VOTD – Naseeruddin Shah on Amitabh Bachchan, Sholay, Saat Khoon Maaf & more – must watch!

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When he speaks, we just listen. He is one of our all time favourite actor and the baap of acting – Naseeruddin Shah. And what a delight – unlike the rest of bollylalaland, he is honest and candid. And qualified too.

So, here it is…Naseeruddin Shah criticising Amitabh Bachchan’s choice of films (loving it! finally someone with whom we agree completely), on Sholay and talks about his role in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf. Click the play button. Now!

And there is more…now in sequence…Naseeruddin Shah on everything that’s cinema, with some priceless quotes on Farah Khan, Dev Anand, Mithun Chakraborty, Bollywood, Shammi Kapoor and Dara Singh!

The show is called ‘In Conversation’ and is  hosted by Saeed Naqvi on NewsX.

Thnx for the tip Rishabhpande .

  1. Shefali says:

    so naseerbhaiya doesnt think bachchan has done memorable roles..hmm is he suffering from memory loss? you ask anyone 25+ to name 5 memorable roles by amitabh and they will name not 5 but 10..and of course naseer has only done quality roles in films like ‘mujhe meri biwi se bachao’ , ‘paap ko jalakar rakh kar doonga’ and countless many…
    no doubt naseer is a good actor but one thing he could never be in his lifetime is a STAR.. and he tried desperately to be one..remember TRIDEV and JALWA days…

  2. Rakesh says:

    saeed naqvi and naseeruddin shah both were great in their time, but now they are still living in that old glory, saeed naqvi covers his mouth while asking question in one scene, thats bad sign of a host…
    naseeruddin ridicules everybody in the industry and thinks he and his theater background is supreme, rest everybody in the industry are duffers. He thinks dev saab did 2 good films and rest bogus..naseer doesnt like watching hindi movie as hobby then why the hell is he commenting and ridiculing them..jiska khaya useeki thali mein chhed..
    naseer himself has acted in few memorable movies and more shitty movies..i am sure he wont even remember the names of those..neither does anyone..he might be a good actor but in the industry he is a nobdy, left to do miniscule cameos..

  3. Brilliant post. Will repost it on my blog and divert the readers here. 🙂

  4. d'jango says:

    Naseer’s crabby sarcasm makes him an entertaining conversationalist, but he doesn’t understand jack about commercial cinema and its overwhelming appeal!

  5. chin512 says:

    sholay is not a great movie ..but KARMA a virtual remake of sholay is a great movie ..of course !!! after all naseer acted in it…

  6. Lee says:

    I lost respect for Naseer when he started belittling his fellow actors and his own industry . He may be a good actor but he is not a great actor else Western film makers would be knocking on his door begging him to work with them.

    Since he has acted in numerous bad movies (more bad than good), he is obviously not above selling his “soul” for money like all other actors. If Indian cinema is so bad, maybe he should just do plays or wait around for only good scripts (which can still be fucked up in many ways).

    He comes across as a bitter bitter petty man – pathetic to see. Maybe he is that way on set too which is why directors are not clamoring to work with him.

    BTW, someone should remind him that all great actors do bad and good movies – actually more bad than good. No one can predict how a movie will turn out. It is called taking chances and experimenting else you become a stock actor who plays the same basic character repeatedly.

    He sets a poor example for upcoming actors with his bad mouthing of others.

  7. shaily says:

    after hearing this all fake about amitabh i just wanna say to nasruddin ji: “Bandar kya jane adrakh ka swad..” obviously we shdnt expect good thoughts from you naseer jiii beacause you were not in that league……….people are not fool big b is a big b..no one can compare him n not will be…he has a magic in his voice,,acting,

    you statement seems you feel jealous or you dont have sense of judgement-perfact judgement

  8. Rajat says:

    All of you are out of your minds!!!! You have no idea what greatness is all about!!! Shah is the greatest actor Indian cinema/theatre has produced!!! Bachhan is pathetic and so is Sholay, both overrated to the core

    • Nitin Kulkarni says:

      Execellent Rajat, I completely agree with you. Naseer saab is the actor who has the capacity to be the best inspite of not being the hindi film type hero what always Amitabh has done. It is really unfortunate to listen to those who say Naseer saab’s is not being offered any roles, I think those fools don,t know what is acting. For example a stupid movie like kabhi kushi Kabhi Gham is a hit or Mohabbatein but on the other side howmany of u hav watched and could aprreciate movies like A Wednesday, Ab Tak Chappan, Parzania etc these movies demand actors and not so called stars. Actually one who dares to act in offbeat cinema is a star because he is a good actor like Naseer Saab. On the other hand, Amitabh qualifies for a good actor but not great, since the movies through which he came up are so normal like zanjeer, namakhalal or sholay. Now there is a man( Naseer Saab) who speaks honestly that sholay is not a great movie , I knw he is speaking against the convention, but he is honest, that’s what average minds can’t understand. Please grow up and invite to ur mind free ideas.

  9. Arthi V says:

    Came across this latest from Anup Kurian’s second film after Mansarovar…Starring Nasser and that young one from the tv series Rajuben…must say Naseer’s look suits him to the T…..
    Got quite a bit of the happenings n makings thanks to Jabberwock –


    n other leads therein….

  10. vikas says:

    amitabh is good but on the basis of pure performance naseer is the best…Amitabh is more a star but naseer is a true artist. Also i would say that om puri,anupam kher,paresh rawal and boman irani are better artists than him.

  11. senna says:


  12. sehaam khan says:

    shah is a legend amith as well. but shah is superior when it comes to artistic depth and versetality…wake up….kids..realise the legend.naseer the godfather.

  13. yorkermania says:

    naseeruddin shah…any day is light years ahead of most other BOLLYwood actors! kay kay menon close though….and we need to see more of kay kay menon in lead roles.

  14. Selvina says:

    Whether it is Amitabh or Nasseer, both are legends in their own right. But what shocks me is the fact that some people do not simply digest the fact that Amitabh is the better commercial star. And mind you Amit has loads of quality movies to his name: Paa, Black, Aakhree Rasta, Agneepath, Abhimaan and loads overs..Loads of superhit and the greatest action movie of Indian Cinema to his name, Sholay.. It simply doesn’t befit an actor of Nasseer’s calibre to berate someone like Amitabh who apart from being considered the greatest star of Indian Cinema won the Star of the Millenium award over many Hollywood contemporaries…and its even worse when people here agree with Nasseer…

  15. abhi says:

    Both r greatest actor in indian cinema beyond doubt
    but considering acting i think naseer is better than amit ji…

  16. raam says:

    Amit is down to earth person and accessible to new directors also but Naseer is good actor but very egoistic thats why he is not the preferred actor to work with

    • bilal says:

      Amitabh Bachan is a megastar referred to many as acting God i ask what is Naseerudin shah,now does anyone have an answer?

      • Riaz Mir says:

        he is an actor of different calibre,.. not an actor to make peple his fan what amitabh certainly is. that’s what I want to inform….

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