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NDTV IndiaBecause he/she surely doesn’t understand any shit about entertainment news. Saw the Monday bulletin (13th July- 23:00) of Mumbai Central on NDTV India. The central theme – We copy reality show formats like we plagiarise hollywood films. Its the same story on big and small screen. Dude, its not! One is with proper license and the other is just copy-paste.

The big mistake – 90% reality shows on Indian television are NOT plagiarised. The format is owned by some foreign production house and its shot here with proper license. Its NOT copy-paste job as the scene is with our films and as NDTV India made it to be. Someone needs to tell this to the editor of Mumbai Central. Because the anchor Mayuri Dongre repeated the same lines some two hundred times in just 15 minutes. Yeh bhi churaya hua hai…isme bhi desi tadka laga hai bus…..hamara show kab aayega….kab hamara sar uncha hoga ?

 Can someone explain it to me what and how is the logic of having sar ooncha ? These reality shows are popular in many countries across the world and its the same process everywhere. Someone designs the show, owns it, gives license to other parties and makes money. From Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Who wants to be millionaire) to Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao ( I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here), every show is done after paying the license fees. Many times even the production house which owns the rights to the show are also involved in producing the show in other countries. So whatever NDTV India showed today at 23:00 pm on Mumbai Central, it was factually all wrong.

When it comes to entertainment news, they suck big time. The other day, a voiceover said Anurag Basu is the director of Black Friday! Anurag Basu ??!! Can’t they make out the difference between Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap ? And how it gets passed ? One person writes it, someone checks it, third person does the voiceover and finally a fourth one approves it. How come no one notices it ? Huh!

Hope the moron of Mumbai Central is listening! Otherwise, at this rate, NDTV India will soon become INDIA TV. 

Sony TvIn the GEC segment, if there is one channel whose performance have been consistent, its Sony TV.  It makes space for every new channel and moves one position down. Nobody bothers, no heads roll and it has been going on like this since last few years.

In the last few weeks, Sony has moved to No. 5 position. Courtesy Rakhi Sawant. 1st-2nd is shared between Colors and Zee Tv. Star Plus is at no. 3, NDTV Imagine has move to No. 4 and Sony is at No. 5. For more numbers, click here.

Recently Sony revamped its programming with shows like Bhaskar Bharti, Ladies Special, Palampur Express and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega but the result was the same. Tonite it launches the reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, the desi version of I’m  a Celebrity…Get me out of Here!

But the big question is…Will it save Sony ? We will get to know tonite. The promos of the show make it look like a fake jungle with tacky production. Its easy to guess that they have shot the promos here. Hopefully the show will look much better.

The format is simple. Survivor meets The Big Boss. 10 celebrities. Malaysia’s Taman Negara National Park. 2 months of adventure. Whoever survives, wins it.

The 10 contestants are Shweta Tiwari (actress), Marc Robinson (model), Aman Verma (actor. host), Akashdeep Sehgal (actor), Anaida (singer), Chetan Hansraj (actor), Ishq Bector (singer), Mona Vasu (actress), Palak (roadies finalist) and Fiza Mohammed (headline hunter. courtesy Chand – A love story). Mini Mathur and Yudi will host the show.

The show goes on air tonite at 22:00 pm.  And every monday to thursday. On fridays, at 9pm. Here is the promo of the show