin rlly is a thiefs work!!

  12. Nikhil says:

    hi i loved DB in Oye lucky and Khosla . I even liked LSD . some somehow i am uncomfortable …firstly after i had a word with abhay abt his film Udaan and it seems L from L.S.D is very much inspired from this .
    Secondly my friend gave a me a 2007 DVD named ‘ LOOK ” man there are many things in L.S.D similar to movie Look …check this out —

    now still hats off to DB and i will eagerly await his fortcoming film with abhay deop in it !!!!

    and yes there is no harm in takin inspiration but due credit must be mentioned

  13. […] Abhay Kumar – the name sounds familiar. Little bit of searching and i realised that it’s the same Abhay whose short Udaan was in the news when Dibakar Bannerjee’s LSD released. His short was suspiciously similar to one of the stories in LSD and we wrote about it earlier here. […]

  14. mlost says:

    Similarity I couldn’t find any just the camera thing but then the L story had much more to it.

  15. Anirudh Patil says:

    I find plagiarism in movies a huge turn off. Lost major respect for Dibakar although LSD still remains a brilliant movie.

    Also, I agree with some people here that this movie is slightly better than the first part of LSD..

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