Aamir Khan + Anurag Kashyap + Gulzar + Amit Trivedi = Samsung Guru TVC (plus its making)

Posted: March 22, 2010 by moifightclub in Ad world, bollywood, cast & crew, first look, songs & videos
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Bit late on this one. But if you havent seen it, do check out. So, is this test drive for Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet ? Kashyap has been talking to Aamir Khan for the film and then suddenly this tvc comes on air. Or are they testing each other and their working style ? Its shot by Anurag Kashyap, has music by Amit Trivedi, lyrics by Gulzar and sung by singer Mohan. After Dil toh baccha hai ji, Gulzarsaab now puts the dil in jeb! Wah Wah!

This is the first tvc of the series. Three more 20 seconder films will be released in the coming weeks.

  1. mogambo says:

    Aamir finally got a job… no more college

  2. mogambo says:

    PS: For an ad with such big names… it pretty much sucked.

  3. moifightclub says:

    @mogambo – Aamir finally got a job… no more college —hehehehhe. KILLER!

  4. Fatema says:

    Errrr…quite a sad Ad.

  5. Fatema says:

    But may AK go from strength to strength!

  6. Rask says:

    pretty ordinary considering the names behind it…totallly cliched…the only thing good is gulzar’s words ‘tere ko jeb mein rakha hain’

  7. Rask says:

    oh sorry, it is dil ko jeb main rakha hain…i liked d bro-bro same shirt thing…so d ad is aimed at humble small town people and so d simplicity and emotion in it..but still i feel it is purely OK

  8. narayanmoorthy says:

    wonderful work… appropriate creativity..entire gamut of marketing work all in concert and in harmony…. every single viewer will remember the brand name…

    lovely music, good acting.. emotions captured very well//

    i need the exact lyrics of the full song ( not just the truncated version, please)

  9. Indraneel says:

    disagree guys…I didn’t know upto now that Anurag was behind all this. But I kept revisiting this ad, for a small town guy all this reminds a lot, and if the mobile is aimed at the rural upwardly mobile customer, this ad hits home..through the catchline, through Aamir and through the family scenes…it does hit, man!

  10. dinesh says:

    aamir and anurag best of best

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