Must watch : Karan Johar on Anuradha Sengupta’s Beautiful People

Posted: August 22, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, Hollywood, News, News Channels, songs & videos, television
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Karan Johar is great tv, almost always. On any side of the camera. And more so, if its small screen. This time its Anuradha Sengupta on the other side and we think she is one of the best interviewer on Indian television. Do check out this interview of Karan Johar who featured in her show Beautiful People on CNBC TV18. All the talks on My Name is Khan that you havent heard anywhere else! Karan means serious business and how!


  1. dmj says:

    She is doing a great job. It was a nice feeling seeing the interview of Tibetan PM in exile Dr. Lobsang Sangay with Anuradha Sengupta.

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