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And fuck we care! Because one is Priyadarshan and the other is Subhash Ghai production. Damoviemaniac informed us about the first one. We checked with one of the crew members and bingo! It seems to be true. Only the “issue” has been changed. The second one doesn’t need any confirmation. Just check out the trailers.

And here is the next one…

Who woke up so late ? And for what joy ? But if you are a Karisma Kapoor fan, check it out.  Its one big fat bollywood wedding…from mehendi to reception, it got all. And you can spot almost every Kapoor at one place with some priceless bollywood songs in the background. Who did the edit ? Please take your credit!

Do check out the last (7th ) video for some impromptu singing by Nitin Mukesh and others.