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Blame it on Ides Of March ? When we are wishing desperately that when we grow up just make us  Bhagnani, any Bhagnani, and Karan Johar goes for the reverse take!

Think about it – you can be a FALTU Bhagnani and still have everything you want. And we never expected that the one who are born with Khan, Chopra and Johar surnames in Bollywood would openly want to be Kashyap or Bhardwaj. They belong to the two extremes, their cinema and sensibility is different. My Name Is Johar And I am Not Kashyap or Bhardwaj ?

On a serious note, is Karan Johar serious about it ? As in, seriously serious ? One of the most powerful brands in Bollywood, if he is admitting that there is a shift in our cinema, you got to listen. To say the cliche, love or hate him but you can’t ignore K JO.

Or is it the effect of Ishqiya + LSD + Udaan + Peepli Live + Do Dooni Chaar + Band Baaja Baarat + Phans Gaye Re Obama + Tanu Weds Manu ?

Also, you may HATE his films, but there is no doubt he is easily one of the smartest guys around. May be, just next to Shah Rukh Khan. Just that their smartness doesn’t show in the choice of their films, whatever is the reason for that. Lack of talent, conviction, fear of failure or just opting for the easy route.

And here are some more priceless gems from him….( From Anupama Chopra’s show Picture This on NDTV. The topic of discussion was Bollywood discovers its roots. Vikramaditya Motwane and Habib Faisal were also part of the discussion.)

The english speaking critics were watching Dabang like they were watching a Tarantino film.

You have Kashyap as your last name so its all validated. If he was Abhinav Sharma, it was what he is making ? Oh he is Kashyap guy, so definitely he is intelligent. He is making fun of the genrae. He is having fun.

I want to change my last name. It will help a lot.

There is very strong credibility factor that people are aspiring to acheive as well. I have made so many films but none of them have got the credibility of say 3 crore net box office Udaan. I know that for a fact. And that credibility is paramount for a production house. While you want to make the money, you also want the respect. The combination of those two is 3 idiots.

You cant beat them, join them.

(Scroll down and watch the full discussion in the embedded video. And if the video doesn’t work, click here to watch it.)

And if you were surprised about Johar, Kashyap and Motwane joining hands for Motwane’s next, then this video has all the answers. Credibility. Or may be The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.

If KJo is here, can SRK be far behind. Ok, bad one. Shah Rukh Khan was at the India Today conclave recently. To quote him…

–  Three essentials to make Bollywood films global – screenplay writing, technology and discipline.

– It disturbs me that all Indian filmmakers are chasing an elusive dream of crossover cinema…It is nothing at all – there is nothing known as crossover film.

Click here and here to read the full report.

We agree on the first point. And completely disagree on the second point. Because Kites is not crossover cinema.

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When he speaks, we just listen. He is one of our all time favourite actor and the baap of acting – Naseeruddin Shah. And what a delight – unlike the rest of bollylalaland, he is honest and candid. And qualified too.

So, here it is…Naseeruddin Shah criticising Amitabh Bachchan’s choice of films (loving it! finally someone with whom we agree completely), on Sholay and talks about his role in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf. Click the play button. Now!

And there is more…now in sequence…Naseeruddin Shah on everything that’s cinema, with some priceless quotes on Farah Khan, Dev Anand, Mithun Chakraborty, Bollywood, Shammi Kapoor and Dara Singh!

The show is called ‘In Conversation’ and is  hosted by Saeed Naqvi on NewsX.

Thnx for the tip Rishabhpande .

Karan Johar is great tv, almost always. On any side of the camera. And more so, if its small screen. This time its Anuradha Sengupta on the other side and we think she is one of the best interviewer on Indian television. Do check out this interview of Karan Johar who featured in her show Beautiful People on CNBC TV18. All the talks on My Name is Khan that you havent heard anywhere else! Karan means serious business and how!


NDTV IndiaBecause he/she surely doesn’t understand any shit about entertainment news. Saw the Monday bulletin (13th July- 23:00) of Mumbai Central on NDTV India. The central theme – We copy reality show formats like we plagiarise hollywood films. Its the same story on big and small screen. Dude, its not! One is with proper license and the other is just copy-paste.

The big mistake – 90% reality shows on Indian television are NOT plagiarised. The format is owned by some foreign production house and its shot here with proper license. Its NOT copy-paste job as the scene is with our films and as NDTV India made it to be. Someone needs to tell this to the editor of Mumbai Central. Because the anchor Mayuri Dongre repeated the same lines some two hundred times in just 15 minutes. Yeh bhi churaya hua hai…isme bhi desi tadka laga hai bus…..hamara show kab aayega….kab hamara sar uncha hoga ?

 Can someone explain it to me what and how is the logic of having sar ooncha ? These reality shows are popular in many countries across the world and its the same process everywhere. Someone designs the show, owns it, gives license to other parties and makes money. From Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Who wants to be millionaire) to Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao ( I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here), every show is done after paying the license fees. Many times even the production house which owns the rights to the show are also involved in producing the show in other countries. So whatever NDTV India showed today at 23:00 pm on Mumbai Central, it was factually all wrong.

When it comes to entertainment news, they suck big time. The other day, a voiceover said Anurag Basu is the director of Black Friday! Anurag Basu ??!! Can’t they make out the difference between Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap ? And how it gets passed ? One person writes it, someone checks it, third person does the voiceover and finally a fourth one approves it. How come no one notices it ? Huh!

Hope the moron of Mumbai Central is listening! Otherwise, at this rate, NDTV India will soon become INDIA TV.